Mount Gahinga Lodge is a spacious luxurious safari accommodation nested inside Mgahinga National Park and it was the first lodge to be built by Praveen Moman and officially opened in 2002. The lodge is a perfect base to go for Gorilla Trekking Safaris on the Ugandan side of the Virunga, track the rare golden monkeys, climb a volcano, walk through local village and experience the unique culture of the Batwa, the oldest inhabitants of the Centra African rain forest.

This safari lodge is inspired by traditional design and building techniques and was re-imagined in 2019; the dining room, the lounge, garden have been remodeled and two new deluxe bandas which provide comfortable stay to visitors.

The bandas reflect the magic of the aesthetic traditions of the Bufimbira people. Each Banda offers an en-suite luxury shower room ,fire place and private porch.

Mount Gahinga Lodge has 8 traditional hand- built guest bandas facing the magical Virunga Volcanoes ‘’Two Deluxe and six standard rooms.

Facilities at Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

The lodge offers personnel butler service for all guests.

The lodge has fireplace area in each room

The lodge makes it easy for gorilla trekking start point.

The features with laundry services, free parking, free internets, fitness center with Gym

They provide Wi-Fi throughout the lodge and all- inclusive premium drinks menus.

Along your stay, you can go visit Gahinga Batwa Village and share the culture of the oldest inhabitants of the Central Africa rain forest.

Activities to do at Mount Gahinga Lodge – Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Golden Monkey Tracking;

This is the one of the commonly done activity, which can be tracked in the foothills of the Volcanic mountains of Mgahinga National Park Uganda and in Volcanoes Park Rwanda.

Golden monkey species are characterized by its unique golden body, cheek and tail, with contrasting black limbs, crown and tail end. More fact about lodge, they are known as playful primates and it is worth an activity. They can be tracked in Volcanoes National Park- the golden monkey takes you from the bamboo stands and forested gorge on the lower levels of the volcanoes, to the elevated heath as well as to moorland higher up areas of Virunga ranges.

Mount Gahinga Lodge
Golden Monkey

Climb Volcanos

This is one of the activities carried on in Mgahiga Gorilla National Park that offers challenging hikes and rewarding panoramas.

The climbing experience takes along the three most impressive volcanoes to climb that is; Mount Sabyinyo, Mount Gahinga and Mount Muhavura. The hiking experience is a full day and it start at 7:00am from the park headquarter and it can end at around 6pm.

Birding experience

Well, Uganda sounds as one of the world’s best birding sites. However, Uganda has more than 1200 bird species with over 159 bird species which is found only in Uganda. Here are some of birding checklist in Uganda including ; rare shoe bill stork ,cattle egrets ,Green-winged teal ,Green -winged teal ,White -faced whistling -duck ,Fulvous whistling -duck ,White-backed duck ,Spur-winged goose ,Blue-billed teal ,Hartlaub’s duck ,Egyptian goose ,African pygmy -goose, Garganey ,Blue -billed teal ,African black duck ,Yellow-billed duck ,Red -billed duck, Green-winged teal, Southern pochard ,Common pochard ,Maccoa duck ,Tufted duck ,Ferruginous duck ,Helmeted guineafowl ,Red-necked francolin ,Yellow-necked francolin ,Clapperton’s francolin ,Common qual ,Harlequin quail ,Handsome francolin ,Jackson’s francolin, Hildebrandt’s francolin ,Crested francolin ,Ring-necked francolin ,Elgon francolin ,Orange River francolin ,Blue quail ,Orange River francolin .Take note Rwanda has few birds in total.

Community walks

This is an activity you can opt to do while at the lodge, you can engage in community walk and get to interact with the locals as you enjoy their amazing lifestyle filled with great memories.

Mount Gahinga Lodge offers complimentary activity   to their guests such as; Gahinga Batwa Village- where you can visit one of the oldest surviving indigenous Batwa People.

Lastly, Mgahinga National Park lies in south western region of Uganda, covering a distance of about 8 to 9 hours drive and by flight using Bar Aviation from Entebbe International Airport to Kisoro Airstrip takes 1hour to land. The park is popular because of the mountain gorillas and golden monkey species many more as well as Batwa people – the indugious people in area.

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