Gorilla Trekking Essentials

Gorilla Trekking Essentials are a list of things that you will need for your gorilla trekking safari to be successful and easy to achieve. Gorilla trekking is an interesting fun filled adventure with so many unimaginable encounters with wildlife but it never comes easy as it is tiresome and filled with a rugged terrain, thorny plants and many more. If you’re interested or planning a gorilla trekking trip, the following are the gorilla trekking essentials for an extraordinary safari in Bwindi Forest, Mgahinga, Virunga or Volcanoes National Parks.

Permits: A permit is a most important requirement for gorilla trekking.it is pass required to access Bwindi impenetrable national park (Uganda), volcano national park (Rwanda), mgahinga gorilla national park (Uganda) and Virunga national park (democratic republic of Congo).permits in Uganda are acquired from the Uganda wildlife offices and also on their web site and they cost US$600 which is cheaper than Rwanda’s permit costs US$1500 for one day with the gorillas per person. Permits for democratic republic of Congo costs US $ 400, if you decide to get permits on line it’s advisable to book a month prior to dates your trek begins.

Gorilla Trekking Essentials
What to Carry for Gorilla Trekking

Bag Park: A bag is an essential gear for gorilla trekking safari as it is used to carry most of the important gears for the trip for example clothes, shoes, cameras for taking photos and many others need for an incredible trekking.

Trekking/Walking Stick: All gorilla trekking offering national parks of Africa are located in central Africa which receive heavy rainfall thus thick vegetation in these parks is one thing to expect. A walking stick of 5ft is required to enable tourist navigate through thick vegetation, very rugged with narrow valleys terrain of Bwindi impenetrable national park and other parks. Trekking/walking stick can be bought from souvenir shops in the park and also can be got for free.

Porter: Gorilla trekking is most fun when you’re not weighed by the weight of your bags which calls for a porter.Porters are usually local people living in neighboring villages, school children in vacation or looking for school fees are very proud of carrying bags for tourists to earn some money. Porters charge $10-$15, they are always ready and available to follow a tourist’s orders happily during the trekking.

Hiking Boots: Sandals are good foot wear but not suitable and comfortable for gorilla trekking as hiking boots are. Hiking boots are recommended to be at knee height since encounters with muddy swamps, stinging plants is always expected.

Hat & Sunglasses: To avoid the scorching sun of central Africa, hats and sunglasses are needed. You cannot have a comfortable trekking trip with nothing blocking the harsh sun rays falling on to your skin and insects and small flies falling into your eyes that’s why sunglasses and huts are important.

Long Sleeved Shirts & Long Trouser: Long sleeves shirts and long trousers preferably jeans or water proof attires are a must haves to avoid getting scratches from plants and also you may never know when it will rain or not considering the rainy nature of central Africa where it rains any time.

Energizers: Gorilla trekking trips take from 3-8 hours and you will never know when to return, it recommended to take packed lunch, bottled water and other supplements which can be got from shops and outlets around Uganda, Rwanda and democratic republic of Congo.

Camera & Binoculars: Best memories are best kept in photos making cameras and extra batteries an essential when parking for gorilla trekking, but as per gorilla trekking guidelines it recommend to switch off the flash lights when taking photos. Binoculars are also important as they aid in viewing animals at afar distance like birds, chimpanzees and gorillas themselves.

Garden Gloves: Gloves are gears worn covering the arms this is to prevent you from getting scratches and piercings from thorny scratching plants.

Jackets or Warm Clothes: It always cold and rains unexpectedly in the thick forests of eastern and central Africa and cold as well. It is recommend to carry a jacket or warm clothes while parking for gorilla trekking.

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