Ndali-Kasenda Crater Lakes of Kibale

Ndali-Kasenda Crater Lakes of Kibale; If you ever want to run away from the hectic polluted city life, ndali- kasenda crater lakes is your suitable location to escape and have a beautiful memorable relaxation time of your life. Ndali-kasenda crater lakes are found in western in Uganda between the leading wildlife habitats in Africa Kibale Forest National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park. The magical stretch scenic of the Kibale-ndali-kasenda is dotted with numerous crater lakes which were formed as a result of volcanic activity which took place a thousand years living behind large calderas on top of corn shaped volcanic hills which were filled with water from either rainfall or from the group creating crater lakes.

Ndali- kasenda crater lakes are most referred to as the top of the word is a jewel to tourism and preferred places for most tourists coming to western Uganda. The romantic scenery in this location is enchanting perfect couples on romantic gateways most especially honeymoons for lover birds and the newly wedded. Ndali-kasenda crater the beauty of western full of incredible scenery can be enjoyed on the way from kibale too Queen Elizabeth national park and while on these lakes you get to enjoy the beautiful views of Rwenzori mountains (mountains of the moon), tea plantations, Kabale rainforest jungle, lake George and Kichwamba escarpment of the western arm of rift valley.

Ndali-Kasenda Crater Lakes of Kibale
Ndali-Kasenda Crater Lakes of Kibale

Ndali-kasenda crater lakes of kibale area is a place never to miss out while on a classic safari in the pearl of Africa Uganda because of its best atmosphere, fresh air and cool breeze which is so conducive to tourist. The green forest cover and rolling hills around the crater lakes make the area more magical good for relaxation, nature walks and swimming after a hectic chimpanzee tracking in the primate haven Kibale National Park and game drives in Queen Elizabeth national park. The ndali-kasenda crater lakes are extinct and a few have volcanic gases, they are bilharzia free making them suitable for swimming but it is advisable to first inquire from your tour guide if the lakes are safer for swimming as some of the lakes have green toxic water and give out sulphuric smell which is caused by continuous volcanic activity beneath the mountains giving out volcanic gases and acidic water.

On a 10 kilometer guided walk in the stretch from kibale to fort portal offers the most thrilling best scenic view through the thick forests of kibale where you get to enjoy the view of various crater lakes in one location, the ndali-kasenda crater stretch. On top of these craters, you get to 360 degrees of the surrounding.

Ndali-Kasenda Crater Lakes

Crater lakes include:

  • Lake Kyantonde: Lake Kyantonde is found west of Lake Nyinambuga, it offers more a rich scenic of hills a thick forest surrounding the lake. On this intoxicating Crater Lake, you get to see various birds, geckos and enjoy the view of the green forest canopy and hills surrounding the Crater Lake. While on a safari on Lake Kyantonde accommodation and food services can be got from papaya lake lodge which is owned by a polish couple. 
  • Lake Nkuruba: Lake Nkuruba is the best spot for relaxation and nature walks while enjoying the God gifted nature, Lake Nkuruba is 25 kilometers south of fort portal which is so accessible. While on a tour Uganda safari in Lake Nkuruba accommodation can be got from Lake Nkuruba nature reserve and community campsite, this campsite is an ecotourism camp so peaceful making it worth visiting as you get a chance to spot red, black and white colobus.   
  • Lake Nyabikere: Lake Nyabikerere deriving its name hosting a number of frogs and most time referred to as the lake of frogs. It is 11 kilometers from Fort Portal while using the main road from fort portal to kibale forest. The experience in Lake Nyabikere is so wonderful, incredible and peaceful as you enjoy the view of tea plantations, the mountains of the moon and while on a safari on this lake you can get accommodation from Rweteera safari park   
  • Lake Nyinambuga: Lake Nyinambuga is a natural paradise and can be termed as a perfect scene taken out of a movie, the beautiful lake is surrounded by numerous forest trees which add up to its incredible beauty. Lake Nyinambuga and its incredible scenery are portrayed on Uganda’s 20,000 note, the breathtaking scenery perfect for nature walks in this location is one not to dare miss. While on safari on this Crater Lake accommodation and food services can be got from ndali lodge.
  • Lake Kifuruka: Lake Kifuruka is found west of Lake Nyinambuga before you reach Lake Kyantonde 26 kilometers from fort portal via fort portal-kasenda road. Lake Kifuruka is perfect for canoe boat expeditions and relaxation which are coupled up with cool breeze and fresh air. While touring Lake Kifuruka accommodation and other services like pool swimming and food can be got from Lake Kifuruka eco campsite.
  • Other lakes making up the magical kibale NDALI- KASENDA CRATER LAKES are Lake Mubiro, Lake Ntambi, Lake Nyamugasani, and Lake Nyanswinga
Ndali-Kasenda Crater Lakes
Ndali-Kasenda Crater Lakes

Activities Done on Ndali Kasenda Lakes

While on a safari in ndali-kasenda crater lakes stretch off kibale the following activities are expected 

  • Bird viewing. The thick forests surrounding the crater lakes harbors numerous bird species who are always spotted either on tree branches or on the water of the lake. These birds include marabou stork, shoe bill, grey crowned crane and many more.  
  • Boat rides. Boat ride in this stretch are carried out using canoe dug-out boats which are used to cross from one lake to another, boat rides are operated by the locals  
  • Hiking. Hiking to the hills surrounding the crater lakes is a breathtaking activity to take part in. on the hiking you encounter chimpanzee playing on trees of the thick forest surrounding the crater lakes 
  • Nature walks. Nature walks in ndali-kasenda crater lakes stretch is amazing as it takes you through the beautiful nature through the forest and the rolling hills leading to the beautiful crater lakes. If you get a chance you can also spot chimpanzees, red, black and white colobus.
  • Bicycle Tours. Bicycle tours in the NDALI- KASENDA CRATER LAKES is so extensive and fun offering as you ride on the trails to the top of the hills while enjoying the cool breeze, the green thick nature and the beautiful view of the crater lakes and its surrounding.  

Your safari to Ndali-Kasenda Crater Lakes of Kibale can be more enriched by adding in touring the Amabere caves, chimpanzee tracking in kibale forest national park and visiting Mahoma falls in Kabata village.

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