Mount Karisimbi hike; This is one of an inactive volcano which is part of the Virunga Mountains that share between Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mount Karisimbi is the highest among them all. Additionally, Mount Karisimbi ranks the 11th highest mountain on the African continent standing at a height 4,507 meters, found within Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park along the border with the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo bordered by a number of volcanoes like Bisoke, Mikeno and Nyiragongo.

And during dry season Mount Karisimbi ‘s peak can be spectacular   with covered snow. More so, the word Karisimbi was got in the local Kinyarwanda language which means ‘’ white shell’’. Around the mountain there are two craters of which the mutango crater being the largest in addition to the two-kilometer-wide Branca Caldera.

Mount Karisimbi hike
Mount Karisimbi hike

Hiking Adventure on Mount Karisimbi

However, Mount Karisimbi is considered as one of the main tourist attraction on Rwanda Safaris, we advise you to do a combined activities hike on Mount Karisimbi with a gorilla trekking safari in Volcanoes National Park. You choosing to do such a combined safari adventure you will be able to encounter lots of types wildlife along the way you’re be able to spot unique bird species, monkey species like Golden monkeys and if you get chance you will be able to hike to Dian Fossey grave where you will learn about her great effort she left behind and after you can be able to research on the unique mountain gorillas in this area. Though hike to the summit might be bit challenging and it will require you to be in good health and physically fit with proper stamina to be able to take on the challenging slopes of the mountain. But don’t worry, how heavy is your luggage is, you can hire a porter at the park headquarter to assist you in carrying your personnel luggage at small fees at USD10 or USD20.

The hike starts in the morning by 7am all hikers have to be at the meeting point to brief you about rules involved by park guide. All you need is to be physically fit in body because the hike takes two full days to complete the round trip including the going and coming back to the starting point right at the bottom of Mount Bisoke. At around 7 hours’ ascent, you will have a stopover at an altitude of about 3,700m can be Mid-way, therefore you will just pitch tent around the area for dinner and the overnight.

 The remaining hiking journey can be complete the following morning when you have rested enough and gained strength. Next day – you will wake early enjoy your early breakfast with aroma coffee tea served with delicious snacks to warm your body since you spent a cold night up on the mountain.

On the second day you will just continue from where you stopped to the final -Mountain Peak as you traverse the challenging section while covered with fog which hinders good visibility and a steeper terrain that experience stronger winds and trails some time can be slippery during rainy season. While on top –Mountain summit get ready to have rewarding view of the country side, scenic nature land scape, beautiful bird species such as Rwenzori batis, Rwenzori double-collared sunbird, strange weaver, Archer’s robin-chat, francolin among others.

What to carry –Hiking Adventure to Mount Karisimbi

Like any other safari we choose to take in like requires us to take useful essentials, the same to the hiking adventurous tours requires us to carry things like;

Trousers or long pants


Gardening gloves

 Warm sweater

A rain jacket

A first aid kit

Walking stick

Enough snacks

 Insect repellent

 Comfortable tent ,sleeping bags and warm bedding for the overnight

Cotton stockings

Enough bottled drinking water

How much is the permit to Hike Mount Karisimbi?

Traveler wishing to be part in hiking Mount Karisimbi is required to obtain a valid hiking permits at USD400 per person per hike. Hiking permits can be booked direct from the Rwanda Development Board or by use of trusted travel agent.

Mount Karisimbi hike
Mount Karisimbi hike

Best Time to Hike Mount Karisimbi

Mount Karisimbi can be visited throughout the year though the best hike is done during the dry season which starts from the month of June to August and December to February, visiting the mountain during this time of the year you will definitely enjoy a great opportunity to see the snow that covers the peak of the Volcano which cannot be seen during the wet rainy season.

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