When planning for a gorilla trekking tour to Uganda it is advisable to check your local Uganda Embassy continuously since the entry reequipments can change at any time.

What are the requirements for traveling to Uganda?

Currently, the entry requirements needed to carry with in place includes;

Passport: All foreigner visitors to Uganda must have a passport and it requires to be valid for at least 6 months.

Passports must have a clean and full visa page for endorsement.

Yellow Fever Vaccine Certificate;

All travelers to Uganda must have a valid yellow fever vaccine certificate.

Visa: Citizens of most countries traveling to Uganda will need a Visa.

Apply for your visa through Uganda E Immigration System.

A visa to Uganda costs USD50 and is valid for 90 days.  This process takes a few days and you will be notified via your email when it is approved. It is advisable to print your visa in color and take it with you.

Covid Vaccine Certificate;

I advise you to add a Covid Vaccine Certificate to the list of travelling documents needed while planning for a gorilla trekking tour in Uganda. This Covid Vaccine Certificate can be asked for at numerous security checkpoints at Entebbe International Airport.

Tourists visiting Uganda, Kenya or Rwanda, then apply for an East African Tourist Visa.

East African Tourist Visa is a multiple entry visa. It costs USD100 and it is valid for 90 days.

Those visiting Kenya, apply for the East African Tourist Visa by visiting httgs://evisa.go.ke/evisa.html.

For those starting their trip in Rwanda, you can apply through the Rwanda Online Visa Application System. For more information you contact your local Rwanda embassy.

For those beginning their trip in Uganda, you can get information on the visa application process on the consular section of your local Uganda embassy or its website.

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Mountain Gorilla Trekking

Tips for Gorilla trekking in Uganda /FAQs About Gorilla Trekking Safari;

What is the Different Between Gorilla Trekking Vs Gorilla Tracking Vs Gorilla Habituation Experience;

While you are planning and researching your trip to Uganda -you have got few questions in terms pertaining to visit the gorillas, that is; Gorilla trekking, Gorilla tracking and Gorilla Habituation experience; What is the difference?

Gorilla trekking

Gorilla trekking is a term that identified as guided hike into the rainforest inhabitant, you will be grouped in group of eight people accompanied by an expert guide and armed rangers. Once you access the gorilla family, you will have an hour allowed to observe them as they feed, play and behaviors as well as taking photography. The cost of Uganda’s gorilla permit is at USD700 per person per trek.

Gorilla tracking

Gorilla tracking is process of being guided by expert ranger guides, park staff or researchers. The experience involves tracking down a specific habituated gorilla family and locating them based on their last known location and their feeding area.

Gorilla Habituation Experience

The Gorilla habituation experience is a process of introducing gorillas to get used to the presence of humans and this process take 2 to 3 years under training.  If, they are noticed that these gorillas are used to eye contact with humans -they introduce it to tourism.

This is a full day activity where your allowed 4 hours to spend with the gorilla family in a group of 4 people accompanied by the researchers, guides, doctors.

Although, this experience requires a good level of physical fitness. The cost for a gorilla habituation experience is USD1,500 per person per day.

How to obtain a Gorilla trekking permit and how much does it cost?

The best way to obtain a gorilla tracking permit is either through trustworthy tour operator or can be purchased directly from the ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority.

The cost of a gorilla trekking permits at USD700 per person ‘’1 hour’’ and the cost of Gorilla habituation experience is at USD1,500 per person.

 Note; It is important that you should purchase your permit at least 6 months in advance to guarantee availability.

What to bring for Gorilla trekking in Uganda?

It is important that you are prepared for gorilla trekking properly.  Here is list of terms you need to bring for gorilla trekking;

They include; Digital camera

 Spare battery for the camera

Pair of binoculars

Bottled water


First aid kit

Insect repellent

Gardening gloves

Energy snacks

Day pack

What to wear for gorilla trekking in Uganda

Gorilla trekking is done typically thick forest, cold and rain can fall any time of the day. Below is a list of things to need to wear or carry with on your gorilla trekking;

Waterproof hiking boots

Thick over the calf socks

Long pants

Sun shirt

Lightweight rain Jacket



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