Best Time to Visit Uganda – Climate Guide –Safari Destination

The best time to visit Uganda is during two dry seasons between December and February and June to August when climate conditions are particularly good for trekking forest trailhead in search for great mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. Game drive viewing in game parks also can be easy at this time since the national parks can be out of water source. Between February and March and September to October, large concentration of wildlife can easily be seen at waterholes.

Uganda experiences temperature that changes throughout seasons, around 24 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius, meaning you can visit Uganda all year round. The country is also rewarding for birding all year around.

Visit Uganda Month by Month –January to February

January to February is among the dry seasons being one of the best time to Visit Uganda. Although rainfall can fall any day in these months. Wildlife viewing particularly rewarding at this time of the year, there can be less vegetation and no long grass to obstruct your view and a variety of animals can be spotted along waterholes. However, it’s a rewarding time to engage in Gorilla trekking activity and Chimpanzee tracking, while birders can enjoy great view of migratory birds.

Best Time to Visit Uganda
Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale

March, April and May 

These months of the year receive the heaviest rainfall in the country, then shorter rains tend to fall in October to November. Though they are can be a rainy season but doesn’t affect your chances of seeing mountain gorillas in their nature environment – Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, although be prepared for slippery trek. Along trekking do not forget to carry waterproofs and waterproof boots, energy eating snacks and drinks are essentials. The research shows that the gorillas live on the warmer, lower slopes during wetter weather which may ease your trekking experience.

During this period of the year, wildlife can also be scenic and rewarding as you can be able to adventure a lot of game in the parks like Queen Elizabeth national park though thicker green vegetation makes spotting of animals little harder. So be aware of dirty roads, slippery and for this matter, we advise you to use 4 wheels.

Murchison Falls –located northeast the most drier regions is go safari destination to visit during the wet seasons.

During rainy seasons, there can be discounts on some activities due to heavy rain which leads few visitors in the park and most of lodges in the park can be closed. So the Uganda Wildlife Authority a body responsible of updating rates of activities and park entry fees, in regard of issuing Gorilla trekking permits, Chimps have the attendance of offering discounts of up 25 percent in the month of April, May and November. Worth time for those on budget.

Best Time to Visit Uganda
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Month of July, August and September are the peak season as we see millions of tourists flocks the national parks during this time because it can be generally dry though rain can fall at any time. During this period, we can see school busses visiting the game parks. Note, during   this time it can be the best time to visit Uganda. And we recommend you to book your Uganda safari in advances.

December, January and February are also good months to visit. Most especially during dry seasons though rain can fall in December. The wildlife viewing can be easily seen along the waterholes thus making a good time for boat safaris. During this period migratory birds can be present.

Please note this, throughout the country the temperature drops considerably at night. So you will need to carry your Jumper, poncho, cotton stockings, warm clothing. Thus making your sleep comfort.

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