Park entry fees to Murchison falls park

Park entry fees to Murchison falls park : Murchison falls national park formerly known as Kabalega national park is the largest and oldest national park Uganda, the park sits on shores of Lake Albert with Victoria Nile crossing through it. Murchison falls National Park is famous for having the magnificent Murchison falls which creates a permanent rainbow trademark, the park is part of the famous Murchison falls conservation area which consist of Bugungu wildlife reserve, karuma wildlife reserve and Murchison falls national park itself.

Murchison falls National Park located in north western Uganda covers an area of 3893 square kilometers stretching through districts of Buliisa, Nwoya, Kiryandongo and Masindi. The park is situated 283 kilometers from Kampala the capital and largest city of Uganda, the park established in 1952 is a great safari destination offering extra-ordinary safari experience. Murchison falls National Park is consists of many fascinating attractive features such as the magnificent Murchison falls which was formed when Victoria Nile squeezes through the rocks flowing with a thunderous voice, kaniyo pabidi forest which is a home to chimpanzees and the delta which is a home to many wildlife. Among the wildlife encountered in the park include elephants, hippopotamus, lions, bush backs, giraffes and many more, Murchison falls is a home to many bird species such as dwarf kingfisher, Goliath heron, white-thighed hornbill and great blue turaco which are restricted to Budongo forest and the endemic shoe bill.

Park entry fees to Murchison falls park

Murchison falls national park offers many breathtaking safari activities such as game drive, birding experience, hiking to the top of the falls, boat cruise and fishing games which are loved by tourists. Murchison falls National Park is regulated by the Uganda wildlife authority which drafts tariffs/ charges which are paid by tourists to access the park and the activities it offers

Park fees charged in Murchison falls national park are categorized into

  • Individual park entry fees
  • vehicle entry fees
  • activity fees

 Individual park entry fees

Individual park entry fees are charged according to the status of the tourist that is foreign non-residents, foreign residents and East African community residents which include Ugandan, Kenyan, Rwandan and south Sudan citizens. Each tourist is charged different amount of money according to your status for various tourist activities as shown in the table below.

Activity Tariff for foreign non-residents (FNR) US $ Tariff for foreign resident(FR)

US $

Tariff for EAC residents

Uganda shillings

Park entrance 40 30 20,000
Game drive






20 20 20,000
Night 100 100 100,000
Launch trip to the bottom of the falls 30 30 30,000
Ferry crossing
Hiking to the top of the falls 15 10 10,000
Sport fishing 50 50 $ 50
White water rafting 50 50 50,000
Bird watching 30 30 10,000

Vehicle and aircraft entry fees

The tariffs are charged for cars entering into the park and are charged according to the size, kind of your car and the amount of time it is to spend in the park. For example

For saloon car, foreign non-residents pay 40 USD, foreign residents pay US$ 5 and east African residents pay UGX 20000.

Mini buses pay 50 USD for foreign non-residents

                                10 USD for the foreign residents

UGX 30000 for east African residents

Aircrafts are charged 50000 Uganda shilling regardless of their status for landing in Murchison falls national park.

When making payments some guide lines are followed such as

  • Foreign residents are required to present a valid working permit with a validity of one year minimum.
  • For foreign non- residents you are required to present you’re your passport as evidence for your status.
  • For east African community residents you are required to present your valid national identity card belonging to your respective country.

NOTE: These prices are paid daily and allow you to be in the park for 24 hours and paid on ground at the park’s Uganda wildlife offices. The above payments do not include your transportation fees, accommodation, they only cater for park entrance and safari activities in the park.

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