Gorilla filming in Uganda/What to film in Uganda; Gorilla filming in Uganda is incredibly a stunning Uganda Gorilla safari experience which is best done in two recognized Uganda parks that is; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. The gorilla filming is best done for any foreign media group, company or individual wishing to do in filming Gorillas in Uganda which is secure with relevant filming permits.

Well, all crew members are advised to apply for a press Card ‘’Press Accreditation’’ or the Media card. In Uganda ,all press accreditation  is done by the Uganda Media council .This process can be done by help of tour operator.

The filming location -filming permits can be secured. For instance, if your intension of visiting Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is to film gorillas which is a protected environment, permissions have to be sought from the ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority, signified as the body mandated by the Uganda government in response to all filming in Uganda National Parks.

Here is the most important process of applying and securing all relevant permits and permissions to participate in Gorilla Filming in Uganda.

Requirements needed while applying for press accreditation or Media card in Uganda;

All press accreditation in Uganda is the mandate of the Uganda media council, it involves filling out the Mandatory Form G.

This form ‘’Form G’’ must be attached with copies of scanned passport and a recent passport sized photo to be used in processing your Media card. The process can estimates 02 – 03 working days from the time we receive all the above mentioned items- documents to process your media card.

To accompany of filling out Form G for each crew member, there are skilled team leader who can send us a detailed writeup or synopsis of the film you intend to engage in Uganda.

After all that is done, our Uganda film crew Fixer services team leader will then proceed to submit the Form to the Uganda Media Council for approval. Upon approval, we will contact and inform you of this Achievement.

Press Accreditation fees in Uganda ‘’Payable to Uganda Media Council’’

A fee of USD175 per person is paid for a period not exceeding 30 days – for the journalist’s stay.

A fee of USD225 charged per person for a period beyond 30 days to six months of stay.

A fee of USD325 charged per person for a period of two years.

The above-mentioned fees are set and can be amended by the ‘’UMC’’ Uganda Media Council without any prior consultation. Therefore, remind you to treat these as a guide.

Then after securing your Media cards, a tour agent you’re in contact with will then move to secure permission from ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority to do Gorilla Filming in Uganda. More to that, you will need to be very specific if we intend to film Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Note, you do Gorilla filming either in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Vs Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Location for filming permits -Gorilla Filming in Uganda

Having successfully secured Press accreditation – each individual or crew members ,The next step to worry about is a location permit.

Assuming Bwindi Forest National Park is your choice of filming tours, we then have to contact ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority the governing body for all Uganda National Parks and wildlife reserves. About filming fees Uganda Wildlife Authority charges 40% of the activity, you intend to film and a 10% for monitoring fee both fees are paid to ‘’UWA’’ and the fees can change from time to time.

Uganda – Gorilla trekking fees is USD700 and Gorilla habituation experience fees USD1,500 per person per day .

If all necessary requirements are well settled, Uganda Wildlife Authority will draft a filming agreement between you and them. Upon which you will append signatures in the items of agreement indicated.

Uganda Wildlife Authority ‘’UWA’’ Procedures; They help clients through following up the process on the ground.

Pre- application advice;

Uganda Wildlife Authority ‘’UWA’’ welcomes an initial conversation -site to visit with filmmakers to discuss the logistics of your plea and determine from an early stage what we may and may not be able to achieve.

Visitors should address all their enquiries to the Communications Manager at UWA headquarters. But by help of Achieve Global Safaris can assist you in acting as your representative.

Gorilla Filming in Uganda
Gorilla Filming in Uganda

The photographers need to agree on activities, a formal application and a letter must be submitted.

Fill in an application form ‘’Which can be download from the link provided below’’ and send;

Applications form should be made while using the UWA official application form only.

Uganda Wildlife Authority will acknowledge receipt of all applications within 24hours and no later than 48 hours.

All film requests must be sent in advance before to the starting date of filming – photography.

More so ,all film requests must be assessed on a case by case basis ,while taking into account the various sensitivities and other commitments of the protected areas but aimed at helping filmmakers meet their objectives. You can click to download and fill out this filming application form; UWA Filming & Photography Application Form.

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