Lake Mburo national park entry fees and other tariffs

 Lake Mburo national park entry fees and other tariffs: lake mburo national park entry fees and other tariffs: Lake Mburo national park is a very quiet beautiful national park situated very near Kampala the capital city of Uganda and the start of most safari, the park is located I western Uganda in kiruhura district with mbarara town as the nearest city. Lake Mburo national park gazetted in 1933 as a controlled hunting area and upgraded to a national park in 1963 is the smallest national park in Uganda, it stretches over an area of 260 square kilometers. Though Lake Mburo national park is the smallest national park it is one of the nark parks in Uganda offering the best game drive experience, this park is also so known for having one of the most scenic views in Uganda which is filled with rolling hills, swamps and numerous lakes.

 lake mburo national park entry fees and other tariffs
Horse Back Rides

Lake Mburo national park is a habitat to many beautiful wildlife species including animals and bird species, animals in the park include zebra, impala, topi, eland, bush buck, buffalo, warthog, leopard, hyena and jackal. Bird species in the park include rare shoebill stork, papyrus yellow warbler, African finfoot, saddle billed stork, brown chested wattled plover, carruther’s cisticola, tabora cisticola, great snipe, Abyssinian ground hornbill, African fish eagle, saddle billed stork and white winged warbler.

Lake Mburo national park is managed and operated by Uganda wildlife authority, the authority drafted charges which are levied to the tourists who want to access the park for various interests.

The following is the list of fees and charges charged in Lake Mburo national park, these charges are categorized as in three divisions that foreign residents, foreign non-residents and east African residents


 lake mburo national park entry fees and other tariffs
Lake Mburo National Park Entrance

Park entry fees

Park entry fees charged to any individual accessing the park, adults and children pay different amount of fees basing on their status.


                                Foreign Non- residents                 US$ 40

                                Foreign residents                             US$ 30

                                East African residents                    UGx 20,000


                                Non- foreign residents                  20 US$

                                Foreign residents                             10 US$

                                East African residents                    5,000 UGx

Education institutions and students fees

These charges are levied to students and delegates from education institutions like universities, colleges, tertiaries, primary schools on a safari in Lake Mburo national park for study, tour and research purposes.

NOTE: these charges only apply to East African resident education institutions and students

                                East African students

                                                                 Pupils/students                               UGx 3,000/=

                                                                University students                        UGx 5,000/=

                                East African wildlife clubs                                                             2000 UGx

                                 Student groups                                                                3,000 UGx

                                Tertiary institutions                                                         5,000 UGx

Annual part entrance fees


                International visitors              350 US$

                East African visitors                15,000 UGx


International visitors                                                      500 US$

East African                                                                        200,000 UGx

Family with 4 children                                                             300,000 UGx

Vehicle entrance fees


                                International      30 US$

                                East African       10,000 UGx


                                International                      50 US$

                                East African                      30,000/=

Tour company vehicle

                                International                      120 US$

                                East African                        30,000/=

Pickups and 4WD cars

                                International                      50 US$

                                East African                        30,000 UGx

Saloon cars      Ugandan                                 20,000 UGx

SUVs and 4X4wds                                         30,000 UGx

Cooperate pass fees

Cooperate pass fees are charged to companies and organizations’ employees and officials on a safari to Lake Mburo national park, it is charged 2,500,000/=

Tour operator fees

These fees are charged to companies and organizations responsible for organizing trips for tourists and they pay 125,000/=

Driver fees

These are charged to individuals responsible for driving the tourists to the park  

                Tour company drivers                    free

                Taxi drivers                                         100,000/=

Activities charges

Activity charges are levied from tourists according to the kind of Uganda safari activity you are to participate in while in Lake Mburo national park.

Note: these fees are charged according to your tourist status that is east African residents, foreign residents and non – foreign residents.

Game drive Day US $ 20 US $ 20 UGx 20,000/=
Night US $ 30 US $ 30 UGx 50,000/=
Nature walk US $ 30 US $ 15 UGx 10,000/=
Boat ride Big boat US $ 30 US $ 30 UGx 30,000/=
Small boat US $ 20 US $ 20 UGx 20,000/=
Cycling US $ 30 US $ 30 UGx 30,000/=

 Horseback riding is another fulfilled and entertaining activity offered in Lake Mburo national park, unlike other activities horseback riding is not managed by the Uganda wildlife authority but instead by Mihingo lodges. And the prices to this activity were drafted by the lodges which operate the activity, the prices depends on the two criteria’s that is Mihingo lodges resident and non-resident and also according to the time/ hours you are to spending while horseback riding.

Mihingo lodge residents

Hours Amount
1 hour US $ 25
2 hours US $ 70
3 hours US $ 90
4 hours US $ 100

Mihingo lodge non-residents

Hours Amount
30 minutes (1/2 hour) US $ 40
1 hour US $ 60
2 hours US $ 110
3 hours US $ 130

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