Congo VISA

Congo VISA is one of the most important documents that one has to possess before they plan any Congo Safaris be it hiking, gorilla trekking or any other activity. The Democratic Republic of Congo is the biggest country in central Africa, and due to that good cause, visiting Congo one must obtain a Congo VISA and it’s a valid requirement as well as a passport for all nationalities. Have evidence of the purpose of the visit in order to support your stay and accommodation arrangements at the border centers.

To visit Congo you will need to submit your VISA applications and passports for visas at least three weeks before the departure date. There is no issuing of Congo VISA at any port of entry in the Republican of Congo.

Processing time for the VISA might take up 5-7 business days from the day of VISA application and there is no rush expedited services in visa applications.

Types of Congo VISAs

Congo issues a number of visas these include:

  • Tourist VISA: this type of visa grants tourist to authorities one to enter the country through a designated port. The tourist VISA takes a maximum of 3 months and allows multiple entries for non-nationalities to the Republican of Congo for 6 months stay.
  • Business VISA: this type of visa is issued for business contacts, investments in Congo. The business visa is only for 30 days allowing only for multiple entries for foreign visitors. The visa does not exceed 30 days of entry.
  • Official/Diplomatic VISA: one should have an official passport of the UN that intends to travel to the Republican of Congo on business matters. They will only be issued a visa for 12 months for one year with multiple entries.
Congo VISA
Congo VISA

Congo Visa requirements

  • complete two visa application forms submit the copies, have two passports of 2inches, colored with little background showing the full face, take them within 6 months.
  • Have a valid passport for 6months.
  • have an invitation letter or hotel reservation, the letter should be addressed to the Embassy of the Republic of Congo, visa section for at least 3months before travel.
  • Proof of legal custody and parenthood, birth certificate and passport photo is a general requirement for a person traveling with a child.
  • Business letter, have a business letter which is addressed to the Embassy of the Republican of Congo, visa section.
  • Have a copy of Itinerary tickets, which will show the arrival and departure date.
  • Have a prepaid envelope that has a tracking number that will be used to return your passport after visa issue.
  • Visa fees, one must pay 200USD in cash or money orders.

Attractions in Congo

There are various tourist attractions in Congo including

  • Congo River, which is regarded as the deepest river and second largest in the world. 
  • Kahuzi Biega National Park harboring eastern lowland gorillas.
  • Virunga National park, it is one of the habitant in Africa which inhabits the Mountain Gorillas in the world.
  • Lake Kivu is Africa’s Great Lake, it’s the largest inland island, Idjwi which lies in Lake Kivu, as well as Tshegera which is within the Virunga National park.
  • Livingstone falls has rapids, the lower course of River Congo in west equatorial Africa, downstream from Malebo in Democratic Republican of Congo.
  • Lola ya Bonobo, it’s a sanctuary for wild bonobos in the south of Kimwenza.
  • Boyoma Falls, these are called the Stanley falls which consist of seven high curves of Lualaba River.
  • Mount Nyamuragira: Its Africa’s active volcano which is found in Nord-Kivu about 25km from Lake Kivu it has erupted more than 40times.
  • Mount Nyiragongo is a permanent lava lake located in Nord Kivu volcano.
  • Dimba Caves, the cave has the oldest remnants of human activity in Bas Lower Congo; it was found in the first and second centuries.
  • Matupi Caves, This monument is situated in Orientale; Mount Hoyo in Ituri rainforest, the cave is recorded as a human occupation which has lasted for over 40,000 years ago.
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