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Booking gorilla trekking Uganda; A Gorilla trekking permit is a valid document that allows a tourist to spend one hour with the Mountain gorillas in their nature habitant of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park and Mgahinga Gorilla national park both located in the southwestern region of Uganda, approximately 9 to 10 hours’ drive from Uganda’s largest city Kampala or Entebbe. The Uganda gorilla trekking permits can be obtained through a registered Tour Company or directly from ‘’ UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority and in Rwanda gorilla permits can be bought from ‘’RTB’’ Rwanda Tourism Board.

The best way to book or obtain a Gorilla trekking permit is via a Tour Company or Safari Company since it tends to be less tiresome. More advantage of booking with a safari company is that they have clear knowledge of a Gorilla families that fits with a tourist’s energy come along with the community around and there are different places of accommodation of which they can book for your comfortable stay in the visited destination. More so, tour operators can give great travel recommendations in case you wish to postponed your trip. For more information about booking gorilla trekking permits you can contact or email us at Achieve Global Safaris our clients we take them as our first priority.

It is very possible to book your Gorilla trekking permit directly through ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority Offices from your comfort home countries, where you only need to E-mail the Uganda Revenue Authority’s Reservation office inquiring about the availability of dates you would like to trek the Gorillas and if they are not available then it’s better you ask them to update you the date you’re well conversant with on visit to Uganda Gorilla Safaris

Booking Gorilla Trekking Uganda
Uganda Gorilla Safaris

In Uganda Gorilla trekking experience is carried out in Bwindi Impenetrable National park and Mgahinga Gorilla national park but   due to the unreliability of the Mountain Gorillas in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. And in among the three countries Uganda, Rwanda and Congo, Gorilla trekking is best done in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest because it hosts the largest population of mountain gorillas of over 600 gorillas with over 21 habituated gorilla families divided in four gorilla sectors that is Buhoma, Rushanga, Nkuringo and Buhoma.

What do you expect in Gorilla Trekking Experience?

Gorilla trekking is quite impressive activity which starts early in the morning after morning aroma tea with delicious snacks served from the lodge, your driver guide picks you up from your lodge and drives you to the park headquarter for a short briefing about dos and don’ts of gorilla trekking. Then after briefing, you will be grouped in a group of 8 people and be accompanied by the park ranger guide who leads you to the assigned gorilla families, as you will go through forest trails in search for the gorillas. More then, Gorilla trekking can take 30 to 6 hour depending on the group of gorillas your trekking and once trekked, you will be allowed to stay with mountain gorillas for one hour as you watch their amazing social life as you enjoy your exciting photography.  Note, no one can go for gorilla trekking without a valid permit, in Uganda permits costs USD700, Rwanda Gorilla permits doubles Uganda’s price USD1,500 per person per day and Congo goes at USD400.

 Best Time to Book Your Gorilla Trekking Permit?

We recommend travelers to book for Gorilla trekking permit three to six months in advance, or else you can purchase it up to two years in advance. The best trekking season is during peak season or High season in the month of June to September and December to February. For that matter, the earlier you book, the quicker you get a chance for gorilla trekking since the permits tend to be on high sell during peak season. So if you delay to book your gorilla trekking permit in dry season you might get disappointed. Then you can end up doing it in low seasons in the months of May and November thus Booking Gorilla Trekking Uganda.

What is the Cost of a gorilla permit?

Each country has its outstanding prices of gorilla permits, Uganda’s gorilla permits costs USD700 foreign nonresident, USD600 foreign resident and UGX250,000 for East African members and Rwanda gorilla permits cost USD1,500 –Volcanoes National park and Congo Gorilla trekking goes at USD400 per person per day in Virunga National Park.

Please note, a visitor cannot be allowed to go for Gorilla trekking unless he has a valid Gorilla trekking permits. Therefore, before you start booking your gorilla trekking permit, you will need to provide in your name, nationality, passport number and date of birth.

Booking Gorilla Trekking Uganda
Gorilla Safaris

You should also note that, Gorilla trekking permits cannot be handled to the possession of another person so you will have to show your valid passport and identification documents at the pre-trekking briefing. After all this is done, you will have to provide your payments and the dates you’re ok with to go for gorilla trekking and if the dates you have suggested are already booked then will ask the person –tour agent to book up with the nearest dates that can act as other options to go for gorilla trek.

And after payments, you will kindly receive a scanned copy of your Gorilla Trekking permit within a few days or weeks. By time you arrive in the country, the tour operator that worked on your permits will have to collect it from the Uganda Wildlife Authority Offices. Your Gorilla permit will have a unique serial number and your person details written on it.

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