Exploring the beaches of Lake Kivu : Lake Kivu is the biggest lakes in Rwanda. It is located in the western part of the country, stretching from the north in the foothills of the Virunga mountains down to the south near Nyungwe Forest National Park. The lake is shared between the Democratic Republic of Congo and thereby making up the biggest part of the border between the two countries.

The lake is one of the beautiful lakes in the central Africa. It is surrounded by lush rolling hills and dotted with many beautiful green islands. This gorgeous scenery is largely because of its location in the Albertine rift valley. And how with a number of quality hotels, resorts, and beaches that have been set along the lake. It offers a perfect place to get away from the hustles and battles of the city. And those planning to explores the beaches lake kivu.

Rwanda is a small country in the heart of Africa that has in recent years attracted a growing number of tourists from around the world. The country is famous for its remarkable natural beauty and friendly local people and its rich history and culture make it a captivating place to visit, be sure to explore the country’s Lake Kivu to enjoy a tranquil beach experience.

The lake consists of four beaches such as Cyangugu beach, Isunga beach, Nyanzaru beach and Kanyabayonga beach. All of this beaches are located along the shores of the lake and are open to the tourists free of changer. The beaches are famous with the locals and tourist alike and offers a great place to relax in the sun and enjoy the beautiful landscape. There are also a number of resort and hotels where tourist ca spend the night and enjoy a meals with the view of the lake

Nyanzaru Beach is situated on the west shore of the lake and takes its name from the region that surrounds it. It is the largest beach in the area and features sand dunes and white-sand beaches that make it ideal for relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. There is also a museum located on the beachfront that offers visitors the chance to learn more about the history of the surrounding area.

Cyangugu Beach is situated on the east side of the lake and is named after the city that borders it. It offers extraordinary views of the nearby hills and mountains and is a great spot for swimming or sunbathing. It is also famous destination for fishing, and those who enjoy watersports such as sailing and waterskiing can hire equipment from the beach.

Kanyabayonga Beach is situated on the north shore of the lake and takes its name from the hilly region that surrounds it. It features sheltered coves that are perfect for swimming and water sports, and there are several restaurants and cafes along the beachfront where you can enjoy a delicious meal while taking in the landscape.

Activities to do while in kivu beaches

There are various activities that you can do as your visiting the above-mentioned beaches during your Rwanda beach safaris. Several water activities are obtainable and you can engage in the following activities and these include kayaking, diving, taking boat trips, swimming, hiking, biking, sunbathing, among several others and these are the interesting activities that you can involve in. The beach holidays in Rwanda can be best combined with other wildlife safaris in Rwanda including gorilla trekking and game viewing without forgetting the rich Rwanda history

Exploring the beaches of Lake Kivu
Rwanda beach safaris

How to get to the Lake Kivu

The Lake Kivu can be accessed by both road transport and air transport

 By Road; you will spend 3 hours driving on a well-tarmacked road from Kigali city to Lake Kivu on the road. Alternatively, you can access Lake Kivu by using the towns of Gisenyi, Kibuye, and Cyangugu. Public transport means are also available from Kigali city as you can board a bus from Kigali city to either in Kibuye, Cyangugu or Gishenyi, buses here operate daily. Some of the most popular attractions in the region include Gisenyi Waterfalls, Mount Karisimbi, Nyungwe Forest National Park and the Akagera National Park.

 By Air transport; Visitors can also access Lake Kivu by using chartered flights which are available at Kigali international airport. From here you will be airlifted to Gisenyi airport where you will connect to Lake Kivu for relaxation and exploration

Best time to explore Lake Kivu beaches

The best time to visit Lake Kivu is during the dry months of June to October and December to February, this is therefore the best months for relaxing at the Lake Kivu, with a maximum and minimum temperatures just a bit cooler than that. Choosing the right time to travel is important, and we as Achieve Global Safaris will help give you helpful guidance base on your travel experiences

Lake Kivu is one of the indisputable destinations in Rwanda that any tourist visiting Rwanda can’t forget to call on. This lake can be visited all the time of the year and various travelers both local and international have visited this magnificent water pint destination.

Where to stay during safari on Lake Kivu beach tour

Lake Kivu beach has got its accommodation facilities where you can stay and therefore there is no need for you to doubting about your accommodation arrangements and some accommodation facilities include lake Kivu Serena hotel, Beach garden BnB, gorillas Lake Kivu, western Mountain hotel, Stipp Hotel Gisenyi and among other places where you can stay.

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