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Entrance fees to Kibale National Park –Kibale National Park Entry Fees; Kibale National Park is popularly known for its numerous primate species mainly the chimps thus rewarding Kibale game park as a capital of primates, a place worth a visit to the primate’s lovers. In fact, Kabale is the primate capital of the world because of its abundance, since it’s a home of 1500 individuals and other primates. Perhaps, it’s vegetation cover type destination makes the primates so adoptable to the environment.

The chimpanzee tracking experience in Kibale National Park is the main key activity done within and gives you other chances to encounter small primates like the black and white colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys and red tailed monkeys many more.

Kibale National Park is under the protection of ‘UWA’ Uganda Wildlife Authority the same body that stipulate park entrance fees and other fees of activities done in the park.

Individual Park Entry Fee

The park entrance fees to Kibale National Park are stipulated basing on the status of the visitor. Note, you are required to present your valid personal documents such as passport, work permits for at least 1 year, a valid national identity card to be issued at the gate by the East African citizen, these documents show your nationality, as explained below;

Adults visiting Kibale national park are expected to pay USD40 for Foreign nonresidents ,30USD for the Foreign resident and 20,000 UGX for the East African citizens. However, children are expected to pay USD20 foreign nonresident ,10USD for foreign resident and UGX5,000 East African members as park entrance fees –Kibale National Park.

Entrance Fees to Kibale National Park
Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale

Pupils of East African member expected to pay UGX3,000 and university and institution student are charged 5,000UGX

Annual park entrance fee

This alternative is for a whole year basing on two statuses a foreign resident and East African citizen.

A coup of foreign resident is expected to pay USD500 as annual park entry fees to Kibale national park.

A coup of East African citizens is charged UGX200,000 as annual park entry.

A family with maximum of four children is charged USD700 as annual park entry fees and UGX300,000 for the East African citizens with the same family.

The annual corporate pass of USD1500 is charged for the foreign residents and 2.5 million Uganda shillings for the East Africa citizen for access to Kibale National Park annually.

The Uganda safari guides and taxi drivers to Kibale National Park are charged UGX100,000 as annual park entry fee.

The tour company driver is not charged for park entry fee.

A foreign resident tour operator is charged USD50 as the annual park entry fee and UGX125,000 for East African a tour operator.

Vehicle and aircraft landing fee

Motor cycles for foreign is charged USD30 and 20,000UGX for East African cycles.

Saloon cars for foreign is charged USD40 AND UGX 20,000 for East African cars respectively.

Minibuses, pickups and 4 Wheel drive is charged USD50 for foreign and UGX30,000 for East Africa.


Glider, micro lighters -10 USD for foreign resident and UGX20,000 for East African.

Aircraft with up to 3seats-

A foreign is charged 20USD and UGX40,000 for East African Citizen.

Aircraft with 4 to 6 seats

A foreign is charged 30USD and UGX60,000 for East African citizens.

Aircraft with 7 to 14 seats

A foreign is charged 40USD and UGX80,000 for East African aircrafts

Aircrafts with 15 to 20 seats

A foreign is charged 50USD and UGX100,000 for East Africans respectively.

Aircraft that carries over 21 people

A foreign is expected to pay 60USD and UGX120,000 for East African air crafts.


A foreign is charged USD100 and UGX250,000 for East African members

Please take note ; Park entrance fees are individual exclusive from other park charges and the vehicle entry fees.

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