Amazing Facts About African Wildlife : Africa is a land of living features, because it has some of the world’s most intriguing animals within its borders. More fact, they are so unique and attracts millions of people travel here and adventure them each year.

Take note, safari holidays are one of the top attractions in Africa and tourists have a great chance of not only seeing magnificent creatures but also have unforgettable experience of lifetime. You may think of travelling to Namibia, Botswana, Malawi, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, South Africa, Kenya or Tanzania and below are some of amazing facts about the African animals you hopefully to see there; For more information about African Safaris, you can contact us Achieve Global Safaris to plan your next trip at affordable price.

An Ostrich Can Run More than 40Miles in One Hour;

They are unique species on the planet but very rare.

Fact about them; they have elasticity in their joints which permits them to run at such high speeds.

They also use their tendons to store and give out energy to them

Lion Sleep For 15-20 Hours Every Day;

Lions are nocturnal animals and need plenty of rest to help them hunt and get through their days. Although, their population has declined by about a half in the last three decades – about 34,000lions left in the world and 70% can be found in just ten strong holds, six of which are in southern Africa and four in eastern Africa.

You might be wondering about the best places to see lions during your safari in Africa include;

Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, they love these inhabits because of the vast savannah grasslands that Serengeti have and including the region of the Ngorongoro Highlands ‘’ from the north -west of the Ngorongoro Crater’’ thus being an ideal place to support the big cats’’ and one of the largest populations of lions in Africa. More so, the Serengeti adjoining Masai Mara in Kenya making up a home to an estimated 3,500lions.

More fact, the annual Great Migration traverses the region from south to north, over a three-month period starting in June. Almost a half million of wildebeest and zebras follow the rains into Kenya, crossing over to Kenya’s Maasai Mara from southern Serengeti and are being followed by large prides of lions and other predators.

Other ideal places to see lions includes; Lake Manyara, the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti, it makes up an amazing diversity and home approximately to over 7,500 lions. Further west region -visit remote Ruah National Park which supports an estimated total of 3,600 lion.

Fact, the Selous is quite close to the Indian Ocean coast, so makes for a tight bush and beach experience.

Well, Zambia is also another remote national park to see lions -best place to see them is South Luangwa National Park located 300 miles north east of Lusaka. The park is rich in diversity of prey species supporting number of leopards as well as about 850 lions.

Kafue National Park which is less known game park, located in west Lusaka and contains the seasonally flooded wetlands known as ‘’the Busanga Plains’’ it supports variety of game and wide number of lions, especially the unique tree climbing lions – like those at Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania.

Amazing Facts About African Wildlife
Tree Climbing Lions

Greater Limpopo Trans frontier Park – the south Africa’s Kruger National Park famously known as one of the best wildlife reserves in Africa to host wide population of lions.

Botswana ‘’Central Kalahari and Okavango’’

It is well known as untouched pristine landscapes of Botswana offering a wide number of habitats.  They commonly seen gathering around the permanent water holes especially in the Okavango Delta and the surrounding areas, it is a magnet for wide diversity of wildlife.  They can also be spotted in areas around Duba Plains and on Chiefs Island particularly well known.  Botswana is thought to support about 3,000 lions.

Baby Elephant Suck Their Trunks;

Baby elephants such their trunks, just like a newborn human suck their thumb for comfort.

Cameroon Has the Largest Frog in The World;

The aptly named, Goliath frog is renowned as the largest in the world and can be seen few countries in the world. They are a foot long.

A Vulture has Insanely Strong Stomach Acid;

 They are commonly known as a strong species; however, you may not know that it can spread diseases like Cholera and anthrax.

Wild Dogs Regurgitate Their Food for Pups;

The wild dogs have large stomach that support them to eat food.

They usually travel long distances and then regurgitate it to feed their pups and pack dogs who can’t go out and hunt for food.

Elephants Don’t Have Sweat Glands;

When the weather gets too hot and they can’t cool off – the elephants usually stick their trucks down their throats to pull out water to spray on their bodies.

Crocodiles Don’t Have to Eat Much;

These are heavily toothed monsters which eat all day long and truth they cannot survive without a meal.

Their digestive system is so efficient that one meal can offer them nutrients for quite some time.

A Giraffe Has a Blue Tongue;

Besides their other unusual features, giraffes are equipped with blue tongues too. Their tongues are often out of their mouths to feed, they are exposed to sunlight.

The blue color offers them extra protection.

A Giraffe Has Special Walves So It Won’t Pass Out;

Well, a giraffe has long neck which requires it to bend over to drink water. Naturally it is equipped with special vein structures and valves in its neck so that it won’t faint. These valves can stop the blood from running to certain areas to do this.

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