Lake Albert

Lake Albert is a rift valley lake found in centre of African continent on the border of Uganda and democratic republic of Congo, Lake Albert was formerly known as Lake Mwintazinge and a time times Lake Nyanza.  Lake Albert is one of the Greatlakes on African continent lieing in the western branch of east African rift and it is ranked as the seventh largest lake in Africa and world’s twenty seventh largest lake by water volume. Albert is the northern most lake in a chain of Albertine rift lakes and part of the complicated system of the upper Nile with Victoria Nile as its main sources together with river semuliki.

Lake Albert

  Albert features a maximum depth of 51 metres, width of 30 kilometers, length of 160 kilometers and lieing at an elevation of 619 meters above the sea level. Albert hosts Albert Nile which is its main outlet, as Albert Nile flows it becomes mountain Nile or Bahr-el-Jebel when it crosses into south Sudan. Albert is a produced outlets in form of Irumu and Zakere River which flows to Atlantic Ocean and through the White Nile to Mediterranean Sea.

Lake Albert features swamps in its southern area, Rwenzori Mountain in its south and northwest region and Blue Mountains of Congo. There is small population settlements along the shores of the lake including butiaba and pakwach.

History of Lake Albert

Before the coming of European explorers and the era of colonial rule in Uganda a former British protectorate, Lake Albert was known as MWITANZIGE a maiden name give it (lake) by the local tribal people that is the batooro and Banyoro who live around the lake. Upon the coming of European explorers Samuel baker and sass Flora in 1864 Lake Mwintazinge was names  Albert, the lake was named after Prince Albert consort of queen Victoria who has recently died in that time . Albert has been exchanging names one to another, in 20th century it was named mobutu sese Seko a then president of democratic republic of Congo (then Zaire) after himself and it was also once called lake Nyanza.

During the colonial era when Uganda was administered by colonial administrators the lake was used as grounds for shipping purposely as a network to link railway, river steamer and Lake Steamer services which linked British interests in most parts of Africa that is Egypt, south Africa and east Africa including Uganda itself.

Tourist attractions on Lake Albert

As a tourist in love with nature and epic adventure, Lake Albert is one stop destination for unforgettable memories. While at the site of this lake many mysteries are waiting for you to be unveiled, Lake Albert is the major tourist attraction in this site but there are also numerous breathing taking attractions which can be encountered. These attractions include

Fish species

Lake Albert is a rich habitant for numerous fish species, the waters of the lake are a home to approximately 55 bird species which peacefully thrive in the lake. According to Statistics Lake Albert produces 30 % of fish production in Uganda, fish species in the lake include Nile tilapia, Niger barb, Albert lates, electric catfish, giraffe catfish,  elongate tiger fish, African tiger fish, marbled lungfish, Cornish jack, Bagrus docmak, African sharp tooth catfish, vundu catfish and many more. Lake Albert also habits endemic species of haplochromines fish species which are only found in rift valley lakes, these species include Haplochromes albertianus, Haplochromes avium, Haplochromes bullatus, Haplochromes mahagiensis, Haplochromes loati and pseudocrenilabrus multicolor. Two of the endemic species are also found in Nile waters that is Haplochromes loati and pseudocrenilabrus multicolor, Lake Albert also habits small cyprinid Engraulicypris bredoi an endemic specie and Albert lates which are critically endangered fish species.


Lake Albert is a habitant to numerous animals’ species both aquatic and semi-aquatic, these animals live in and around the shores of Lake Albert and they include hippopotamuses, Nile monitors, African softshell turtles, William’s mud turtles, aquatic snakes,  frogs, Nile crocodiles, Uganda kob and many more.


Lake Albert is a home to numerous attractive water bird species which live in the swamp areas and water of the lake, bird species include pelicans, herons, the rare shoebill, Abyssinian bird, great blue turaco, dwarf kingfisher, white thighed horn bill, great egrets and many more.

Rwenzori Mountains

While at Lake Albert you get to enjoy beautiful sights of Rwenzori Mountains (mountain of the moon), the magnificent Rwenzori peaks towers in the southern direction and are great for sightseeing experience.

Blue Mountains of Congo

As you still drooling on the beautiful sights of Rwenzori peaks, Blue Mountains of Congo also draws your attention, these scenic mountains towers in the north western shores of Lake Albert.

Swampy vegetation

The green swampy vegetation dotting the southern part of Lake Albert is a very prominent attraction as it’s flooded by numerous bird species, swampy vegetation is situated in the southern part of the lake at the delta where Semuliki River pours into the lake. The swamp is filled with short swamp grass with few trees thus offering a beautiful scenery for photography.

Things to do at Lake Albert

Upon your visit to Lake Albert there are numerous tourist activities which you can get involved into for a breathtaking experience, these activities include

Fishing games

 Lake Albert offers one of the best fishing game experience, while on a fishing safari at this calm lake you go on a boat ride into the lake and when fishing you get to caught numerous fish species such as Nile tilapia, Niger barb, Albert lates, electric catfish, giraffe catfish, elongate tiger fish, African tiger fish, marbled lungfish, Cornish jack, Bagrus docmak, African sharp tooth catfish, vundu catfish and many more. Among fish caught is the prize Nile tilapia the largest fish predator.

Boat riding

 When you visit Lake Albert you can never dare miss the fascinating boat, the boat ride is no only a thrill but also adventurous. While riding on a boat you enjoy the calm waters of the lake and the beautiful scenery consisting of mountain Rwenzori peaks and the blue mountains of Congo. On the boat ride you also get beautiful site of aquatic birds and animals as they graze on the shores of the lake.


While at the site of Lake Albert sightseeing is one of the best experiences offered, the lake itself is very magnificent and enchanting to look at. Peaks of mo0untain Rwenzori and blue mountains of Congo also offers beautiful scenic sights.

Community visit

Lake Albert is surrounded by small communities of people living around the shores of the lake and majorly carry out fishing on the lake, while at lake albert you get to visit an interact with these people(fishermen) , interacting with them with give a new perspective of life through their beautiful exciting stories.

Recent discoveries on Lake Albert

Recently major oil fields have been discovered in Lake Albert basin, according to research these oil field is estimated to provide multibillion barrel which will be the largest onshore field in the sub-Saharan Africa in more than 20 years.

Notable accidents on Lake Albert

As it is with any lake on planet earth, Lake Albert has registered a number of accidents and the prominent tragic incidents include

  • In march 2014, a boat capsized while sailing on the waters of the lake killing over 250 people , the boat was carrying Congolese refugees who were fleeing congo because the then political unrest.
  • On December 26 2016 another tragic accident befell the lake, a boat carrying 45 individual capsized killing an estimated number of 30 individuals. These people were members and fans of a local village team crossing the lake to support their football team.


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