How to get to Nyungwe forest national park

How to get to Nyungwe forest national park: Nyungwe forest national park is an exciting tourist destination found in south western Rwanda, the park is one of the most scenic places in Rwanda partly covered with pristine mountain rain forests which originates from Uganda and numerous mountains. The park is situated close to Lake Kivu, democratic republic of Congo and Burundi border in the south.

How to get to Nyungwe forest national park
Nyungwe Forest

Nyungwe forest national park is a habitat to a variety of attractions which include wildlife, birds and forests, the park is a prominent home many animals such primates such as Chimpanzees, Silver monkey, Golden monkey, Owl-faced monkey, Grey-cheeked mangabey, Red-tailed monkey, L’Hoest’s monkey, Vervet monkey, Olive baboon, Rwenzori colobus and three species of Bush babies. There is over 300 chimpanzees in roam around the thick forest trees of the park.

Nyungwe forest national park is dominated many thick forest which are used as habitat for many bird species such as Rwenzori Nightjar, White-tailed Crested Flycatcher, Kivu Ground Thrush, the Handsome Francolin, Dwarf Honeyguide, Great blue and Rwenzori Turaco, montane Double Collared Sun and the Red- Throated Alethe and many more. These beautiful bird species offer the most amazing bird watching experience.

While in nyungwe forest national park you get to participate in activities like canopy walk, cultural tours, chimpanzee tracking, and nature walk.

How to get to Nyungwe forest national park
Primates in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe forest national park is accessed using main entrance gate situated at Uwinka headquarters

Distances from different locations to nyungwe forest national park

  • From Kigali town it is a 4-5 hours’ drive covering a distance of 225 kilometers
  • From volcanoes national park it is a 5-6 hours’ drive covering 265.3 kilometers via Ruhengeri-Gisenyi route from kinigi Ruhengeri to Rusizi.
  • From Akagera national park it’s a 7-8 hours’ drive covering a distance of 32.5 kilometers
  • From Kampala city of Uganda it is a 13 hours’ drive covering a distance of 721.1 kilometers via kabale-mbarara route
  • From Gisenyi it is a 4-5 hours’ drive covering a distance of 219.1 kilometers
  • From Ruhengeri
  • From kibuye it is a 2-3 hours’ drive to the park covering a distance of 114.5 kilometers
  • From Gitarama to the park it is a 3-4 hours ‘drive covering a distance of 170.5 kilometers
  • From Cyangugu it is a 1 hour drive covering a distance of 49.6 kilometers to the park

Nyungwe forest national park can be reached using water, road and air transport means

By road transport

Using road transport means to get to you can chose to either use public means or private means, by public means of transport there is many bus companies connecting to rusizi and companies offering daily transport to rusizi town include

  • Alpha express using kigali-nyungwe-Rusizi route
  • Ritco express using kigali-karongi-Rusizi route
  • Omega express using kigali-Nyungwe-Rusizi route

Note: These bus companies stop in Rusizi town and from Rusizi town you take either a boda ride or hide cab to the park which is 6 minutes’ drive covering a distance of 3.9 kilometers. Some buses will drop you at gisakura center.

While using public means of transport from Kigali town you need to be early at Nyabugogo bus station for a bus to Rusizi for a 7-8 hours’ journey including a 30 minutes stopover in Nyanza at Hadji’s restaurant for lunch stopover.

Easiest routes to use are

                Kigali to Nyungwe via Huge town

This route drives from Nyabugogo Taxi Park to kamonyi, muhanga, Ruhango, Nyanza, Huye and Nyamagabe district connecting to nyungwe forest. On this route you get to visit historical and cultural sites such as king’s palace, kamegeri rock in Nyanza district and an ethnographic museum situated in Huye district.

                Kigali to nyungwe via karongi town

This route starts from Nyabugogo Taxi Park through kamonyi, muhanga, and Nyamasheke district connecting to nyungwe forest, while on this route you get an opportunity to visit Ndaba rock and bisesero genocide memorial site and also get scenic sites of Lake Kivu shores.

By private means of transport

Using private means of transport you can either hire a car or use the one provided to you by your safari company, hiring a car greatly depends on the type of car and number of seats. Like mentioned above you use the same routes as the public means of transport.

Reason for preferring private means of transport is that you reach quickly due to limited stopovers and a high level of privacy and comfort.

Using air transport

Air mode of transport is the fastest means of transport to use if you want to get to nyungwe forest national park very fast, RwandAir offers domestic flights to kamembe airport from Kigali international port using helicopters.

Akagera aviation also offers helicopter flights to the park and on this flight you get to enjoy the view of nyungwe forest, tea plantation and breathtaking rolling hills

Note: when planning on using air means of transport it is better to book your flight to avoid missing out due to high demands of the air tickets to the park

Using water transport

Using water means of transport to get to nyungwe forest national park is the most adventurous way to travel to the park using a boat ride on Lake Kivu. For tourist wanting to tour both Lake Kivu and nyungwe forest national park this is your best option.

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