Buffalo Springs National Reserve is one of the famous Kenya Wildlife reserves, covering area of about 131 square kilometer and located in Kenya, Eastern Province in Isiolo district. More so, the reserve was established in 1948 as part of the Sambura -Isiolo Game Reserve and its boundaries were established in 1985. More to that, Buffalo Springs National Reserve is managed by the Isiolo county Council.

The reserve sits at an altitude of between 850 meters and 1,230 meters above sea level .It is comprised of rolling lowland plain of old lava flows and volcanic soils of olivine basalt. Take note, the climate ranges from hot dry and semi-arid.

Tourist attractions in Buffalo Springs National Game Reserve

Wildlife Species; Grant’s zebra and endangered Grevy’s Zebra. other mammal species to see include reticulated giraffe, African bush elephant, Oryx, Gerenuk, African buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Cheetah and Hyena and the river is home to hippopotamuses and crocodiles. These species are inhabitant of wooded areas around the riverbanks of Ewaso Nyiro river, riverine forests a savannah grassland

Birdlife; Buffalo Spring National Reserve is home to variety of over 390 bird species recorded such as Somali ostriches ,Masai ostrich’s ,Black- capped social weaver , Black -faced sandgrouse ,D’Arnaud’s guineafowl ,White-bellied bustard ,white-headed mousebird, Vulturine guineafowl ,Von der Dicken’s hornbill ,Spotted palm-thrush ,Somali ostrich ,Somali bee-eater ,Singing bush lark ,Secretary  bird , Rufous chatterer , Rosy-patched bus -shrike ,Reichenow’s seedeater , Red-winged lark ,Red-necked falcon, Red-bellied parrot ,Pygmy Batis ,Chestnut weaver , Chestnut-headed sparrow lark ,Donaldson Smith’s sparrow-weaver ,Egyptian vulture ,Fischer’s starling .Golden pipit , Golden-breasted starling ,Greater kestrel ,Grey wren-warbler , Hunter’s sunbird ,Lanner falcon ,Mariqua Sunbird ,Palm- nut vulture mentioned but few.


The reserve is gifted with beautiful flora species which receive water from Ewaso Nyiro River. Flora species include a narrow band of riverine forests along the Ewaso Ngiro, Acacia elatior, Doum Palm, Scattered grass and shrubs, alkaline grasslands with occasional swamps and sleeping, desert rose with pink blooms and salvadora persica.

Note; The Salvedora Persia is referred to as toothbrush tree or mustard tree. This tree is small in size, that boosts with a crooked truck with height of 6-7 meters.  Its stunning branches were mentioned by the World Health Organization for its Oral Hygiene we use.

Ewaso Nyiro River

Ewaso Nyiro River is one the most attractive attraction in the reserve and gives rewardable spot in visit for adventuring animals and bird species while on Kenya Wildlife Tours in this reserve.

This river was named after a Samburu language ‘’Ewaso’’ meaning ‘’the river of brown or muddy water’’.  This river ranks to be the biggest and least seasonal river in northern Kenya and Permanent water source to the ecosystem of Buffalo Springs Game Reserve.  Ewaso Nyiro River is composed of riverside grasses, thick acacia and doum palm forests along its banks which attracts numerous birds and animal like buffaloes, impala, crocodiles, hippos and number of birds like saddle- billed storks among others.

Buffalo Springs

While on visit to Kenya Wildlife Safa, never leave without visiting the Buffalo springs. These springs are the main source of the name for Buffalo springs game reserve and prominent feature in the reserve. The reserve consists of 3 springs, the two springs are walled and the third one breaks into the plain forming a small marshy waterhole flowing into Ewaso Nyiro River.

Note; one of the springs travelers can get a stunning opportunity to take a swim but currently prohibited and the other welled springs acts as a water supply to the Archer’s post – a small nearby town.

Buffalo springs are also inhabited by crocodiles and other predators like wild dogs, cheetah, lions and leopards which makes it a memorable visit for wildlife viewing.

Activities in Buffalo Springs National Reserve;

Game Drives

Buffalo springs national reserve is one of the Kenya’s famous national parks where you can go for Kenya Wildlife Viewing Safaris. This reserve is rewarding for game drive and we recommend you to use 4×4 wheel safari vehicle, with open widows and pop-up roof. Game drive here is offered in the morning, afternoon and evening. The drive is best done in dry county landscape of Buffalo Springs National Reserve and during your Kenya Wildlife Tour you can get to spot animals like reticulated giraffes, beisa oryxes, gerenuk antelopes, elands, giraffes, grant’s gazelles, leopards, lesser Kudu herds of elephants, lion, nurchell’s zebras, Grevy’s zebras, wild dogs, waterbucks, impala, hyenas, cheetahs among others.

Since it’s the semi-arid climatic conditions received in Buffalo Springs game reserve and game drives are rewarding throughout the year, but the best Game viewing adventure is in dry season from June to October.

Buffalo Springs National Reserve
Buffalo Springs National Reserve

Walking Safaris

A Kenya Safari to Buffalo Springs National Game Reserve, you can take part in guided walking safaris where you can guided by experienced park ranger who guides you through stunning trails within the reserve and while walking expect to encounter animal species like lions ,Nile crocodiles as well as beautiful bird species can be spotted around the riverbanks of Ewaso Nyiro River and birds to see includes Chestnut weaver ,Bristle-crowned starling ,African palm swift ,Ashy cisticola , Bare-eyed thrush ,Black -bellied sunbirds , Black-capped social weaver among others.

Bird watching

The reserve is an excellent site for birding that offer a chance for birders and birds to see include; Ashy cisticola, Egyptian vulture, Fischer’s starling, Golden pipit, Golden-breasted starling, Bare-eyed thrush, Black- bellied sunbird, Black -capped social weaver, Brown -tailed rock chat, Chestnut weaver, Greater kestrel among others thus making it one of Kenya Birding Tour.

Cultural Safari

 While on visit to the reserve, you can opt to go visit the Samburu people who are very hospitable and welcoming people.  Visiting them offers a great chance to learn about their amazing lives and appreciate their culture. You might enjoy cultural activities like throwing spears, milking goats and making craft items as well as being entertained by cultural dances and drama.

Kenya to Uganda Safari Destination

The fully explained activities above, can choose to combine your Kenya tour package with visit to Uganda’s unique mountain gorillas which can be watched through engaging in Gorilla trekking tours which is done Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The park is located in southwestern Uganda regions estimating 8 to 9 hours drive. Alternative, fly with domestic flight from Entebbe International Airport to park’s nearest airstrip – Kihihi or Kisoro.

From Kenya, you can fly from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport to Entebbe International Airport.

How to get to Buffalo Springs National Reserve

This national reserve lies 15 kilometers southeast of Nairobi. It can easily be accessed by use of both road and air means of transport from both Nairobi and Mombasa.

By road from Nairobi; Travelers can access the reserve through Nanyuki on a tarmac road to Isiolo then drive for 22 kilometers on a marrum road connecting to the reserve’s main entrance gate.

By air; You can decide to use scheduled flight from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport to Buffalo Spring Airstrip which serve the reserve.

Where to stay in Buffalo Springs National Reserve;

Buffalo Springs game reserve; There is no need of worry where to stay because the reserve offers a wide range of lodges and camps, ranging from luxury, Mid-range and Budget Accommodation. Some of lodges and camps include Elephant Bedroom camp, Samburu Game Lodge, Samburu Sopa Lodge, Sarova shaba game lodge, Samburu Simba lodge, Ashnil Samburu camp, Lion King bush camp among others.

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