Equator Uganda Safari Destination

Equator Uganda safari destination is an attractive place where every tourists on their safari to western region usually request a stopover to view the  amazing beauty of the place ,enjoy experience of water experiment as well as the best place for photography taking on Uganda Safari Destination .First all ,Equator Uganda is one of best tourist attractions  on Uganda safaris .Mostly those on trip to encounter mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park or Mgahinga Gorilla national park or wildlife viewing or lion tracking in Queen Elizabeth National park can be a combined safari tour with a visit to the Equator located in Kayabwe along Masaka road with a safari to Bwindi or Queen or Kibale Forest national park. To tourists who do safaris to western Uganda, you shouldn’t miss out a visit to the Uganda Equator, a place   full of fun and life time excitement of clear photo shoot with quiet rewarding as you stand on the equator with your own two legs   but on separate hemispheres of the world one leg on the left and the other on right, also getting attracted with great viewing of the craft shops where you can visit and buy souvenir materials back home.

The equator Uganda is one of the top attraction to visit on Safari to Uganda. Furthermore, the Equator is defined has an imaginary line that divides the two hemisphere of the world which is the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern hemisphere of the world.

Generally, Uganda as a country we are much blessed with lot of stunning nature wonders   which is some of the few reason why Uganda is once called the Pearl of Africa and   one of them is the Equator. More then, Uganda is one of the few destinations around the world where the Equator pass through it. In Uganda the best location to explore the Equator is in Kayabwe town in Mpigi districts ‘’ 72kilometers from Kampala to access the place’’ along the Masaka road the same route that lead tourists to Uganda’s famous safari destination.

Many tourists prefer visiting the equator Uganda while on their Uganda Safaris on tour en route to Uganda’s famous national parks including Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Lake Mburo national park or even Kibale Forest national park. You can as well have view of equator markers near Entebbe or Queen Elizabeth national park. But the main stopping destination with clear history is the one on along Kampala –Masaka Road in Kayabwe town.

Equator Uganda Safari
Uganda Equator

Please note this, one to be able to explore the Uganda Equator is on trip to western region of Uganda, since is the main route used to access tourists to western national parks as you can have stopover at the equator, then after proceed to your journey to main visited destination.

Facts about, Equator Uganda has become hallmark of attractions on Uganda destination, because of its amazing facts that is, the sun rises and falls at a shorter interval while at the Equator as we compare it to other side of the world. The warmth climate experienced throughout the year around the equator also rewards the place to be a famous destination which does not vary on the right seasons to visit yearly.

Another way of getting interested around the equator is weighing yourself at the equator which can weigh less by 0.5%, due to the gravity distance which is at the line that weighs 0.5%.  Once you leave your original weigh returns. Note, there is no gravitations pull like standing at the equator and your weight can get reduced by 3% absolutely a rewarding experience to explore in Life.

In definition, Equator is an imaginary line that divides the earth into two hemispheres of the northern and southern hemispheres and constituting the parallel of other body.

Travelers visit to Uganda equator, can visit the souvenir shops and restaurant around, of all souvenir shops have quite attractive products handmade materials and African best traditional wear where a tourist can opt to buy for their future remembrance. You can as well visit the child galley and tribal art and crafts clearly displayed and attracting.

A traveler  to enjoy a visit to Uganda Equator is to book a  safari to western Uganda could be a safari for Mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park or Wildlife Viewing Safari in Queen Elizabeth or Lake Mburo national park meaning all destination are on the same route that passes through the equator ,where tourists can be able to experience  one of the warmest temperature and enjoy quite unforgettable photograph life time experience .We recommend you to book with reputed safari tour agent or else with us Achieve global safaris we arrange for you comfortable and affordable Uganda safari tour package for our clients.

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