Lake Nakuru National Park is one of the famous tourist destinations in Kenya because of being home for millions of beautiful flamingoes which nests along the shores of Lake Nakuru. More so, the park is located near Nakuru town and south of Nakuru in the rift valley region of Kenya. It was established in 1961 covering an area of about 188 square kilometers purposely to protect a wide range of flamingoes, giraffes and both black and white rhinos among others species.

The park was named after Lake Nakuru which lies in the southern region of the park. The word Nakuru was got from the local Masai word which means ‘’Dust or Dusty place’’, generally, the park stretched across mountainous vicinity but it was extended to cover savannah grasslands.

This national park consists many astonishing tourists’ attractions and it’s a reason to why it is ranked among the most top destination in Kenya, attractions in the park include;

Lake Nakuru National Park
Lake Nakuru Flamingoes

Magnificent physical features

Well, the park is made up of many attractive physical features like Makalia falls, lake Nakuru and hills.

Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru is part of the RAMSAR site one of the most rewarding sight-seeing attractions in the park. The fact about Lake Nakuru is a rift valley Soda Lake from which Nakuru National Park and where the park derives its name. More to that, Lake Nakuru sits on a surface area of about 45 square kilometers covering a reasonable area of the park, which is habitant for many animals and the best birding Kenya site – ever crowded by thousands and millions of birds especially the lesser and greater flamingos which flood the shore of the lake.

Makalia Falls

Makalia falls are magical features in Lake Nakuru National Park positioned on the southern end of the park, the falls give a rewarding view on Makalia River with a drop of 10 meters off a sheer cliff and forms a plunge pools.


Lake Nakuru National Park is made up of a rugged terrain comprised of hills, including Enasoit, honey moon, lion hill and many more. On the top of these hills can enjoy a spectacular view of the park and its endless plains and waterbodies.


Lake Nakuru National Park is a rewarding habitant for bird watching because is home to more than 500 bird species which hovers and scatter around the park. The list of birds here are comprised of endemic species, threatened bird species, migratory bird species which migrate to the park between the month of November to April among others. However, birds are the greatest tourist’s attraction and most highlight of Lake Nakuru National Park most especially millions of greater and lesser pink colored flamingoes which crowds the lake and beatifies it with pink, white and blue bands of colors.

Other list of birds to see  apart from flamingoes includes ;Gret-headed wood peckers ,Great snipe ,Greater spotted eagle ,Abyssinian thrush ,Arrow-marked babbler ,Black-tailed godwit ,Black -winged lapwing ,Brimstone canary ,Crab-plover ,Eastern imperial eagle ,European roller ,Bateleur ,Grey crowned crane Grey-crested helmet-shrike ,Hildebrandt’s starling ,Kenya rufous sparrow ,Lappet-faced vulture ,Lesser flamingos ,Long-tailed widowbird ,Maccoa duck ,Montane white-eyes ,Pallid harrier ,Northern puffback ,Red-capped lark ,Rufous-throated wryneck ,Ruppell’s vulture ,Schawlow’s wheatear ,Shinning sunbird ,Ruppell’s robin-chat ,Slender -billed greenbul ,Sooty falcon ,Speke’s weaver ,Western reef heron ,white-fronted bee-eater ,white -headed vulture many more.


The national park is home to range of mammals including the big animals of Kenya except elephants. The park is home to over 56 species of mammals and it is recognized as one of the few destinations in Kenya that hosts the endangered Rhino with the highest population. Other mammals to explore in Lake Nakuru National Park including; Eastern black rhinoceros, Southern white rhinos, Rothschild’s giraffes, Waterbucks, Lions, Predators, Cheetahs, Burchell’s zebra, Thomson’s gazelle, Monkey, Olive balloon and black and white colobus monkeys.

Lake Nakuru National Park
Buffalo at Lake Nakuru

Beautiful scenery

Amazingly the park stuns with the beautiful scenery and is one of the popular Kenya national parks. More so, the park offers the breathtaking for scenery that composes of rift valley escarpment which rises up from the Lake Nakuru shore and it is dotted with a gallery of Euphorbia trees and lake Nakuru is dotted with beautiful yellow fever trees on its banks. More then, the lake is ever crowded by millions of greater and lesser flamingoes which give great sightseeing to witness, because of the beautiful scenery Lake Nakuru National Park offering the best and amazing photography and nature viewing.

Best time to visit Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park a great location for bird lovers on Kenyan safaris and attracts thousands of tourists every year to visit the park. It can be visited throughout the year but the best time to visit the park without disturbance of rainfalls is to visit in drier seasons, starts from the months for June to March in a year. These months the area receive little rainfall which makes it easy to spot animals as they crowd the lake quenching for water. Birding is all year around.

Getting there; Lake Nakuru National Park

One travelling to Lake Nakuru National Park can easily access it, since it is located in central Kenya about 150 kilometers north-west of Nairobi city in the rift valley province, getting to the park you can chose to use either air or road transport.

By road; from Nairobi to Nakuru town takes a drive of 4 kilometers and its is also easy to connect to other safari destinations like Masai Mara National Reserve to Lake Nakuru for a safari.

By Air; You can use chartered flights which can be booked from Nairobi International Airport and Wilson Airport land at Naishi Airstrip.

Where to stay in Lake Nakuru National Park;

There is no worry where to stay while on safari in Lake Nakuru National Park– the park has classic accommodation facilities offering good amenities in budget, Mid-range and Luxury lodges, including the Sarova lion hill game lodge, Flamingo hill tented camp, Lake Nakuru lodge, the Cliff Nakuru, Lake Nakuru Sopa Lodges, Sarova woodlands hotels, Langas relax Inn Nakuru and many more.

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