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How Many Mountain Gorilla Are in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park : Bwindi Impenetrable National Park a famous home for critically endangered mountain gorillas. Get back to our question. How many mountain gorillas are in Bwindi, the park inhabited by about 459 individual mountain gorillas in last 2019.Gorilla census record known as the Bwindi population.

 Currently, Bwindi makes a total record of half of all the remaining mountain gorillas in the world with over 600 individuals and estimates total population of 1064 mountain gorillas. So the rest of the worldwide mountain gorilla’s population lives in the nearby Virunga mountains. Though the number of mountain gorilla is increasing but there is threat which undergo due to its reduction in number such as poaching done by the local communities who live near the park, diseases as well as habitat loss. The government of Uganda has awakened up with tight security around the park and also strict rules have been pullout for tourists to minimize the risk of disease transmission to the gorillas

There has been research on the Bwindi population and that of the Virunga National Park population, but the research on the Bwindi gorilla population has been carried out by Craig Stanford, which shows that the Bwindi’s mountain gorilla’s diet is eating fruits than those of the Virunga population. Still Bwindi’s silverbacks are more likely to climb trees to feed on foliage, fruit and epiphytes, they also much more likely to build their nests in trees.

The park is among the ten national parks found in Uganda, all owned by the Uganda Wildlife Authority a governing body. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park is surrounded with high population density of local people mostly the Batwa pygmies who used to live with mountain gorillas in harmony before the area gazette into a national park in 1991.

How Many Mountain Gorilla Are in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
Bwindi Gorillas

 Best Time to Visit Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Travers may visit the park any time during the year, although conditions may change during the rainy season since Bwindi is located in remote area, roads becomes slippery and impassable and more so good during dry season which happens in the month of July to Mid-September and December to February. Bwindi Impenetrable national park has got number of quality accommodation for the tourists include a lodge, tented camps and rooms which run by the community located near the Buhoma entrance gate.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park is the top most visited national park on Uganda safaris, because it hosts large population of the unique mountain gorillas in the world .Meaning Gorilla trekking is the park’s main tourist attraction that generates much revenue for ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority ,gorilla trekking is quite a memorable life time experience that starts early in the morning with a briefing about rules of gorilla trekking and after briefing ,you will be led by the park ranger guide to forest trail head in search for gorillas .An activity which can take 30 to 6 hours hiking in the dense forest of Bwindi ,once you meet these species ,an hour is given to you to spend with gorillas as you learn from them as well as picture taking. But you can’t go for gorilla trekking without a valid permit, you need to first obtain a permit from Uganda Wildlife Authority office or by assistant from the tour operator.

 Other countries where tourist can see mountain gorillas include Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

 Bwindi Impenetrable Forest also a home of 350 bird species and more than 200 unique butterfly ,120 mammal’s species and 10 species of primates including the mountain gorillas, common chimpanzees, L’hoest’s monkey, African elephants, red tailed monkey, giant forest hog, vervet among many.

Despite the fact, Bwindi Impenetrable national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a main stopping destination for gorilla trekking and rich in variety of trees, small mammals, bird species, reptiles, butterflies and moths among others. The park is located in southwestern region of Uganda, estimating 9 to 10-hour drive from Kampala to the main destination. Alternatively, tourists who hate long travelling journeys, you can book a domestic flight Aero link from Entebbe International Airport to Kihihi Airstrip or Kisoro airstrip to access Bwindi Safari Destination for Gorilla Trekking Experience.

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