Horse Riding Tips

Horse Riding Tips: Horseback riding is a very challenging and scary activity to engage in, it takes a lot of courage for an individual to sit on the back of the horse and ride it with a lot of easy most especially for beginners it is a nerve wrecking moment. When riding a horse, feeling nervous is a very normal thing and you should not be ashamed of it but what is not so normal is how you react when nervous.

A horse is a large animal and for beginners it looks like a mountain to climb but it ok because you will have the guidance of a trained professional at the beginning of the ride on the safari, before you mount on the horse make sure you create a bound between you and a horse for an amazing safari.

Horseback riding safari in Uganda is still a new safari activity only offered in specific tourist destinations that is lake Mburo national park and at the source of the Nile, horseback riding is a fun activity but tricky and the essence of this article is to take you through things to observe while riding a horse in the beautiful nature of Uganda.

Horse Riding Tips

 Wear proper horse riding gear

 Before mounting the horse always make sure you are wearing proper horse riding gears, these horse riding gears are intended to offer you safety in case of any accident while riding the horse through the wilderness of lake Mburo national park. Horse riding gears include comfortable horse riding shoes, well fitted riding hat or helmet, body protector, long fitted pants, riding gloves for a comfortable safe horseback riding experience. Riding shoes should have at least have a heel of 1-1.5 inches, it is advisable not to wear any accessory like scarves, big necklaces or even carry a purse while going for horseback riding thus Horse Riding Tips.

Greet your horse

Before mounting a horse creating a connection with it first is a best idea, horses a living creatures so understanding like dogs or even human meaning they cannot just be controlled when they feel uncomfortable. Horses sometimes get nervous and scared to be having someone unfamiliar and new to ride, greeting your horse is one way of creating a connection and creating a relationship between you and the horse. While greeting the horse you performed a horseman’s handshake action, in this action you extend your arm and offer the back of your hands to him to smell and wait until the horse touches it with his nose. This action is interpreted as you seeking for his (horse) permission to ride him.

Mount with confidence

As you mounting a horse you got to do it with confidence so as to scare the horse, when you mount the horse with nervousness it can feel it which can make them uneasy to. Some horses were trained to be mounted from the left side that is why it is very important to inquiry for the stable master before mounting the horse, when you mount it from a wrong side it will move a way meaning you will fall and also in the process mounting the horse lift your left foot first into the stirrup, hold both the reins with your left hand and propel yourself up with your right leg and mount as smooth as you can. As you mount be very careful not to push the horse down with your arms as it might hurt him, just put your hands on his back and balance.

Horse Riding Tips

Always sit straight and relaxed, do not slouch 

 When horseback riding while on a safari do not slouch, sitting straight and relaxed gives control of the horse while riding it. Always remember sit straight and tall, relax your back, gently hold the reins, fix your foot in each of the stirrup and hold your balance.

Be gentle with the reins

 When horseback riding always be gently hold the reins, as you ride relax your arms and if you want to pull the reins don’t do it too hard always be gentle with them. If you pull them too hard you might hurt the horse, your arm’s motions with the reins is very important while riding the horse, your arms should always form right angles at the elbow while riding. The following gestures are done when riding the horse thus Horse Riding Tips

                To direct the horse to left direction – move the left reins to left

                To direct the horse to right direction – move the right reins to the right

                When stooping- gently pull the reins back and push the heels down.

Keep your eyes where you’re going

 When horseback riding always pay maximum attention to where you are heading while riding, as your horseback riding you should look ahead through the horse’s ears and always keep your eyes on your trail to avoid heading the horse into a drench or a pool. While touring the source of Nile and Lake Mburo national park it is very amazing and distracting as you enjoy the beauty of nature but it is very important to keep your eyes where you are going for safety.

Stay in tune with your horse

 As said before a connection between the horse ride and the horse is extremely important, when horseback riding always stay calm and move your body to the rhythm of the horse you are riding as a way of staying in tune with it. As you are riding always take note and feel the way the horse s walking and allow him to rock you from side to side with no resistance, bouncing on the horse in reaction of being too tense leads to imbalance thus discomfort to the horse.

Get of the horses’ back like a pro

When dismounting the horse after the safari Dismount like a pro, as you dismount the horse make sure the horse is standing still, get your feet out of the stirrup, lean forward, swing your right leg over the horse and jump off. Do the dismounting gently as possible so as not to harm the horse.

Horseback riding safari is one of the best way you can get to tour the wilderness and mysteries of river Nile the longest river in the world and lake Mburo national park, fascinating home of many wildlife and numerous small lakes

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