Akagera national park is a top tourist destination in Rwanda  situated in the north eastern part  of the country  extending to the border of Rwanda and Tanzania. Akagera national park is an amazing destination and a remarkable eco-system stretching of an area of 1122 square kilometers which is dominated by seasonal and perennial swamps, montane and swamp vegetation.

Akagera national park offers amazing safari activities which are open for tourists to participate in and have the best times of their lives, these activities include nature walks, game drive that is day and night, boat rides and bird watching.

Akagera national park as a great tourist destination is very accessible as it features many well maintained routes which facilitate movement of tourist from different parts of Rwanda and the world to the park. As an international tourist the most used and quick way of entering into Rwanda is using Kigali international airport which is the main gateway in to Rwanda, Kigali international airport is situated in the suburb of kanombe on the eastern edge of kigali capital town approximately 5 kilometers by road east of the central business district of the city. From Kigali international airport it is a distance of 98.1 kilometers a drive of 2-3 hours’ drive to Akagera national park.

How to get to Akagera national park
Akagera Wildlife Safaris

Distances to Akagera national park

  • From kigali city it is a distance of 135 kilometers a drive of 2-3 hours to Akagera national park
  • From Uganda, Kampala city it is a distance of 624.4 kilometers a drive of 10-11 hours to akagera national park
  • From Rwamagana/ kibungo it is a 1 hour drive

The park is accessed using north and southern main gates and can reached using both road and air transport means

By road

By road transport, you can reach Akagera national park using either public or private transport means, from Kigali town there is many public bus companies which offers transport from Kigali city to kayonza and kibungo. From kayonza town and kibungo there is no public means of transport leading to the park instead you board a private means of transport to the park’s headquarters regardless of the gate you chose to use.

According to some tourists using public means of transport is hectic and kind of tiring that is why they mostly use private means of transport, they hire cars and either self-drive to the park or also hire a car with a game driver. Most tourist companies like achieve global safaris offering amazing safari packages in Rwanda with come with a complimentary safari van which drives you to the park, in a private safari van you get enough privacy, spacious setting rooms, comfort and dustless way of travelling to park and also enjoying beautiful sights as you approach to the gates.

Directions to Akagera national park

Most safaris to the park starts from Kigali town, from Kigali town while in a public or private means of transport you drive from Kigali town, drive out in the direction towards the airport. Just before reaching the airport about 100 kilometers you take a left turn then head east wards to Rwamagana. In Rwamagana town you drive through to kayonza, in kayonza town you take a right turn at the roundabout, drive on till you get to a discentre station situated on the left side of the road as you approach to kabarondo. After the petrol station you take a left turn and drive about 15 kilometers to a junction at Rwinkwavu, in this town you will spot a sign post reading AKAGERA NATIONAL PARK on the left side of the road and from the sign post you drive for about 13 kilometers to the park gate.

NOTE: when driving to Akagera national park make sure you use a 4×4 wheel car, this is because this kind of car can successfully navigate through the muddy and slippery route leading to the park. Mostly in wet season the park’s routes are wet and slippery making a 4×4 wheel car perfect for your safari.

How to get to Akagera national park

 By air means of transport

By air means of transport to the Akagera national park, Akagera aviation offers flights to the park.


As the same procedure when it comes to world famous tourist destinations where there is a couple of requirements you need to fulfill as a tourists to access the wonderful Akagera national park for a safari, these requirements include

A valid visa

A valid visa is required to access both Rwanda and the park, as a tourist you need a visa to legally access Rwanda as a tourist and to carry out activities on your Rwanda safari with no stress. As a tourist you can purchase your visa either online or at Rwandese embassy in your country of residence and receive it upon your arrival in Rwanda. Some residents from countries like Germany, Sweden, DRC, Mauritius, South Africa, Honk Cong, Uganda, Kenya or Tanzania are exempted from having a visa to visit Rwanda. A visa in Rwanda costs 50 USD for single entry allowing you 30 days of stay.

   A valid passport

Like all other foreigners entering Rwanda for personal reasons, tourists also need to be in possession of a valid passport which show cases all the details about you. The passport should have a couple of blank pages.

  Yellow fever vaccination card

As a tourist you need an updated yellow fever card which shows to took a yellow fever vaccination shot

  Park entrance and activity payment

Before you enter park there various payment which you need to make before you access the park that is park entrance fees, activity fees and if you are using private car you pay for its fees. These fees are paid at the park’s headquarters.

No matter where you from the park and Rwanda as a country are very free and hospitable places to stay in and have an amazing time on your Rwanda wildlife safari. Book your safari and get your interested package to Akagera national park.

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