Kora National Park : Kora National Park is a game park located in the eastern Kenya, covering an area of 1,787 square kilometers. More so, it was gazette as a game reserve in 1973 and was later converted into a national park in 1990.  The park lies in the Tana River County and is named after the Tana River which flows through the park.

Kora National Park is renowned being rich in wildlife, including elephants, buffaloes, leopards, hyenas, lions, and wild dogs. It is also great location for birders, because it houses over 450 species of birds, making it   a truly birding destination.

The park’s great features are the Adamson’s Falls also referred to as the kora Rapids. They were named after George Adamson, a renowned conservationist who lived and worked in the park for many years. Kora National Park has got a bucket list of attractions, including the Kora Rock, a sacred site for the local Meru People and the Tana River primate Reserve, which are habitat to several species of monkeys and baboons.

The park is considered as a remote and off-the beaten path destination, an ideal for adventurous travelers. The best time to go for safari in the park is between January and March, when the weather is dry and wildlife is easier to adventure.

Attractions at Kora National Park

Wildlife Viewing

This is best done activity in the park where you will be able to explore diversity of wild animals including; African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Lion, Cheetah, Giraffe, Oryx, Lesser Kudu, Grant’ Gazelle, Warthogs, Baboon among others.

Kora National Park
African Elephant

Bird watching

Bird watching in Kora National Park is rewarding because the park is home to variety of bird species, making it a must visit destination for bird enthusiasts.

Some of lists of birds to observe in Kora National Park include; the Rufous -eared warbler, Red-headed finch, Pririt Batis, Pale-winged Starling, Namaqua Warbler, Ludwigs’s bustard, Layard’s tit-babbler, kora Scrub robin, Common swift, Dusky sunbird, kora eremomela, Cinnamon-breasted warbler ,Acacia pied barbet ,Africa red -eyed bulbul ,Black stork ,Booted eagle ,Cape robin -chat ,Chat flycatcher ,Chestnut-vented warbler ,Cinnamon- breasted warbler among others.

The best time for birding in Kora National Park is during the dry season from June to October, when the birdlife is active and easily to view them. However, birdwatching can be done all year round in the park.

Most gainful bird viewing in the park is around Tana River trail, which offers perfect opportunities to see water bids and raptors. Visitors can be guided with local experts who have extensive knowledge of the park’s bird species and habitats.

Scenery at Kora National Park

Kora National Park lies in a semi-arid area, with the Tana River flowing through the park. The scenery in the park ranges from riverine forests, open savannahs, rocky outcrops and hills.

The park is also home to variety of wildlife, including elephants, lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, baboons and many species of birds.  You can take a boat ride on the Tana River to see crocodiles and hippos.

Kora Game Park stuns with its rugged and wild beauty, making it a great place to experience Kenya’s Wildlife and natural scenery.

Adamson Falls

The Adamson falls is a beautiful waterfall lies in Kora National Park, which is located in the northern part of Kenya. The waterfall is named after George Adamson, known as conservationist who worked in the park and is famous for his love with lions.

The falls lies on the Tana River, which flows through the park and offers a lifeline to the wildlife that inhabits the area. More so, the falls are series of cascades that drop into a pool below, surrounded by lush vegetation and rocky outcrops.

Tourists to Kora National Park can enjoy hiking to Adamson Falls, where they can take a refreshing swim in the pool or simply enjoy the scenery. You can also spot animals like elephants, lions, leopards and buffalo, making it a remarkable destination for Safaris.

Note; To a certain time, Kora National Park can be challenging to access, with rugged terrain and limited infrastructure.  Well, visitors should come prepared with appropriate gear and supplies as well as hiring a guide in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit.

There are several routes for rocking climbing at Kora National Park, ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced. It also offers opportunities for traditional climbing, sport climbing and bouldering.

Kora National Park
Adamson Falls

NB; The Kora Rocks offers a variety of climbing challenges, from easy slab climb to challenging overhangs.

However, tourists are advisable to carry their own climbing gear, including ropes, harnesse and climbing shoes. You should be fit and good in health to enjoy these multi-pitch climbs.

While at the park try to respect the environment ad wildlife in the park while climbing. Stay on designed climbing routes and avoid disturbing any wildlife you may view around.

The rock-climbing adventure in Kora National Park is quite impressive experience for climbers looking for a challenge in new natural atmosphere.

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