Bwindi Mountain Gorilla Trekking Tours – Uganda

Bwindi Mountain Gorilla Trekking Tours  : Bwindi Mountain gorilla trekking is the main and major activity done on Uganda Safaris and Rwanda, mountain gorillas being the highlight on both sides Uganda and Rwanda. One to be able to enjoy Gorilla trekking tours on Uganda’s safari destination, you need to purchase a valid permit directly from Uganda Wildlife Authority offices with a reliable tour companies who will arrange for you amazing gorilla trekking tours. Note Gorilla trekking is defined as a hike to the tropical forests of Africa to see the unique mountain gorillas in their preserved environment.

Bwindi mountain gorilla trekking is the most done activity on Uganda Safari, an activity which is once life time experience and the money is worth the experience. Gorilla trekking starts in the morning at the park headquarters with a briefing which takes 30minutes and exactly 8:00am head out into the jungle in search of gorillas with the park guide who leads you through the forest trail head trekking, it is advisable to carry enough mineral water bottle, wear rubber shoes, rain jacket, energy eating snacks among others. Take a note, gorilla trekking is unpredictable can take 2 to 6 hours depending on their movements and once are allocated one hour is given to the trackers to spend time watching these rare primates in their nature habitat. Gorilla trekking is done of eight people ‘’8’’ and it has a limited age of 15 years and above.

Bwindi Mountain gorilla rules and regulations

Smoking and eating in the park is not allowed

 Allow to spend a maximum time of one hour while observing and photographing these unique gorillas.

Trackers –Trekkers must be 15 years and above in order to prevent transmission of diseases like   flue, cough, mumps.

 When with gorillas, keep a distance of 6 to 7 meters away from our living creature.

Trekkers must be good listener to the park guide

Always keep your voice at a low voice

  Do not litter rubbish in the park

If you’re ill or sick you’re not allowed to trek mountain gorillas.

Wash your hands before heading out into the forest for trek.

Follow the instructions given

Gorilla trekking Tour –Packing List

Gorilla trekking tour requires one to carry right essentials through your tour operator who is responsible to go for gorilla reservation; They include waterproof hiking boot, light weigh rain jacket, Insect repellents, energy giving snacks, long shirt and trouser, Hand gloves, mineral bottle among others.

Bwindi Mountain Gorilla Trekking Tours
Gorilla trekking

  Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park; a location to the half remaining mountain gorillas in the world that sits in the southwestern Uganda region, estimating 9 to 10 hours’ drive to access the main destination. The park is a home of over 21 gorilla families which can be trekked in by the tourists.

When is the Best Time to do Bwindi Mountain Gorillas Trekking Tours?

 Bwindi Mountain gorilla trekking can be conducted throughout the year around in Uganda and Rwanda as well as Democratic Republic of Congo. The best time to go for Bwindi gorilla trekking is during the months of June, July, August, September and December and during these period of the year park’s trail head are drier and easy to access in hiking for gorilla trekking. Please note, Bwindi has a cold climate    with the average temperature throughout the year which is around 11 degrees Celsius in the morning and 23 degrees Celsius in the afternoon.

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Where to Sleep on visit to Bwindi Mountain Gorilla Trekking

Due to Bwindi being the top visited destination for gorilla trekking, it   boosts with classic accommodations ranging from luxury to Mid-range. Lodges in the park have easy locating of a gorilla family you’re trekking with a stunning surrounding area from the lodge.

Gorilla trekking tours goes with a valid permit in order to access the Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest for trekking. Uganda gorilla trekking permits cost USD 700per person per trek a one-hour trek and gorilla habituation experience goes at USD1,500 per person per trek for four hours.

Start planning now! To enjoy quite unforgettable life time experience on African Continent-Pearl of Africa –Uganda Gorilla Safaris.


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