Apoka Safari Lodge is the only ultimate safari accommodation facility found inside Kidepo Valley national park that lies overlooks the Narus Valley within the distant untouched wilderness, thus the ability to view things hand-made by the local craftsmen with only wooden materials to avoid meddling with the natural appearance of the park

The lodge’s rooms were built with comfort in mind and adorned with impressive pieces of art and craft with inside luxurious sitting rooms and private verandas arrangements offering various places to relax and unwind while reading as you take a glass of juice or cup of tea/coffee, probably after an amazing Uganda safari game drive.

Apoka safari lodge is comprised of 10 excellent spacious bedrooms having canvas walls incorporated with a rocky Kopje with a gainful view of the savannah landscape.

The big hand-hewn beds are designed with soft duvets draped with mosquitoes, hand-wooled carpets, extra-large towels, and oversized dressing grown. Although the lodge is located in a remote area far from the town, you can still enjoy the facilities as those in the city.

The lodge offers nice facilities in all the rooms starting from an en-suite bathroom with double sinks and beautiful tropical showers. Visitors can choose to step outside a sheltered terrace in their stone bathtub big enough to fit the whole family.

The swimming pool at the lodge is carved of a big rock which is cool and refreshing and it makes visitors stay to enjoy themselves by jumping in and feel alive again given the hot nature of the park in most of the months.

Apoka Safari Lodge offers a perfect restaurant with skilled chefs who serves and it provides all kinds of meals upon prior bookings. More so, the lodge sits in remote dry regions and water where the food supply is limited.

They have friendly and well-skilled staff.

The lodge offers cool large sitting rooms, private verandas, and big hand-hewn beds and the rates are affordable.

The lodge offers airport transportation to the guests.

 They also have well comfortable outdoor pool and outdoor fireplaces that provide warmth at the night.

They offer laundry services to the guests and ironing services

They have a gift shop that displaces beautiful craft materials where you can buy a souvenir, and clothes among others.

They provide free internet and free breakfast

The rooms are featured with perfect services.

Apoka Safari Lodge
Apoka Safari Lodge

The lodge offers beautiful individual huts overlooking spaces where the animal can peacefully roam such as water bucks, warthogs, and herds of elephants among others. While at night at the lodge, you can hear various animal species including; the spotted hyenas outside our dwelling.

The lodge’s rooms offer great sweeping views of savannahs and wildlife since it sits in the most idyllic setting in Kidepo Valley National Park bordering Kenya and Sudan, which is perched on a rocky outcrop in the center of the park.

The lodge offers various activities like game drives and villages where you can enjoy beyond expectation. Others can enjoy sundowners where you can enjoy much fun and memorable.

The lodge is fantastic services offered.

Kidepo Valley National Park is located in remote Africa of the northeastern region of Uganda in Kaabong districts the park is surrounded by Jagged hills, golden grasses, and the best game viewing expereince in Uganda.

Best Time to Visit the Park

The park is can be visited all year round but the best time starts from June to September and December to February.


Kidepo Valley National Park can be easily accessed by air transport ‘’domestic flight from Entebbe Airport to Lomej Airstrip lands within 1:40 hours. Travel by car takes 10 to 12 hours’ drive.


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