Lion Tracking in Uganda  : When you get to hear about lion tracking in Uganda most get it direct in mind that the only place to carry out lion tracking is in the famous Queen Elizabeth national park of Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth national park is one of the largest national parks in Uganda with numerous and several kind of flora and fauna found in it which makes it the beat area for the most thrilling safari adventures.

Queen Elizabeth national park located in western Uganda home to various wildlife including 95 animal species such as the big 4 mammal’s namely lions, leopards, elephants and buffaloes plus other animals like warthogs, waterbucks, bushbucks, Uganda Kobs and 612 bird species.

After the endangered mountain gorillas lions are termed to be the second most visited mammals in Uganda and when it gets to lions in Queen Elizabeth national park they are termed to be tree climbing lions that are excellent for sighting in on an adventure in Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth national park  is an interesting area for lion tracking in Uganda  this area permits you and your crew to have the most excellent kind of lion tracking and research basing in their natural habitat and also have the mandate to learn more of their social habits and feeding plus how they care for their cubs.

Queen Elizabeth national park in Kasenyi plains is the only national park in Uganda where you will get to sight several kinds of wildlife despite the endangered lions but other species of wild life’s are also in plenty for you to sight and these include: elephants, buffaloes, leopards, giant forest hogs, warthogs, bushbucks, waterbucks, bird species like black bellied bustard, lapwings, crowned plover, African jacana, purple heron, ground hornbill, western yellow wagtail among others.

To be able to carry out lion tracking and research in Queen Elizabeth national park you have to be with a permit that can be got for you by Achieve global safaris tour operators for the activity is managed by Uganda Carnivore Project in collaboration with Uganda Wildlife Authority and hence a permit from the authorities is a mandate.

Research on the lions and other carnivore animals such as the hyenas, leopards among others so as to monitor their behaviors and movements within the park so as to map out their territories is carried out by the organization to ease your tracking for you and your crew.

Lion Tracking in Uganda
Lion Tracking in Uganda

The major duty of the Uganda Carnivore Project is to edify the local people on how they can live in concord with lions and tutor them about maintainable monetary development through partaking in ecotourism activities.

Lion tracking on Queen Elizabeth national park is of a cost that is about USD 60 per person for foreign nonresidents and about 100,000UGX for East African residents and these fees do not include the park entrance fee.

Trusted tour operator with pleasure stands in to help you make your bookings for the lion tracking permits which can be booked through contacting the park headquarters directly by email or telephone calls on the date when you want to engage in lion tracking.

Achieve Global Safaris will also plan other safari activities you can engross in while in Queen Elizabeth national park, plan your accommodation, transportation, meals among others.

The lion tracking is carried out from 8:00am in the morning as it is the tracking can be carried twice in a day so the second time for the track is at 4:00pm in the evening the thrilling activity takes 2 to 3 hours.

Lion tracking in Queen Elizabeth national park is a necessity do safari activity for invitees who want to absorb more about the lions and this activity is best done during the dry periods of the year as you explore and get lifetime experiences on your safari in Uganda even though it can be carried out throughout the entire year as well.

After lion tracking there are other various safari activities that you can add on the activity in the park that will make the safari even more exciting and extremely memorable through Achieve global safaris.

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