Adventure activities in Uganda

Adventure activities in Uganda: Uganda has earned to be called one of the best tourist destination in Africa thus it is referred as to the “PEARL OF AFRICA” because of her amazing beauty with extraordinary experiences and adventure that should be on every travellers’ bucket-list to Africa. Both first time and enthusiastic travellers are able to enjoy stay because Uganda has so much more to offer from Adventure experiences which will blow your mind by time you take your leave because Uganda will forever be part of your life. There are over 30 adventurous things to do in Uganda. This list contains activities that cover interests for cultural tours, family-friendly vacations, classic wildlife adventures, and extremely active activities, so whatever your interests are; there is always something for you to do in Uganda. Below are some of the things you can do when you visit Uganda.

Explore the source of River Nile in Jinja

Uganda is recognized as the birthplace of the great River Nile, while at the source of the Nile, the water spills out of Lake Victoria as it flows to pour at the Mediterranean Sea through several African countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, Ethiopia, Congo and Egypt which takes a bigger percentage of water and Uganda. There is a natural landmark associated with the source of the Nile that submerged in the early 1950s due to the construction of the Owen Falls Dam. The site is still of great interest and plaques on both banks of the river indicate where the former Rippon falls were. To access the point where John Speke discovered declared as the source of the Nile, one has to take a boat which costs about 50,000 Uganda shillings. There is also a monument that honours Mahatma Gandhi just before you embark on the boat ride to visit the source of the Nile. As per his last wishes on his death in 1948, he asked that his ashes to be divided up to be scattered in several world’s great rivers including the Nile in Uganda, the bronze bust monument was donated by the Indian government. After reaching the source of the Nile, a boat ride on top of the Rippon falls is a thrilling experience of having Lake Victoria on one side and then the start of the Nile on the other.

Bungee jumping in Jinja

Bungee jumping is one hell adventure activity. This involves jumping over the source of the Nile from a spectacular bungee jumping site in the world. This activity is for the adrenaline chasers who want to take the 40 plus meters and plunge down towards the Nile. If you want to pump even more adrenaline and extend your limits for fun, Bungee jumping is the activity for you. Dropping down from 44 meters to touch the Nile waters will have you screaming in fear, joy, bravery and all the other emotions. In the end, you will be happier for it – and probably do it some more. This is done with world-class gear and an experienced team to guarantee your safety. Your legs will be tired to a rope and swing facing downwards on the River. 

Ssese Islands of Lake Victoria

Ssese Islands are a collection of more than 80 small isl

ands in the north western part of Lake Victoria. All the islands form what is called the Kalangala district. The islands can be accessed from Entebbe at Nakiwogo where the ferry is found. The scheduled time for the ferry to Kalangala is always 12:00 pm. While in Ssese, you can partake in sport fishing, canoeing or boat rides, the sandy white beaches are great for relaxing after an active day.  A visit to the Islands is nice for short getaways and very popular for honeymoons and anniversary stays. Ssese Islands is one of Uganda’s best honeymoon destinations and its popularity only keeps rising to new heights.

Hot air ballooning Safari in Murchison falls national park

Hot air balloon safari allows you to view the parks and their animals from above the sky. A hot balloon is a lighter than air aircraft consisting of a bag called an envelope containing heated air, suspending beneath is a wicker basket which carries passengers and a source of heat, in most cases an open flame caused by burning liquid propane. The bird-eye view is incredible as it allows viewing to the widest expanses of these national parks. Balloon tours are also great for photography. Hot air balloon safaris can be enjoyed in all the Savannah parks of Uganda and it is currently in only Murchison falls national park.

Quad biking and All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) tours  

Quad biking safaris is one adventurous activity for everyone only available in Jinja and a few place but popularly in Jinja. While on your Uganda safari, quad biking is another was of exploring the Uganda countryside where you get to socialise with the local people because it is mainly done villages, forests, plantations, and River Nile banks. This takes about 1 to 4 hours depending on one budget and there is no experience is required to do this activity. Children too of up to 12 years have their own Quad biking circuits. There is always a trainer to brief you through. Quad biking is best done in muddy areas so interested people must be prepared to get in the mud.   

Visit Uganda’s reptile Village.

The reptile village is one of the lesser-known tourist attractions in Uganda. Hidden off the Entebbe -Kampala highway, the reptile village aims to educate people about reptiles and encourage their conservation as well. The village has snakes, tortoises, chameleons, lizards, crocodiles among others.

A trip of the reptile village will kill all your fear of reptiles, especially snakes. As you learn the little details about all these reptiles, you will become more curious and fascinated – than afraid. A visit to the reptile village is usually added and either the beginning of the end of a safari to other attractions around the country. For people whose time is very limiting, a day’s visit to the reptile village is a nice way to break from their tight schedule.

Mountain Biking and Horseback riding Safaris

Lake Mburo national park is the one place that offers mountain biking and horseback riding in the wild. Although Mountain biking and horseback riding is also done in Jinja for only sightseeing, doing the activities in Lake Mburo national park is more adventurous as you get to view animals while on a bike or a horse enjoying a connection with nature and the animals and birds that live in it. 

Canopy Ziplining in Mabira forest and Lake Bunyonyi 

Mabira forest is a natural rain forest and is said is the largest rainforest in Uganda located about 44 kilometres away from Kampala city. This makes it a very accessible place to visit for short day/weekend activities. Zip lining in the Mabira canopy allows you to climb through the tallest trees of this rain forest. Along the way, you will also be able to see many primates and birds. The network of 5 Zip lines stretches across about 250 meters and is outfitted with equipment that adheres to strict international safety standards. On the other, Lake Bunyonyi is the most certainly the most beautiful place to visit in Uganda located in Kabale district about 8 hours’ drive from Kampala city. It is the second deepest lake in Africa after Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. Lake Bunyonyi is with varying length of about 44 meters to 900 meters depth, 25 meters wide and 7 kilometres wide. This provides good experiences of Zip lining across the lake. This experience is very safe for all persons interested as you are also provided gears for protection including the life jackets and protection helmets.  

Visit the Nyero rock paintings

Nyero rock paintings are among the most important yet unexplored rock art in Uganda. Nyero rock painting is located in Ngora district of Eastern Uganda, about 5-6 hours’ drive (240 kilometres) from Kampala city. The paintings are believed to exist before 1250 CE before even the migrations in Uganda happened. The paintings have been related to the Batwa people are the indigenous people of Uganda, who currently live near the rain forests of Western and Southwestern Uganda. They used to live in caves and the rocks at Nyero rock tells a lot about them. The rock paintings include walls covered in red circles, boats, and some vaguely human and animal forms. Visiting Nyero is very interesting for someone who is very interested in history and the ways of life of the centuries past.

Traditional Ugandan foods and street foods

Tasting Uganda foods is also a way a way of exploring the culture of Uganda and there is no way you can travel to Uganda and fail to taste the variety of food in Uganda. While there are lots of international dishes available in Uganda, from all parts of the world, the local Ugandan food is also very enjoyable. Unlike other countries that simply import food, all food staffs consumed, are grown in Uganda as well. Traditional Uganda food that should be tasted by any travellers include; the Luwombo (Stemed sauce in banana fibres), Matooke (Bananas), Millet bread, Malewa (these are smoked Bamboo stook only found on Mount Elgon) and Nsenene (Grasshoppers) to mention a few There dishes are found in each different subcultures of Uganda, and each has great food prepared in their own unique way. Whether you enjoy culinary tourism or not, Uganda’s food is something to simply try out. On the other hand, the street food is part of any country’s culture. Street foods manage to combine the traditional foods, the newer experimented one and the popular foods from all the other places It is a really authentic dive into the daily life of the people. In Uganda, the most common and popular street food is the Rolex and unless your diet stops you, it should be on your bucket list.

The Uganda Equator

The Uganda Equator is the most fun place to visit in Uganda. The most commonly visited one is the one along Masaka – Mbarara road in Kayabwe. While here, you taken through the experience that confirms the location of the Equator in both hemispheres at the same time with equal parts of yourself on each side. The photo opportunities with visiting the equator are amazing and it is your chance to challenge all the previous ones that have been taken before. The other Equator encounter is close to Queen Elizabeth national park although its just a signpost. 

Uganda traditional cultural dances

Uganda’s different subcultures have distinct ways of life, among which is entertainment. The various groups of people respond differently to the beat of the drum. While on a cultural tour in Uganda, it is always fun to try and learn the traditional dance moves and what they mean. It is a good way to create lasting memories of your visit to any given community and learn some new dance moves too. The most interesting and commonly enjoyed cultural dances in Uganda include; the Buganda, Maganda dance, Acholi Rakaraka dance, Karamojong dance, Bakiga dance, Bagisu dance just to mention a few. 

Kampala’s nightlife and festivals

Uganda is known as a country that never sleeps. For party lovers, visiting Uganda’s party life is something not to miss out on. Because to fully immerse yourself in the life of a place, seeing how the people live their night plays a big role. Obviously, this is not for everyone as not all people like the nightlife experience, this is only for the lovers of music, dancing (clubing) and alcohol lovers. Events plans always organize party and enjoyment festivals in Uganda for basically enjoyment and having fun. Some of the festivals in Uganda include; Nyege nyege festival that happens annually, Roast and rhythms, Rolex festivals, Bakiga nation festival, Kampala city festival to mention a few.   

Take a Boda Boda ride

Taking a boda boda ride around any part of Uganda is a unique experience of transport. Boda-boda motorcycles are the most popular quick forms of transport in Uganda. They are especially the easiest way of getting around Kampala in the peak traffic times. There are safe companies that we highly recommend and these include; The Uber, Safe boda, and Bolt.

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