Museums in Uganda : Uganda the pearl of Africa is a wonderful tourist destination with many colorful tourist interests, Uganda is not only a home to many fascinating features like Lake Victoria, river Nile the longest and flora and fauna. Uganda has many beautiful heritage including cultural, historical events, science and technology and many more, Uganda’s beautiful history can only be lived when you visit the numerous museums of Uganda. In these museums many historical aspects of Uganda are displayed for the public’s view primary for education, research and entertainment purposes.

A nation with no museum is same as a hollow with no heritage and history, Museums in Uganda include

Uganda National Museum

The Uganda national museum is the oldest and the largest museum in Uganda and East Africa, the museum is located in Kampala district the capital city of Uganda on kitante hill. Uganda national museum is a breath taking establishment to visit as you get to understand and relive the past event of Uganda, the museum has sections where various heritage is showcased. These sections include the musical section showcasing all traditional instruments, cultural village where various tribal huts are built and inside these huts there are different regalia used by different tribes of Uganda that is Baganda, batooro, Basonga, bahima, bakiga and many more.

Uganda national museum is situated 3 kilometers from the Kampala city centre and CA easily be accessed using either public or private road transport

museums in Uganda

 Ankole Culture and Dramactors Museum

Ankole culture  and Dramactors museum is a very significant  establishment to the banyakole people as it showcases their heritage and culture, the museum is located in kabingo sub-county just 10 kilometers mbarara-isingiro road in isingiro district. Ankle culture and dramactkfs museum  is a perfect spot for any tourist interested  in the banyakore culture and their heritage as the museum showcases history,  culture and traditions of banyankore people through displayed articrafts like pots made out of clay and many more. There’s also cultural performances including dances, songs and drama, the museum is majorly catered and taken off by local women living around it. These local women earn a living from selling artcrafts to visitors of the museum and also through traditional performances.

museums in Uganda

Koogere Community Museum

Koogere community museum exhibts the heritags of Toro tribe and their kingdom, the museum named after a heroine who defied the cultural norms and become a leaderis situated is situated in Fort portal along Mugurusi road.  Upon visiting this fascinating  museum  you will get achance to learn and no more about the batooro people, Toro kingdom and their cultures, you will understand  and appreciate the evolution of Toro people through their dressing of busuuti,  clan names kf empaak, how they came into existence, their literature and clan totems.

Butambala Heritage Centre of Civilization

Butabala heritage centre of civilisation is located in butambala in mpigi district, this museum show casesthe revolution of tools which were used in homestead of baganda peopl. The museum is also known as a home of the kasimba clan who are the official ironsmiths for the king (kabaka) of Buganda. Upon your visit to this museum you will see different tools, home utensils and many more which are on display, among displayed tools made by the blacksmith are the which are so important in baganda culture as it is used as a tool of responsibility. The spear is handed over to the new heir who takes over the family and the responsibilities of his deceased father or uncle.

Centre of African Christian Studies Museum

Centre of African Christian studies museum is situated along Ggaba road before Bbunga town in Kampala district the capital city of Uganda, the museum showcases how Christianity religion was brought to Uganda by the missionaries through various articrafts. Before Christianity was brought to Uganda as a religion uganans believed in their god called Lubaale or mostly known as spiritual worship, when you visit this museum you will see many displayed materials which depict African values, indigenous wisdom and cultural heritage. The museum was established to promote more understanding of Christian and African values.

museums in Uganda

Kabalega Development Foundation

Kabalenga development foundation is located in western Uganda in the town centre of Hoima district, this museum showcases heritage, culture and norms of bunyoro kingdom and banyoro people. The museum showcases traditional regalia like farming tools, nine legged stool which is used by the omukama (the king) of bunyoro. Upon visiting this museum you will know the history and past events of bunyoro kingdom and its past kings.

URDT Cultural Assets and Wildlife Centre

URDT cultural assets and wildlife center is located in kagadi town kibale district, this museum is a living encyclopedia of bunyoro’s traditions and cultural heritage, the centre also used as a training centre. Upon visiting this museum you will learn and know more about culture and heritage of Banyoro people and the kingdom at large through numerous artifacts on a display, you will also learn about how to conserve wildlife and be inform about various measures which have been taken to combat the practice of poaching. Apart from show casing the tradition and heritages of bunyoro, the museum emphasizes preservation and sustainable management of culture and natural resources.

Karamoja Women’s Cultural Group

Karamoja women’s cultural group is located in natumkasikoua village in Moroto district, the museum is operated by Karamojong women. When you visit this museum you will see many handmade crafts of Karamojong culture made by these women are which are displayed. Among displayed crafts include head gear, beads, stools, pots, and many more. You can also buy some of these pieces and learn about the different ways of Karamojong life.

Cultural Research Centre Museum

Cultural research centre museum is a cultural research centre museum showcasing the cultural heritage of Busonga kingdom and its people. The centre is located at Nile garden in Jinja town, upon visiting this centre in eastern Uganda you will learn more about the Basonga people, their culture and traditions.

Kaere African Museum

Kaere African museum is a privately owned museum owned by kawere Godfrey, the museum showcases a collection of photographs, art paintings and old newspaper cuttings which show political history of Uganda and many African countries.

Edirisa Museum

Edirisa museum is located along Kisoro road in kabale town, this fascinating museum built in a form of a traditional bakiga house was built by omugurusi karwemera festo. Edirisa museum is a major attraction in kabale, it contains two sections a shrine and exhibition centre, in an exhibition room domestic tools and utensils which are used in the bakiga homestead. The museum also has a back packer’s hostel, a craft gallery, internet cafe and restaurant which depict the bakiga culture and traditions. When visit the museum you will enjoy bakiga traditional local meals.

Kikonzo Language and Culture Centre

Kikonzo language and cultural centre is located in Kisoro district, this museum showcases and displays traditions, culture and heritage of bakonzo people. The bakonzo ethnic people are a small ethnic group in Uganda, upon visiting the centre you will learn and know more about the bakonzo people, their hereditary rule and cultural history through their displayed tools and various local stories which are told to you by the museum guide.

Igongo Culture Centre

Igongo cultural centre is a great showcase for cultures from western Uganda, the centre moving on a motto of “wisdom rooted in the past” is located in northern part of mbarara and was open in 2012 a ceremony which was commemorated by yoweri kaguta Museveni the president of Uganda. Upon visiting the centre on a tour you will be taken through the lifestyle of Banyankole people and kigezi household and how they have evolved, in this museum many western culture items are showcased for example gourds used to store milk, cow hides, grinding stones, traditional farming tools, calabashes and local food such as millet, the nkwanzi and ghee (locally known as ishabwe. At igogo culture center you can buy art crafts from craft shops, you also get to enjoy dance and singing performances at the cultural village. Igogo cultural centre also has a restaurant where local dishes are served and gardens where you can have a good time relaxing.

igongo cultural center

Peace Museum Gulu

Peace museum Gulu is situated in Gulu town, the museum was established human rights focus in Gulu as a way of giving hope to the Acholi people who spent most of their lives in campus as replaced people. The Acholi people were greatly affected by the hurtful acts of a rebel group the lord resistance army led by Joseph kony, the group carried out many killings and destruction of properties to the Acholi people which resulted into their displacement. Peace museum was built teaches the Acholi people there cultural practices such as matoput traditional reconciliation rite.

Uganda Martyrs University Museum

Uganda martyrs university museum is an anthropology centre is located in kayabwe along Kampala-masaka highway near the equator, the museum acts as a research centre for anthropology, sociology and African history which is carried out by local and foreign students and researchers. When you visit this park you see various artifacts and sculptures from Uganda and Africa.

Iteso Cultural Union Museum

The iteso cultural union museum is located at iteso cultural union in Soroti town just opposite Soroti hotel, the museum exhibits itesots cultures which are seen upon visiting this museum. Upon your visit you will see itesots household utensils, hunting tools which were used by ancient people, there is also animal skins and hides and royal regalia which were used by former itesots chiefs. On a tour in the museum your guide and locals while tell you many amazing ancient stories

Visit one these museums in Uganda, get informed and learn more about the heritage of Uganda which a very educative, informative and entertaining experience.


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