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List of Birds in Uganda : Uganda is a true birding destination with over 1090 bird species that attracts bird enthusiasts in different races of the world to visit the country. The country hosts 11% of the Global population ,50% in Africa and 70% in East Africa and also boosts with 25% Albertine Rift endemic species among others and the true weavers.

Below is the list of birds to see on visit to Uganda since whatever step you take you can see a bird thus becoming a top birding destination on African continent as high lightened;

Common Ostrich

This is world’s largest bird which can be explored in savannah plains and in Uganda can be seen in Kidepo Valley National park and at the Uganda Wildlife Center in Entebbe.


They are large in structure and waterbirds species which often seen swimming in tight flotillas on open lakes and along Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth National park.

African darter

These are referred to as the snake bird after its habit of swimming with elongated rufous neck which is extended in serpentine fashion and commonly seen in fringing vegetation, open perches and often keep their wings spread open to dry.

Goliath heron

This is a lovely cryptic purple grey and commonly seen from boat launch trips along Victoria Nile in Murchison Falls.

List of Birds in Uganda
Goliath heron

Hammertoe species

It is a nice looking bird –peculiar, brown and medium sized waterbirds with no close allies and it has a backward pointing crest and long bill that create the hammerhead effect for which it is named. These species are commonly seen on the Mweya peninsula in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Saddle-billed stork

These species look handsome and very common in Uganda, raise up 1.4meters high with black and white feathering and gaudy red, yellow and black bill and usually seen in pair while one game drive north of Murchison Falls national park.

Marabou Stork

Are eating stork that measures 1.5meter tall with large expandable air sac below neck and black and white feather pattern of an undertaker’s suit. Commonly seen in both urban and rural. In urban can be seen in downtown Kampala and Entebbe town.

Shoe bill stork

These are swamp dwellers which are related to pelicans and the main motivating factor behind many an ornithological tour to Uganda. They are commonly spotted in Mabamba swamp in Entebbe and Lake Albert areas in Murchison Falls national park and Semuliki Wildlife reserve.

List of Birds in Uganda
Shoebill stork feeding

Flamingo specie

Flamingos are very beautiful bird species in gregarious pink with white algae and in Uganda can be spotted in large concentrations in Katwe and Flamingo crater lakes in Queen Elizabeth national park and other places, List of Birds in Uganda.

Secretary bird

 This is a unique bird with grey snake eating raptor, measuring 1.5meter tall and it has red face marking black head quills and resides in the northern Uganda.

African fish eagle

The African fish eagle is eating raptor that inhabits on the lakes and waterways as notable for its bold black, white and chestnut feather pattern.

Palmnut vulture

This specie is similar to the fish eagle and associated with palm fringed waterways and lakes. It has more white features than black, no chestnut and a red rather than yellow core.

Lappet faced vulture

 It’s an African largest vulture, with dark black feathers with a bare red head which is often seen singly   alongside smaller vultures at Kills in Uganda’s savanna reserves.

Bateleur species

 This species is the most striking of Uganda’s large raptors with black short tailed eagle and unique red collar and lice and bold white underwings seen clearly in flight. They are inhabitant of Uganda’s savannah reserves and often seen soaring with reminiscent of the tight rope walker where their names were got from.

Long –crested eagle

They are handsome birds with diagnostic foppish long crest. Commonly seen outside of game reserves.

Jackson’s Francolin

It has a large pale-headed wildfowl and very common on East African mountains and forest edge. In Uganda are commonly seen on Mount Elgon.

Helmeted Guinea fowl

They have a beautiful look with striking white speckled grey feathering and blue head with ivory casqued. They are commonly seen in savannah parks.

African Jacana

It’s a white and black wader also known as lily trotter for its habit of walking across floating vegetation and wetlands.

List of Birds in Uganda
African Jacana

Grey crowned crane

This is Uganda’s national bird known as Crested crane. It has grey and white feathering and a beautiful golden crest, commonly seen in swamps and in grassland , thus List of Birds in Uganda.

African green pigeon

It’s large dove with cryptic green grey feathering often seen eating fruits of the fig trees. They are inhabitant of riparian woodland. In the northern Uganda you can check out the Bruce’s green pigeon.

African grey parrot

Familiar large caged bird with red tail feathers. They are habitats of the forest. They have a squawking call.

Great blue turaco

This is a unique and awesome blue-green forest dweller that raises up to 75 centimeters from the tip of its red and yellow bill to the end of its blue black-barred tail. Commonly seen in Entebbe Botanical Gardens.

Ross’s turaco species

 Its look beautiful with its deep purple with a bold yellow facemask and red crest and underwings.   They are residents of forests bordered with wetlands or rivers.

Eastern Grey Plantain –Eater

 Large grey turaco species which is unique in its bold yellow bill and off white crest, habitant in woodland and savannah countrywide. They have chuckling calls a characteristic sound of suburban Kampala and Entebbe. You can check out the black –faced go-away bird in acacia woodland of Lake Mburo.

African emerald cuckoo

 They have brilliant green and yellow cuckoo, commonly seen in forests.


They are large looking like cuckoos and are inhabitant of grassland and swamp with four species in Uganda. Of which the blue headed and swamp dwelling black coucal are the most sought full species.

Verreaux’s eagle –Owl

This is among the 13 species of owl found in Uganda. They are commonly seen during night ours or rooting in large trees by day.

Pennant/standard winged nightjars

This species is among the 11 nocturnal nightjars which are recorded in Uganda. The male specie of both species obtain wings streamers twice the length of their body during the breeding season. They display most in any savanna habitat especially those are close to water but can also be viewed to the top of Murchison Falls.

Pied Kingfisher

 They are boldly colored in black and white feathers and like hover above water for long periods. They can be seen in wetland.

Giant Kingfisher

  Its small sized bird with black and white and red in chest. They are inhabitant of water, which have tall fringing mouth that helps in picking small species in water , thus List of Birds in Uganda.

Other species to encounter on Uganda Birding Safaris include ;Northern carmine bee-eater , Broad-billed roller ,Malachite kingfisher ,Red-throated bee-eater ,Northern carmine bee-eater ,Broad-billed roller ,Lilac-breasted roller ,Hooper ,Black-and –white casqued hornbill ,Abyssinian ground hornbill ,Double-toothed barbet ,White-browed robin-chat ,Grey-capped warbler ,Brown-throated wattle-eye ,African paradise flycatcher ,Silver bird ,Scarlet-chested sunbird ,Black-headed gonolek ,Fork tailed drongo ,Piapiac ,Black-winged red bishop ,Red-cheeked cordon-bleu ,Pin-tailed whydah ,African finfoot among others.

Best Time –Birding in Uganda

 However, Uganda is good throughout the year, since its climate factors take into consideration. The country hosts two seasons; wet and dry season and during wet season roads and forest trails can be slippery and rain tends to interfere with birding time.

Although the best birding time is from late May to September when there is less rain and food in plenty. The Albertine Rift endemics which can be sought in Bwindi National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla national park and Rwenzori Mountains can be seen in May to June and from Mid -April to Mid-May though the rain might be falling heavily.

Birding in Toro-Semuliki is more comfortable from February to Mid-March. In Murchison Falls good in December to January.

Essentials to carry for birding safari in Uganda include; Pair of binocular, A complete telescope, sound recorder. Clip 4 and 5 are the most useful, sound player among others.

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