Kibale Forest National park entry fees 

Kibale Forest National park entry fees  : Kibale national park is a spectacular tourist destination situated in western Uganda in fort portal, kibale national park covering an area of 795 square kilometers is one Africa’s foremost research sites as the park habits the loveliest vegetation cover and chimpanzees. Vegetation cover in kibale national park is intercepted with patches of grassland, swamps with over 352 tree species with a height of 55 meters aging over 200 years. Kibale national park protects the remaining low and montane forests in one area and because of its incredible ecological system it is used as a biological field station for Makerere University.

Kibale Forest National park entry fees
Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale

Kibale national park has been nicked named the capital of primates because the park habits a large population of chimpanzees approximately 1400 chimpanzees with other primates like black and white monkeys, vervet monkeys, red tailed monkeys, baboons, l’hoests, and blue monkey and Uganda mangabey. Kibale national park is also a home to other animals such as red and blue duikers, bushbucks, Sitatungas, bush pigs, giant forest hogs, common warthogs, African buffalo, leopards, African golden cats, mongooses, otters and occasionally lions are also spotted in the park.

Kibale national park is also a home to many bird species mostly forest birds which harbor in the thick forests of the park, bird species in the kibale include African Pitta, Green-breasted Pitta, Afep Pigeon, White-naped Pigeon, Crowned Eagle, Red-chested Owlet, Black Bee-eater, Western Nicator, Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird, Little Greenbul, Brown-chested Alethe, Blue-breasted Kingfisher, African Grey Parrot, Scaly-breasted Illadopsis ,Brown Illadopsis, Black-capped Apalis, Blue-headed Sunbird, Collared Apalis.

The beautiful nature and wildlife of kibale national park can enjoyed while on chimpanzee tracking, chimpanzee habituation and bird watching experience. Kibale national park is managed and operated by Uganda wildlife authority, to access the park various tariffs have been drafted by Uganda wildlife authority and they are levied from any tourists accessing the park. Charges/ fees in kibale national park are levied according to your status as a tourists, tourist status means, as a tourist you either fall in one of the three categories that is foreign resident tourist, foreign non-resident and east African resident.

                Foreign non-residents are tourists who do not work or live in Uganda

                Foreign residents are tourists who live and work in Uganda with valid working permit

                East Africa residents are tourists from Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi.

For easy identification of your status as you a tourist you need to present a valid passport, valid work permit or a valid national identification card  which making your payments at Uganda wildlife offices in kibale national park.

Individual park entry fees


Foreign Non-residents 40 US$

                                Foreign residents             30 US$

                                East African residents     20,000 UGx


                                Foreign Non-residents 20 US$

                                Foreign residents             10 US$

                                East African residents    5,000 UGx

Education institutions and students fees

These charges only cater for east African resident students and institutions in east African countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi.

                                East African students     3,000 UGx

                                East African pupils           5,000 UGx


Annual park entry fees only applies to foreign residents and east African residents


                                Foreign residents             350 US$

                                East African residents    150,000 UGx


                                Foreign residents             500 US$

                                East African residents    200,000 UGx

Family with a maximum of 4 children

                                Foreign residents             700 US$

                                East African residents    300,000 UGx

Tour operator fees

                                Foreign resident tour operator                 50 US$

East African tour operator                            125,000 UGx



                                International      30 US$

                                East African        20,000 UGx


                                International      50 US$

                                East African        30,000 UGx

Tour company vehicle


                                East African

Pickups and 4WD cars

                                International      50 US$

                                East African        30,000 UGx


                                Foreign residents             1500 US$

                                East African                        2,500,000 UGx


                Tour company driver      free (not charged)

                Taxi driver                           100,000 UGx

Safari guides                                      100,000 UGx

Aircraft charges

Aircraft charges are charged to any form of aircraft which lands into kibale national park, prices are levied according to the type of the aircraft, sitting capacity and the status of the aircraft.

Type of aircraft East African Foreign
Gliders, micro lighters UGx 20,000/= US $ 10
Aircraft with up to 3 seats UGx 40,000/= US $ 20
Aircraft with 4 to 6 seats UGx 60,000/= US $ 30
Aircraft with 7 to 14 seats UGx 80,000/= US $ 40
Aircraft with 15 to 20 seats UGx 100,000/= US $ 40
Aircraft with over 21 seats UGx 120,000/= US $ 60
Helicopter UGx 250,000/= US $ 100

NOTE: aircraft charges do not include other charges levied by park authorities while in kibale national park


These are charged according to the activity you want to get involved into while in kibale national park and they are also charged according to your status that is foreign resident, foreign non-residents and east African residents.

Chimpanzee tracking US $ 150 US $ 100 UGx  100,000/=
Chimpanzee habituation experience Day US $ 200 US $ 200 UGx 150,000/=
Night US $ 100 US $ 100 UGx 75,000/=

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