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What is the age  limit for gorilla trekking; Gorilla trekking is a renown and quite unforgettable  activity  done only on African continent ,where  trackers and park ranger  hike into the forest trails in search for gorillas and the activity may take 30 to 7 hours depending on the gorilla’s movement .Once the gorilla family you were searching for is seen ,the guide gives you one hour to spend with them as  you learn about their stunning live style as well as taking memorable photography for your future remembrance. Moreover, mountain gorilla trekking   is the main and the most popular activity in every destination where mountain gorillas are located, possibly in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. Though the best gorilla trekking is done in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park since it hosts the half world’s population of mountain gorilla in the wild and it offers an affordable gorilla permits compared to Rwanda’s which double Uganda’s price. Note, since gorilla trekking is a popular activity in this three countries, we advise you to book your gorilla permits in advance because a certain difficult you may get during some months mostly in peak seasons of the year from June to September and December to February.

So you need to book your gorilla permits in advance to avoid disappointments in late times. The age limit to trek gorilla is 15 years old so you need to know before you pay in your gorilla trekking permits.

Minimum Age Limit for Gorilla Trekking -Bwindi Safari –Uganda & Rwanda

This is the common asked question by the first travelling clients who want to know the suggestion age limit to engage in gorilla trekking. So the age limit for gorilla trekking is set at 15 years in all the three countries Uganda, Rwanda and Congo because below that age are considered to be young who can get scared of this huge unique mountain gorillas and hiking in the forest for long hours must be difficult.

The age limit for gorilla trekking is updated by the different government authorities in each of the above mentioned countries responsible for managing the national parks. That is because , Uganda is blessed with two national parks where mountain gorilla trekking takes places ;Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and Virunga National Park in Congo. In Uganda, the body that sets up the regulations is ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority and Rwanda -Rwanda Development Board.

Why age limit of gorilla trekking is set at 15 years old.

The age limit of gorilla trekking is set at 15 years old, because   younger travelers are considered to be children who may not face any negative reactions from gorillas. Gorillas are shy and peaceful creatures but they can become aggressive when they are threatened by the trackers. So for this matter, children may stay calm when gorilla’s changes into a charge mostly the might silverback if they become aggressive. Whereby these youngsters can not contain such incidence, they will just scream or run away which will not force the gorilla to run after the youngster. Yet the only way to contain an aggressive of gorillas is to act submissive and lay low. Mature travelers are better at controlling their emotions in the event a gorilla charges.

What is The Age Limit for Gorilla Trekking
What is The Age Limit for Gorilla Trekking

Another thing, old travelers are more likely to follow the gorilla trekking rules and instructions given by the park rangers than younger trekkers.

Some of gorilla trekking rules and regulations;

Keeping a distance of 6 to 7 meters’ way from gorillas.

Do not mock gorillas or make fun of the gorillas.

More so, youngsters may not be mentally ready for the activity not like an adult who decides to go for gorilla trekking when they know what they are getting into. Children who tend to go for safari just in accompany of their parents. They may not enjoy the trip as their parents. Because completing gorilla trekking takes heart and determination that involves in hiking in search of a gorilla family you’re assigned no matter how far it is.

The young children may not be fit enough to complete gorilla trekking. They mighty reach in the middle and get tired of hiking and end up requesting to get back to camp because they are tired.

Mgahinga Gorilla National park in Uganda and Volcanoes National park in Rwanda are located in the areas of high altitude. So locating the gorilla group involves in hiking up mountainous and steep areas with prolonged exposure to sunlight.  Whereby, children may fail to complete the activity due to the kind of conditions. Mature trekkers tend to be physically fitter and possess the kind of endurance required to complete the activity.

More then, every young children can easily get infected with communicable diseases like cough and flu, diarrhea. Mountain gorillas are kin to human diseases and if they get infected with a flu the end of it is death.

Under which children may be allowed to trek gorillas;

Note, parents you might be disappointed that you cannot go for gorilla trekking with your sons and daughters whom you believe is mature enough but not yet 15. Just not despair because an exception can be made for a 14 years’ old who is making 15 years of trekking.

The gorilla trekking exception is only allowed in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable national park. Though the child must be fit and strong enough. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is less steep compared to Mgahinga and the Volcanoes National park in Rwanda. Bwindi has   canopy forest which help to provide shed to trackers from the sun.

The only way a child to be excepted, parents may be required to provide pictures of the child to the ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority with information about their fitness and maturity. The child must be 15 years 0r 14 years. To prove that the child is 14 or approaching 15, you must bring in a passport copy as well as current photos. Meaning, a child below 15 years of age are also allowed to do gorilla trekking if they are accompanied by parents.

After, giving in a passport copy of your child, the Uganda Wildlife Authority will require a parent   to sign a consent form to protect the organization from responsibility in case of any incidence might occur during gorilla trekking. The warden will ensure that the child and his parent trek to the closest gorilla group near their accommodation unit. As a parent, you can hire extra porters to carry them in sedan chair whenever they get tired. Porters and Sedan chairs are recommended for elderly trackers. If you are planning to do gorilla trekking with a child who is mature and physically fit but less than 15 years of age. Please contact us at our offices in Bukoto –Kampala-Uganda, Achieve Global Safaris.

What to do if your child doesn’t fall in between the allowed age for gorilla trekking;

Parents can still travel with children who are too young ‘’13 and below’’ to take part in gorilla trekking. This is because a lot of amazing activities   in the park which your child can take part in while you go out to search for the gorillas .You can  leave them with hotel staff and keep them engaged in games and children’s movies. They can also be taken for nature walk, visit local schools, culture visit among others. You can decide to reschedule your trip so that you come when the children are of age.

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