Gorilla Filming Safari in Uganda – Rwanda & Congo Destination

Gorilla Filming Safari in Uganda – Rwanda & Congo Destination : Gorilla filming safari is not a commonly done activity which is known to few people, whereby travelers trying to lookout for gorilla filming either in Uganda, Rwanda or Democratic Republic of Congo is able to   spot out the four gorilla subspecies though mountain gorillas are the most visited species in the world. However, Gorilla trekking and habituation experience are the very famous wildlife activities .Millions of visitors  visits Uganda ,Rwanda and Congo safaris purposely to encounter these unique primates in the wild ,amazingly whom we share a close related DNA to humans ‘’98%’’ .Because of being a key selling activity in both three countries ,its contributes  out USD400 million  of which 10% goes to the local community .Gorilla trekking  activity is quite an interesting and memorable  where one is given one hour to be with these primates as you watch their exciting behaviors ,take photos and record videos without any other extra charges.

To some visitors visits these endangered mountain gorillas with an aim of filming, recording videos or making memorable documentaries of primates. These documentaries are always more detailed and of good quality encounter than those taken by some travelers during gorilla trekking experience. Filming gorillas is done with professional content creators as well as other wildlife documentary companies or foreign press. Gorilla filming is done in all three countries   because it is the only way we can promote tourism to the next level across to the world and raising resources for conservation.

The gorilla’s documentaries also aid in trending global awareness about the status of the critically endangered mountain gorillas, more so, a gorillas filming safari requires more time   and its more expensive than gorilla trekking. Gorilla filming is a special activity from gorilla trekking and gorilla habituation because the filming crew does not except to mix other tourists except for the park guides.

A traveler to be able to participate in gorilla filming, must have required documents. Although Uganda, Rwanda and Congo have slightly different policies and requirements   but with some similarities as we highlighted below;

Mountain Gorilla Filming Safari in Volcanoes National Park-Volcanoes National Park

In Volcanoes national park –Rwanda is one of the best counties to watch these great mountain gorillas with more than 15 habituated gorilla groups found in the park. Rwanda development board is a recognized body responsible to take care of the park, it is also responsible for approving of gorilla filming tours in the country .Note ,filming mountain gorillas in Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park the most out sounding and visited on Rwanda Safari destination ,though the activity  is very  expensive but worth it -costs USD5,000 per person per day excluding  8 gorilla permits ,transportation ,accommodation and meals .This fabulous activity  ,requires one to buy a gorilla permits which is USD1500. Then the cost of 8 gorilla permits is USD12,000. Please take note, while on Rwanda gorilla filming activity, Rwanda development board requires you to pay an additional fee of USD2,000, which is later refunded after sharing a copy of your film /documents .Thus meaning that one to be part of gorilla filming in Rwanda needs a total of USD19,000 more or less depending on the season of the year you visits, in order to make a gorilla documentary in Rwanda .After confirming the exact total budget of filming this great mountain gorillas ,you should begin looking at transport costs ,accommodations ,VISA and clearance of equipment’s with customs at the airport. Then after, you can start your arrangements with a trusted tour operator to help you with these bookings. We recommend our visitors to always book your gorilla filming in advances of 4 to 6 months before the actual activity for the park authorities to prepare a reserved gorilla group.

Gorilla Filming Safari in Uganda – Rwanda & Congo Destination
Gorilla Filming in Rwanda

Gorilla Filming Safari in Virunga & Kahuzi Biega National Park –Congo.

In Democratic Republic of Congo   gorilla filming can be done in two parks but each park with different unique species that is Virunga National Park where endangered mountain gorillas can be encountered and Kahuzi Biega national park home to see eastern lowland gorillas. The Eastern lowland gorilla filming is also possible to be done in Maiko national park and Usala forest. Though Congo’s gorilla inhabits has few mountain gorillas and more than 3,500 individuals of eastern lowland gorillas. Here in Congo gorilla safari destination, gorilla filming is more rewarding because the park receives less visitors which enables them to encounter these rare species in privacy since the area is out of crowd. However, Gorilla filming is very expensive in Democratic Republic of Congo Safari than in Uganda and Rwanda.

In general, Congo as a country has not established system for allowance of gorilla filming. But you can apply at any of the national parks and wait for confirmation communication. Even though, there no established system of approving gorilla filming and always note that unauthorized filming without military or government approval can result into confiscation of equipment and arrest. As same as in Uganda and Rwanda where you need to book your permit and clear filming equipment’s in advance. All you need to do is get a recognized tour operator to arrange for you a gorilla filming trip.

The facts about all national parks in Democratic Republic of Congo are positioned in the eastern part of the country and due to civil wars and unrest, you should expect heavy security around the park and many armed ranger escorts who are available to accompanies you in search of these primates. Congo safari destination is safe and secure, you shouldn’t get worried about the security, thousands of tourists the country annually and go back safely with the best experiences in Africa.

Gorilla Filming Safari in Uganda – Mgahinga National Park & Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

 Uganda is blessed with two famous mountain gorilla destinations Mgahinga and Bwindi Impenetrable national park. Besides that, Uganda ranks the highest population of mountain gorillas in the whole world with about a half of the total population of gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest that harbors with over 20 habituated gorilla families and two in Mgahinga Gorilla national park. The country boosting with highest number of mountain gorillas, this makes it the best country to trek gorillas in the Africa.

Uganda having the highest number of gorilla groups that makes it easy for film crew to have a choice of the group, they want to film and the park they want. Surprisingly, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park has a very large gorilla family with more than 3 silverbacks.

Gorilla filming experience in Uganda is controlled and managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority ‘’UWA’’ and its advisable to book in advance at least 4 to 6 months before the actual filming day for better planning.

Uganda Wildlife Authority is also under the responsibility of all the national parks in Uganda. The first step to do a traveler to be able engage in Gorilla filming is to apply for a medical card from Uganda media Centre before every member of the film crew must have this card. Note the Uganda media center would like to identify your names, address, nationality, passport and the purpose of your Uganda safari as well as how many days you wish stay in the country. The numbery of days might be 3 to 5 days of experience. You can get connected to any trust worthy tour company and help you get the form from Uganda media center and they are able to guide you on how to complete the filling.

Gorilla Filming Safari in Uganda – Rwanda & Congo Destination
Gorilla Filming in Uganda

Another step, you will have to get the form from Uganda media and then write a letter to Uganda Wildlife Authority with information about your filming company, setting the purposes of the filming company and the national park you want to go visit. After all that information has been received, you will have scan it and send back, the filming company will enter into written agreement with ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority before being given a permit to document to mountain gorillas. Then Uganda Wildlife Authority will need a letter from you to confirm that you have selected that tour company to help you with processing the filming permit.

Upon your arrival in Uganda, the gorilla filming crew it is must to show up their equipment at the airport for clearance. And if you wishing to use a drone, you must get another approval from Uganda people’s defense forces and the aviation authority.

Cost of Gorilla Filming in Uganda

Gorilla filming in Uganda which can be done either in Bwindi or Mgahinga Gorilla national park, the activity cost about USD4200 per hour and the money excludes for gorilla permits is USD700, transport and accommodation. The filming crew must pay for 8 gorilla permits that sold at USD600 regardless of how many individuals are in the crew.

Besides that, there are also payments of 5% of the total gorilla filming prices, this is a separate additional prices charged for the environment effects, research and monitoring. In general, will be required to pay USD1000 which will later be refunded after you have shared a copy of the film with Uganda Wildlife Authority. The total cost of a gorilla film is about USD12,000. Then after you will have to sort out payments for accommodation, transport, Uganda media and clearances at the airport. So we encourage our client in order to enjoy some moments with gorillas, you need to go for Gorilla Habituation Experiences. The habituation experience is a full day and allowed four hours with gorillas. The habituation experience goes at USD1,500 per person per day and among the three countries can be done in Uganda’s Bwindi forest Impenetrable Forest National Park in south western Uganda, a home with world largest number of gorillas and best destination to watch these beautiful critically apes.

Facts or addition information about Gorilla filming, you must be with minimum age to take part in gorilla filming which is 15 years of age, always remember to keep 7 meters away with gorillas, avoid use of flash cameras, avoid smoking, do not eat near gorillas and never to attempt to have eye contact with gorillas.

On visit to any Gorilla filming destination never forget to carry essentials like digital cameras, sun glasses, walking sticks, long sleeved cloths, good hiking shoes, insect repellents, rain coat, a hat, comfortable rubber hiking shoes among many to carry. Remember gorilla trekking is a hiking activity where visitors have to the physically fit in the body when you can descend or ascend in search of mountain gorillas. Failure to manage hiking, you can pay a porter a small fee to help you pull in the midst of the jungle are always available inside the parks.

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