Night Game Drives in Uganda

Night game drives in Uganda is one of the various tourists activities offered in Uganda and this country is a jewel of tourism with various tourist destinations that contain a large number of attractions. Uganda the most famous treasure for tourism in East Africa and Africa at large is situated in the east Africa region with Kampala City as the capital city, tourism contributes a large portion to the economy of Uganda as it receives millions of tourists per year because is one of the safest places on earth and politically stable which determines a safer trip and peace wonderful time while in the pearl of Africa. Uganda is wholesomely endowed with various attractions both natural and artificial which perfectly suit various interests of tourists from different countries, tourist attractions in Uganda include the big five that is lions, elephants, leopard, buffalo and rhino, antelopes, giraffe, the endangered mountain gorillas for wildlife lover, different species of birds like ostriches, Ducks, geese, waterfowl, White-faced whistling-duck, Fulvous whistling-duck, White-backed duck, Knob-billed duck, Hartlaub’s duck, Egyptian goose,  Spur-winged Goose, African pygmy goose for bird lovers all in game parks of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Fall National Park, Bwindi impenetrable national park, Kibale National Park and many more.


For nature and hiking lovers Uganda has many prominent hills for example mountain Rwenzori, mountain Elgon, Virunga Mountains which are filled with various flora species, for water games  river Nile the longest river in the world consisting of numerous falls like Bujagaali, Ripon falls and Murchison falls together with lakes like Lake Victoria, Lake Kyoga and many more. There are also archeological sites which include Nsongezi rock Shelter, Nyero Rock Paintings Site, the Ntugi mounds and the Basin, Bigo bya Mugenyi, Munsa za Kateboha, Nakayima tree, and Kibiro salt-producing village. Traditional sites like Kasubi Tombs, Nagalabi Coronation Site, Mparo Tombs, Nkokonjeru Tombs, Karambi tombs and monuments, for example, Kabamba Monument Independence Monument Kamurasi-Baker Monument, Makerere University, The Clock Tower Patiko Fort, Fort Gerry (Portal), the Equator Crossings, Masaka Fort (Kigo), the Clock Tower.

Uganda as a country experience conducive climatic conditions with an average temperature of 26°C and an average rainfall of 99.76 mm and very hospitable people from different cultures who are so welcoming to tourists. Night game drives in Uganda these are trips to the wilderness done when the sun sets in the night to see wildlife most especially nocturnal animals, night game drives involve the use of high bean spotlights to help you the tourists enjoy the view of animals clearly, these spotlights most of the time are tired on tourist game drive vehicles. Most animals are found of hunting during the night, for example, lions and elephants and nocturnal animals also move at night so night game drives are the best time to see these animals. The following animals are sighted on night game drives for example lion, hippopotamus, rhino, running zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, civet cat, bats, owls, porcupine, hare, white tailed mongoose and spotted hyena.

Night Game Drives in  Uganda
Night Game Drives

Night game drives also known as nocturnal game drive of two hours in Uganda starting from sunset at around 6: 40 pm in the evening after the sunsets are the most exciting activity one never to miss if you are on safari in Uganda as predators like lions become more active in the night hours while preys like antelopes keep staying on alert. At night time wild animals shed off their fear for human and they can be spotted getting closer to tourists’ vehicle, it is a chance to see the fascinating wildlife animals up close most especially leopard can be spotted hiding in the bush with its attention-seeking night bright eyes in the view. Night game drive is only carried out only in the following three national game parks:

Queen Elizabeth national park: Night game drives in Queen Elizabeth national park is carried out in mweya peninsular which is situated between kazinga channel and Lake Edward. Queen Elizabeth national park found in kasese in the western region of Uganda is one of the famous tourist destinations and East Africa at large famous for its numerous wildlife most especially tree-climbing lions.  Night game drive in Queen Elizabeth national park is booked at mweya tourist information center or at the Uganda wildlife authority office at the entrance of the park and a permit is costed at $30 which is paid at the entrance of the park, you can either come with your spotlight or you can hire it from the Uganda wildlife authority offices. On this game drive in Queen Elizabeth, you expect to see lions if you are lucky as they wander around the grassland, antelopes, gigantic buffaloes, and many more animals.

Lake Mburo national park: Lake Mburo national park is a gem for tourist located in the western region of Uganda in Mbarara district. Night game drive in Lake Mburo national park happens in the savannah stretch containing acacia woodland, in Lake Mburo national park various animals can be spotted for example spotted hyena, thick-tailed galago, Jenet cat, serval cat, bush pig, and porcupine are sighted while on a night game drive.

Murchison falls national park: Murchison falls National Park is one of the most impressive locations for tourists in Uganda with a magnificent Murchison falls which create a rainbow, Murchison falls national park managed by Uganda wildlife authority is an area of 3,893 kilometers located in northwestern Uganda. Night game drive in Murchison falls national park is one of the highest lights in this park and you expect to see lions, hyenas, serval cats, and leopards as you drive through the open savannah stretch to the north of Nile, the drive is so fascinating as you get once in a lifetime chance of viewing the Nile waters filled with moonlight.    

While going for night game drives in the pearl of African you need the following requirements:

  • A 4 x 4 wheel safari vehicle 
  • A sweater in case it gets colder in the wildness
  • A spotlight torch and a small personal flashlight 
  • A camera with extra batteries
  • Mosquito repellent 
  • Water for refreshment 

There are rules and regulations lied down by the Uganda wildlife authority for a safe exciting night game drive:

  • Always follow the instructions of your guide
  • Tourists below the age of 15 are not allowed to participate in the night game drive 
  • Control your noise while in the wilderness
  • While in the park do not use too much dime light as it might scare the wild animals and many more

Night games drives in Uganda in Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison falls national park and Lake Mburo national park is one of the marvelous thrilling activities for anyone to participate in while on safari in Uganda.

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