Explore Semliki Valley : Getting to understand the beauty of Uganda needs one to have a deep venture through the thick areas of the Uganda and this is the only way one can get to understand the beauty in the scared ends of Uganda.

Once more there is always something left for Uganda to offer to its people as a matter of fact far more beautiful than ever sighted on the faces of Uganda and this is scared with thousands of sceneries.

There is a lot to discover as you get to visit the slops of some destinations in Uganda and one of these the Semliki valley with so much to provide for your safari adventures

Semliki valley lies on the border with the DRC, south of Lake Albert, below the Kijura Escarpment and the northern lower reach of the Rwenzori Mountains getting to have a holiday safari at the valley will give you the best moments of Uganda.

Semliki valley being one of the major valleys in Uganda place consist of a huge number of faunae in them not overlooking birds and invertebrate, It is a pleasantly distant outline to the locales of Central Africa deprived of having to leave Uganda.

Semliki valley is where the Ituri Forest of the Congo Basin is located and is the only factual lowland tropical forest in East Africa. The valley lodestones those wanting to gen the premium of Uganda, while evading the more famous, busier, parts of the country.

Semliki valley is also a core birding starting point and within the valley lies the famous Semuliki National Park which guarantees 441 chronicled bird species, on behalf of 40% of the species found in Uganda and 66% of the country’s forest species.

Semliki valley can only be sightseen on foot for there are numeral absorbed trails that take sightseers through the vintage woodlands, papyrus swamps and hot springs within the valley.

Semliki valley is made up of Over 60 kinds of mammal which include the bay duiker, Bee croft’s Anomalies, flying squirrels, bush babies, bush pigs, civets, Dwarf Antelope, elephants, fruit bats, Fire-footed Rope squirrel, forest buffalos, pygmy hippos, leopards, Little collard fruit Bat, Mona monkeys, pygmy flying squirrel, Red-legged Sun Squirrel, Sitatunga, target rats, water chevrotains, water bucks, warthogs, Uganda Kob, White-bellied Duiker and the Zenker’s Flying Mouse plus over 300 species of butterflies, 8 of apes like: blue monkeys, chimpanzees, De Brazza’s Monkeys, Guereza Colobus, vervet monkeys and olive baboons also pattos and galagos not forgetting hot springs.

Semliki valley provides exceptional safari adventures in Uganda and the place is best visited during the dry seasons of the year in order to have the best kind of exploration in the valley even though it can still be visited throughout the entire year.

Semliki valley has got few accommodation facilities within it most of the decent hotels and cottages are in the towns of Bundibugyo and Fort Portal but It is important to book hotels in advance in order not to miss out on the rooms especially the budget ones either you speak to the guides to organize it for you and this can be done for you by Achieve safaris operators who can book for you accommodations in advance of your Uganda safari.

Explore Semliki Valley
Sempaya hotsprings

Semliki valley provides thousands of safari activities to engage in while on your tour within the valley you get the chance to try and carry out different kinds of safari activities help out by Uganda safaris guides some of these activities include:

Safari activities at Semliki valley

Explore Semliki River walk: Semliki Valley River is one of the water bodies that source aquatic to the great river Nile and while on a walk close by it get the chance aquatic wildlife such as crocodiles, hippos and hundreds of birds while on your walk by the Semliki valley river.

Explore Nature walk: as earlier mentioned the valley is best explored on foot and as you carry out this activity have the chance to sight over 52 mammals, birds plus variety if butterflies and also getting to sight the thick forests clearly.

Cultural stopovers: The Batwa pygmies, Bakonjo and Bemba plus the Batuku all these groups settled around the valley so there is a great chance to learn about the culture of these tribes while you carry out cultural stopovers.

Bird watching: the valley has over 300 bird species this would truly be the best place for a Uganda bird watching Safari get to sight some of the most rare birds in the valley which will truly make you to realize that Semliki is indeed a sacred in Uganda.

These and lots more thrilling activities a wait you to try out while you get to learn far more about the sacred points of the Semliki valley of Uganda on your Uganda safari this will surely leave you wanting more and more of the pearl of Africa.

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