Impacts of Covid-19 on Tourism in Uganda and the World.

Impacts of Covid-19 on tourism in Uganda and the world at large are being felt day by day as the spread of the coronavirus disease of 2019 abbreviated as covid-19 grows higher as faster. There are over 4000 deaths reported worldwide and the number of persons infected is well over 120,000. These numbers are expected to increase time after time as the disease spreads very fast and one can have it for up to 14 days without knowing they are actually sick.

China has been the worst hit by the covid-19 followed by Italy and countries like South Korea, Japan, USA, UK among so many others. In Africa, countries like Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Togo, Morocco, South Africa, Nigeria, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Cameroon and the DRC have reported cases of persons infected with the corona virus disease.  

Whereas Uganda doesn’t have any covid-19 case reported so far, the country has intensified its measures in the bid of protecting the people and as such, the health minister cautioned Ugandans against non-essential travel to those countries that have been hit with the deadly virus. Just like a couple of other countries, the minister of health in Uganda as of March 11th 2020 put travel restrictions to 16 countries that include San Marino, Belgium, USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Malaysia, China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, France, Germany and Spain. Travelers from these 16 countries restricted to enter into Uganda will have to undergo a mandatory health self-quarantine of 14 days at their own expense. Travelers who cannot abide will be asked to leave the country immediately. 

With such developments, flights are being grounded and borders to some countries being completely closed say Russia and Pakistan borders, travel and tourism is definitely getting harder and harder. Some countries are on complete lockdown and people asked to keep in doors. With this kind of situation and people being in fear of their lives, cancellations and postponing of already booked trips and various travel plans has been taking effect in Uganda and the world at large, at least till when the situation is handled. Booking for holidays and African safaris has been on a stand-still as well as travelers fear of what the future holds. 

If this situation keeps up and is not worked on soon enough, economies are going to be really devastated more so in countries that have tourism as a back-bone and a high income generator and source of employment to many say Uganda.

What are the signs and symptoms of covid-19?

The signs and symptoms of covid-19 are almost similar to other infections but they include, fever, tiredness, sore throat, dry cough, nasal congestion, running throat, difficulty in breathing and diarrhea. In its severity, the disease can result in pneumonia, kidney and liver failure thus causing death.

Covid-19, commonly referred to as the coronavirus is a deadly disease that has seen thousands of people lose their life. The disease is spread through contact of person to person when one is infected, through contact with surfaces and objects contaminated with the coronavirus say doorknobs and bus seats and through respiratory droplets when someone speaks or coughs or sneezes. 

Impacts of Covid-19
Impacts of Covid-19

How can travelers protect themselves? – Travel safety tips

Traveling is indeed inevitable, whether for leisure or something very important say health. With the prevailing health status in the world that has seen the World Health Organisation declare the corona virus disease of 2019 a world pandemic, precautionary measures need to be taken if one really has to travel. The travel safety tips below could be of use if it is really necessary for one to travel;

  • Do not travel to areas or countries that have a high rate of covid-19 infections and deaths
  • Get travel advise from your physician or doctor on if you can continue with travel plans to a particular destination. Destinations like Uganda, Kenya and the like can be visited since they do not have the virus and also provided you are not from a high-risk country say the 16 restricted entry into Uganda.
  • Constantly wash your hands thoroughly well with clean water and soap. This helps to kill germs and also remove any virus that you may have had on your hands from infected surfaces.
  • Avoid touching your nose, mouth, eyes and the face generally with unwashed hands
  • Wear a mask at all times to prevent oneself from acquiring or transmitting the disease.
  • Carry and make proper use of hand sanitizers that have alcohol in them to cleanse your hands.
  • Maintain at least 3feet away from people, and do not go to overcrowded places.

Intended travelers to Uganda from affected areas are encouraged to maintain their bookings but delay the travel until a later date when the covid-19 pandemic is globally contained and it is considered to be safe to travel. Whatever measure you decide to take in regards to your bookings and travel plans, may you remember to always be safe.

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