Kyambura Gorge Adventures : Kyambura gorge is one of the chimpanzee tracking areas in Uganda and extremely famous for this activity, a number of visitors come to have a Uganda safari and set out to ask which place they may be able to have the best of this safari activity from.

Kyambura gorge is understood to be an underground tropical forest part of Queen Elizabeth national park deep of about 100 meters and lengthen about 1km.

Achieve global safaris has it that Kyambura gorge is simply characterized by the thick forests that act as home to variety of wildlife in it.

Kyambura gorge is not only known for chimpanzee tracking facts of Uganda safari have it that the destination is rich in wildlife and in these there are some of the big 5.

Elephants, hippopotamus are some of these that are found in the destination variety of birds are as well some of the attractions in Kyambura gorge of Queen Elizabeth national park.

The area is super close to different villages and the ground is so covered with vast summer grasslands and the savannah tends to receive maximum sunshine shine but the kyambura gorge keeps despite the sunshine.

More fascinating kyambura gorge is also a major source of water that flows in the middle of the forest providing water to its resident’s the flora and fauna throughout the whole year.

It is believed that this gorge provides water to the Kyambura River from the rocks that are surrounding it and most times from the rain, as it is geographically proven that the kyambura gorge connects to kazinga channel through a swamp.

Kyambura gorge was scientifically proved that it come as a result of continuous erosion forming the kyambura river, and all these are some of the most fascinating facts about the gorge.

Kyambura gorge is a simply famous for the best safari activities in Uganda and every visitor that steps in the kyambura gorge they want to visit more and more.

kyambura gorge is just 420kilometers from Kampala through Mbarara town to reach, the estimated kilometers to the destination is 410 kilometers when driving to Queen Elizabeth national park which takes about 6 hours only, Kyambura Gorge Adventures

But most times it more relaxing and more stunning to have your Kyambura gorge safari handed over Achieve global safaris to prepare everything for you to avoid all the stress of the accommodations and other preparations like getting permits and transportation.

As far as Kyambura gorge is concerned Uganda safaris tells one that the best time to have a vacation in kyambura gorge is during the dry seasons even though the gorge can be visited throughout the whole year.

Accommodation  facilities in kyambura gorge is nothing to worry about most especially when booking have been made earlier and this can be helped by Achieve global safari, there are both budget mid-range and luxurious facilities to satisfy your planned budget.

Kyambura Gorge Adventures
Kyambura Gorge Adventures

Some of these hostels include; the bush lodge, ihamba safari lodge and hippo hills lodge which are[ mid-range], jacana safari lodge, katara lodge, mweya safari lodge which are[ luxury ]lodges, mweya hostel simba safari lodge these are[ budget ]facilities.

Safari attractions in kyambura gorge

Birding watching: This is one of the most fascinating activities in kyambura Gorge due to the variety of birds found in the gorge, and to bird lovers kyambura gorge is the best destination for this safari activity the trees are full of fruits and insects which are food sources for the birds and that is one of the major reasons as to why these birds are all over the kyambura gorge, Kyambura Gorge Adventures

some of the birds that are to be sighted in kyambura gorge arethe African broad bill, Martial Eagles, falcons, African finfoot, Verreaux’s Eagle Owl, African skimmers, White-tailed Lark, Bar-tailed Godwit, black headed bee-eaters, Pinkbacked Pelican, Shoebill storks, Corncrake, papyrus canary, Chapin’s Flycatcher, papyrus gonolek, Black-rumped Buttonquail, white winged warbler and flamingos.

Forest walks: kyambura gorge being and excellent destination for exploration. Many visitors love to engage in the forest walks in order to have a clear view of the beautiful savannah glass and the wildlife.

The guided forest walks can be for as long as possible and this can be done in addition to chimpanzee tracking in kyambura gorge  and also giving the tourists chance to sight other creatures like forest frogs monkeys and hippos as well.

Forest walks will give you the chance to have clear views of the canopies and also share different information with your tour guides about the history of the valley in kyambura gorge.

Wild life viewing: kyambura gorge is home to numerous wildlife and a safari to kyambura will enable one have a clear view at the wildlife in the destination through drives or walks in the gorge.

Kyambura gorge has got a number of primates and other wildlife which will make and exciting moment of venture in the kyambura gorge and this is one of the best safari activities to experience on your adventure in kyambura gorge.

Some of the wildlife in kyambura gorge involves; baboons, Vervet Monkeys, red-tailed monkeys and Colobus monkeys, hippos, antelopes and elephants ,Lions, hyenas, buffaloes, leopard.

Chimpanzee tracking: chimpanzees in Kyambura gorge are habituated due to the fact that these endangered species are highly protected by the Uganda wildlife authorities and visitors will require a permit to be able to track them, Chimpanzee tracking in Kyambura Gorge is very challenging because it comprises hiking up and down a valley you might also need to follow the primates for long periods once you reach down the gorge which seems to be so hard, Kyambura Gorge Adventures

And this activity involves a lot of patience and waiting because the tracking may take some time but exploring an underground forest with amazing flora and fauna is a very rare treat you will never forget the experience after the visit at kyambura gorge.

Those are some of the best safari activities you can get involved in while at kyambura gorge for a great uganda safari adventure in the destination.

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