Dodori National Reserve Kenya : Dodori National Reserve is a great reserve located in Lamu East District of Coast Province in Kenya. The reserve was documented in 1976 and its 877 square kilometers encompasses an important woodland and forest area that supports large populations of wildlife, including lions, elephants, buffaloes and coastal Topi

The reserve is managed by ‘’KWS Kenya Wildlife Service and is part of the larger area that has been recognized globally as important culture heritage area and conservation site by international organizations such as; the IUCN, Conservation International, World Wildlife Fund and others. It was named a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve in 1980.

Attractions in Dodori National Reserve

Wildlife; Lesser kudus, greater kudus, elephants, adder’s duiker, gazelles, Coastal Topis, Sea turtles,  lions, leopards, sea cows and dugongs.

Birdlife; Violet breasted sunbird, blue hooded kingfisher, southern banded harrier eagle, honey buzzard, Brown breasted barbet, palmnut vulture mentioned few.

Culture tour;

The reserve is located on the coastal areas of Kenya and surrounded by coastal people who offer perfect history about their culture that make visitor’s stay long as you enjoy their amazing tradition dance and songs.

Activities to do in Dodori National Reserve

Game viewing

This is the most done activity in the reserve, offering a great viewing of the large population of Topis and other species to see which include adder’s duiker, zebras, gazelles, lesser kudus, lions, leopards, sea turtles, sea cows, dugongs many.

Dodori National Reserve
Lions In Dodori National Reserve


Dodori National Reserve is a great location to experience variety of aquatic birds which can be spotted along water banks, for example; Violet breasted sunbird, Carmine bee eaters, Blue hooded kingfisher, Honey Buzzard, Southern banded harrier eagle, Palmnut vulture, brown breasted barbet among others.

Cultural experience

The coastal people provide rich history about their town and slavery, visiting the people, experiencing their way of life and history which makes your stay complete as well as visiting the craft shops buy gifts and take back home.

Where to stay;

Currently the reserve has no accommodation sector but you can book them from the neighboring towns and some of the lodges includes; Diani reef beach resort, Alliance safari beach hotel, Almanara luxury lodge, Diamonds dream of Africa, Finch Hatton’s Camp many more.

How to get there;

The reserve is bordered by Boni National Reserve. It is approximately 280 kilometers north of Mombasa. Well, creek can be accessed by water through boat.

Best time to visit

Dodori National Reserve has got both humid and hot climate making it possible to visit all year round but the road is very remote making it easier to access during the rainy seasons. So, it is advisable to use 4×4 wheel drive car.

Fact, travelers who wish to enjoy more about Kenya Safari destination -we recommend you to combine Masai Mara National Reserve a Kenya’s best-known reserve and home to an abundance of big game, offering excellent predator sightings of cheetah, lion and leopards -with the open grassland and far-reaching views making these big cats easier to explore. Other animals to spot include Aardwolf, Bovidae, Thomson’s gazelle, Quagga, Aardvark, buffalo, elephant and above all, a great destination to go adventure the most famous world wildebeest migration event which can be enjoyed annually. Or choose to combine it with a visit to Uganda’s Bwindi Forest National Park for Gorilla Trekking Safari.

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