Accessing Semuliki National park is a top tourist destination situated in far western region of Uganda in Bundibugyo district, the park stretches through an area of 220 square kilometers lieing in the western arm of the rift valley on the border of Uganda and democratic republic of Congo. Semuliki national park is a tourist haven with numerous tourist attractions which ranges from flora and fauna to physical features, semuliki national park hosts a tract of Ituri forest, a hot spring with jetting hot water.

When you visit semuliki national park you get to spot beautiful animal species like  forest buffalos, leopards, hippos, warthogs, bush pigs, Uganda Kops, waterbucks, bush bucks, mona monkeys, water chevrotains, bush babies, civets, elephants, and the Beecroft’s flying squirrel, pigmy squirrel, little collared fruit bat, water chevrotain and target rat.

Accessing Semuliki National park
Accessing Semuliki National park

Semuliki national park is also an important birding destination hosting a wide range of bird species ranging from forest bird species to water bird species such as spot-breasted ibis, long-tailed hawk, Nkulengu rail, western bronze-naped pigeon, yellow-throated cuckoo, black-throated coucal, white-bellied kingfisher, piping hornbill ad many more

Semuliki national park is situated in the western region of Uganda in Bundibugyo district, this fascinating national park can be accessed using both road and air transport. Whatever form of transport you choose it will make your safari experience amazing an worth a while, semuliki national park can be accessed from all major tourist cities in Uganda and while on a combined safari to other parks like queen Elizabeth national, kibale national park, semuliki wildlife reserve you can easily reach semuliki national park. Semuliki national park is connected to other protected areas ad cities by a network of well-maintained routes, semuliki national park shares the following distances between nearby towns and national parks.

  • From Kampala the starting point of most safaris it is approximately 287 kilometers to semuliki national park
  • From fort portal town it is approximately 33 kilometers to semuliki national park
  • From kasese it is approximately 73.8 kilometers to the park
  • From Bundibugyo town it is an estimated distance of 14.2 kilometers to kibale national park
  • From mubende town it is an estimated distance of 168 kilometers.
  • From fort portal it is a distance of 33 kilometers
  • From queen Elizabeth national park is an estimated distance of 11 kilometers to access semuliki national park
  • From kibale national park it is a distance of 54.5 kilometers in between to the park
  • From mountain Rwenzori national park it is an estimated distance of 58.5 kilometers
  • From semuliki wildlife reserve it is a distance of 36.6 kilometers to the reserve.
  • From Lake Mburo national park it is an estimated distance of 189 kilometers.

When visiting Semuliki national park the main gate used to access the park for a safari is Sempaya main gate, Sempaya main gate is a 2 hours’ drive from fort portal covering a distance of 52 kilometers as you drive through a winding murram road crossing through the lower ranges of mountain Rwenzori. You drive to the gate is also an amazing adventure as you to view the rift valley floor which hosts both semuliki flats and Toro-semuliki wildlife reserve, and also Semuliki national park’s main headquarter 6 kilometers along the same route.

As already stated semuliki national park can be accessed using both air and road transport means.

 By road transport means

There are a number of routes leading to semuliki national park from Kampala, while using road transport means you can chose to either use private means or public means. By public means there are many bus companies providing transport services to fort portal and kasese town from Kampala these include link, baby coach and many more. When you using transport means you have to know that these buses have specific stopover spots, they do not connect to the park and when you reach kasese or fort portal town you will have to get private means of transport to the park. Travel and tour companies like achieve global safari offer private means of transport to the park using there spacious and comfortable vans, our cars will give you privacy and thrill as you drive to the park.

When accessing semuliki national there are two routes which are often used to get to the park that is

Kampala-mubende-fort portal route: this is a shorter route and it offers you a chance to make stopovers to Lake Mburo national park, kyambura wildlife reserve, Rwenzori mountain national park and Queen Elizabeth national park. This route is approximately 180 kilometers and a drive of 4-5 hours including delays and stopovers.

Kampala via fort portal via Masaka, Mbarara, and Kasese is about 465km (7-8 hours’ drive). In both routes 2 wheel drive vehicles can be used.

Kampala – Masaka- Mbarara- Fort portal-Kasese route: this route is approximately 465 kilometers and 7-8 hours’ drive. While using this route you get to enjoy the beautiful sight of tea plantations, rolling hills and peaks of mountain Rwenzori Mountain of the moon.

 Note: when you road transport it is very much advisable to use a 4×4 wheel car, reason being it can navigate through muddy and slippery trails in and leading to the park.

By air transport

By air transport means there are flight companies offering domestic flights from both Entebbe international airport and kajjasi airstrip to semliki airstrip. Companies include aero link and fly Uganda.

As you are planning for a safari in Uganda and east Africa or Africa, semuliki national park should never miss on your list because it does not only host numerous attractions but also offers amazing safari activities like game drives, guided nature walks, bird watching, primate tracking and the exciting batwa cultural experience which will make your safari worth.

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