Packing list on any African safaris ; A traveler planning to have his or her next visit to Africa, probably visiting Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda or Kenya among other African countries.   You after making a decision on when to come, we are recommended that you bring along all the important stuff that you might need. Take note, Uganda has two dry and rainy seasons so come prepared for the weather. The dry season tend to happen from start June to September and December to February and wet season tend to happen from March to May and October to November.  However, there are compiled list of essential and general items that we believe will make your tour more memorable and unforgettable. Below is the list of useful items to bring with you for their travel as follows;

A visit to Uganda, you can go adventure different several safari destinations such as; Visit Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Kibale Forest National Park among others.

A visit to Kenya, you go visit the most visited and remarkable safari destination in the heart of Africa that is; Masai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Tsavo National Park, Aberdare National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park among others.

Visit Tanzania’s most popular safari destination worldwide – Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro crater Lake, among others.

Rwanda, you can go visit Volcanoes National Park for mountain gorilla trekking and golden monkey as well as a visit to Nyungwe National Park.

Below is the list of useful items to bring with you for their travel as follows;

Passport; A passport is the most useful travel items that gives you step head to start planning for your safari, because without it how can you enter Uganda or any other visiting destination.  Always ensure that you have valid passport, not expiring soon and make photocopies.

Airline ticket; This helps one travelling not to miss his or her flight given the tight safari schedules.

Immunization card for yellow fever; A traveler from USA or any other country, you cannot be allowed to enter Uganda without a valid yellow fever card.  For at least before your time of travel take 3 weeks work upon it.

Visa; Any traveler coming or entering Uganda or Kenya, must have a Visa. Travelers    visiting East African countries – must obtain East African Visa that allows visitors move to Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. You can apply for the VISA online or get them from the border entry points and airport. Although East Africa nationals generally don’t need a VISA to enter Uganda

Insect Repellent; You carrying this item on the next visit to any safari destination in Africa, protects you against flees, mosquitoes and Tsetse fly in the wilderness.

Carry anti-malarial tablets – Like Uganda is country known for having malaria zone and it is advisable thing to bring along on safari Africa.

A simple First-Aid Kit; Its good to carry a first aid kit items include; bandages, eye drops, antibiotics and anti-diarrhea medication, pain killer’s ad gas- relief tables among others.

Binoculars; Each safari destination in Africa, have got a lot of birds and small animals in game parks.

Travel and health Insurance; In each safari destination, there are several companies you can use to arrange for travel insurance.

Photocopies of all important documents helps to keep your items like valid passport, airline ticket and reservation printouts that you can always show at the different counter.

Packing list on any African safaris
Packing list on any African safaris

Have Passport size photos of yourself, which can be asked by a tour agent within few periods of time during your trip.

Cash and Credit/ATM Card; Each African countries has got several ATM services where you can go withdraw the monkey from.

Packing list on any African safaris : Backpack; This helps to carry your valuables like music, camera, devices and others

Clothing; Ensure to carry essential clothing depending which season you’re visiting the destination. Useful clothes like Skirts, scarf, shirfs, sweater, warm clothes, long shirts and trousers protect you against mosquitoes in the drier months.

Sunglasses and contact lenses; Your eyes need to be preserved from the strong sun’s rays’ eyes during dry season. You should remember to carry solution for the contact lens.

Pens and writing materials; This item helps you note down important aspects/things about your journeys.

Driver’s license; Those planning to enter the country with your own car, you need to have a valid East Africa – Uganda driving license

Books for reading; Its good to travel with your favorite book or novel which will bring you out of boredom during your time in flight and in between safari activities as you rest in your hotel. You can also come with animal- bird guide books. You can purchase a good book about Uganda or Kenya or Rwanda. Other items include; Umbrella, Headlight and flashlight, Alarm clock, Beauty products, Miscellaneous, shoes, a mobile phone and laptop, Batteries, Chargers, adapters and memory cards.

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