Are Gorillas Hostile Animals? Mountain gorillas are known to be very shy and friendly animals towards to human beings only that they tend to behave in a wrong way and act violently only when their peace is being disturbed and this is always seen most especially when humans make unexpected movements while in the presence of the species for example; the male silverback reacts violently with a horrific roaring and also makes buff charges. However, these endangered species are considered the top wildlife animals that attract large numbers of people to travel from all over different parts of the world with a big interest of engaging in gorilla trekking activities. therefore, tourists can trek the endangered mountain gorilla species in in countries like; Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. More so, these species are best spotted within areas like; mgahinga Gorilla National park and Bwindi Impenetrable National park, which are located in Uganda, Virunga national park that is found in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and in Volcanoes national park in Rwanda.

The unique part about the endangered mountain gorillas is that they share 99% of their DNA with human beings. In addition, they are being characterized to be gentle, calm, social, peaceful and friendly animals. More so, the mountain gorillas are noticed to be feeding on fruits, tree barks, roots, wild celery as their food. however, like stated above that these species can also tend to aggressive towards to humans only when they are being threatened but they also be hostile among themselves for example; a dominant silver back is always noticed fighting against the silverbacks in the groups over female gorillas because it feels it is the only one that has the audacity to mate with all the female gorillas in the gorilla group/ family.

Are Gorillas Hostile Animals? Ways how humans can avoid being attacked by the Gorillas.

The following below are some of the ways that tourists can try as much as possible to avoid the mountain gorillas from attacking them. Therefore, some of these ways include;

  • Tourists are encouraged to keep a distance of about 7 meters between themselves and the species.
  • Tourists who have their best interest in taking pictures and recording videos while using their phones and cameras are advised to disable the use of the flashlight because it may scare the species hence leading them to be violent.
  • More so, tourists who happen to be victims while in the presence of the endangered species are encouraged to act low by tearing and eating vegetables.
  • Individual while during the gorilla trekking and the gorilla habituation processes are advised to avoid eating and drinking while in the presence of the species.
  • Tourists are also encouraged to avoid maintaining direct eye contact with the mountain gorillas most especially the silverbacks because it may lead them to act violent because they seem challenged. Therefore, tourists are supposed to bow their heads and look down while in the presence of the mountain gorillas.

  Are Gorillas Hostile Animals? How much does Gorilla trekking cost in Africa.

Are Gorillas Hostile Animals?
Mountain Gorillas

Tourists who are interesting into gorilla trekking activities are always encouraged in purchasing their gorilla trekking in advance in order to avoid any inconveniences. But as they plan to trek they should note that these permits are charged at different costs depending on where on which country your willing to trek for example; in Uganda the trekking permits cost 700 USD per person, Rwanda charges at a fee of about 1500 USD per person and the Democratic Republic of Congo charges at a fee of about 40 USD per person.

Best time to go for Gorilla trekking activities.

Tourists who would love to travel and go for trekking in African countries can always do that at any time throughout the year. However, the dry season is considered to be the best time for individuals to go for gorilla trekking because it is during this period of time that there happens to less rainfalls which enables individuals to conduct their day as planned. More so, they should note that this dry season is always between months of June to September and from mid- December to January.

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