Gorilla Trekking Congo

Gorilla trekking Congo is one of the most sought after activity by tourists who visit the Democratic Republic of Congo. This gorilla trekking Congo article is a guide to gorilla trekking Congo including the Congo gorilla permit cost, when to go gorilla trekking Congo, accommodation while gorilla trekking Congo among others. The Congo is blessed to have two taxa of gorillas, which travelers can encounter while gorilla trekking on Congo safaris.

The endangered mountain gorillas in Congo are found in the Virunga National Park while the Eastern Lowland gorillas are found in Kahuzi Biega National Park. Virunga National Park is a designated UNESCO world heritage site for its great biodiversity and inhabiting the endangered mountain gorillas. Virunga National Park is located in the eastern region of the Congo bordering both Uganda and Rwanda. Virunga National Park is a vast jungle of unexplored rainforest covering about 7800 square kilometers that inhabits more than 250 gorillas that most commonly are spotted in the southern part of the park.

Virunga National Park Uganda has about 8 habituated gorilla families that travelers can trek with gorilla trekking Congo safaris. Gorilla trekking Congo is done safely and in a conservational manner since the gorillas are an endangered primate species and given that they are very susceptible to human infections, carefulness and the gorillas’ safety is priority in Virunga National Park.

Gorilla trekking is an activity that involves hiking through dense forest cover with steep slopes in search of the gorillas in their natural habitat. Gorilla trekking Congo takes travelers encountering the gorillas in Congo that is mountain gorillas in Virunga National park and the Eastern Lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National Park. Gorilla trekking Congo is one of the most sought after activity for travelers planning Congo safaris tours. Though it is that the Congo is feared by many travelers as a tourist destination and is relatively not fully explored and developed, some of the most authentic wild and jungle experiences care best experienced here including gorilla trekking Congo.

The gorilla trekking Congo experience starts early in the morning at about 7:30am with a briefing at the park headquarters by park officials, after which the travelers embark on the search of the endangered gorillas in their natural habitat Virunga National Park. Gorilla trekking Congo experience can have travelers spend between 2 and hours depending on the location of the gorillas and the terrain. Once you do meet the gorillas face to face, with just a few meters away from you, you shall spend one hour with them noting and observing their human-like behaviors and characteristics, and then take pictures for your keeps when you return home. After, you shall trek back to the starting point and then proceed with your activities in Virunga National Park.

Gorilla Trekking Congo
Gorilla Trekking in Congo

Congo gorilla permits

To be able to take part in gorilla trekking Congo, travelers ought to have among others a Congo gorilla trekking permit. A Congo gorilla trekking permit is a document or card that allows you access to encounter the gorillas in their natural habitat with gorilla trekking adventures in the Congo. Travelers intending to enjoy gorilla trekking Congo are advised to book their gorilla permit early in advance since they do sell out very fast. Congo gorilla trekking permit price is at $400 per person per trek.

When to go gorilla trekking Congo

The gorillas in Congo can be visited all year through, though some paths and routes may prove strenuous and hard during the wet season. The best time to go gorilla trekking Congo is probably during the dry season when the roads and paths are easy to use. The wet season has the roads muddy and slippery making them hard to navigate. During the wet season which is also the low travel season is when there are discounted Congo gorilla permits; travellers after budget Congo gorilla trekking Congo can choose to travel then.

What to pack for your gorilla trekking Congo safari

Given that gorilla trekking Congo involves hiking through dense forest cover and mountainous terrain, travellers should take care of what they pack for their gorilla trekking Congo safari. Items like long sleeved shirts and trousers, good hiking shoes with a grip and preferably waterproof, rain jacket or poncho, gloves to protect your hands especially when you grip on grass and branches, insect repellent creams, cameras, and a waterproof backpack to safe keep your gadgets and important documents. Energy giving snacks and sunscreen should also be include in your packing list of items for your gorilla trekking Congo safari.

Getting to the Congo for gorilla trekking Congo safaris

The Congo can be accessed by both air and road, from anywhere in the world. By air, travellers can get to the Congo by flying into Goma International Airport and then transfer by road to Virunga National Park or even Kahuzi Biega National Park for their gorilla trekking Congo safari. By road, travellers can instead of flying into the Congo direct choose to fly into Kigali International Airport of Rwanda and then transfer to the Congo by road via Gisenyi border. It is actually much easier to access the Virunga National Park from Kigali, which is the option that most travellers take when planning their gorilla trekking Congo safari.

Accommodation/ where to stay while on a gorilla trekking Congo safari

While on your much anticipated gorilla trekking Congo safari, there are a number of accommodation options that travellers can choose from, depending on their budgets. The accommodation that travellers on gorilla trekking Congo safaris can stay in range from luxury to basic. Some of the lodgings that travellers can choose from include among others Mikeno Lodge, Bukima Tented Camp found inside the Virunga National Park.

Gorilla trekking Congo is an awesome and memorable Congo safaris tour that shall leave travellers with great memories of their encounter with the near-human gorillas. apart from gorilla trekking Congo however, other activities that travellers can enjoy while on a Congo safaris tour include hiking the magnificent Mount Nyiragongo as well as any of the other volcanoes in the park, chimpanzee tracking, nature walks, visiting the Senkwekwe Gorilla Orphanage, game viewing in the savannah parts of the Congo, visiting Tchegera Island for relaxation after gorilla trekking, among so many others. Reach out to a trusted tour operator to help you plan a memorable Congo safaris tour nd get to enjoy gorilla trekking Congo and beyond.

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