Park Entry Fees to Lake Mburo   2024 – 2026 : Park entry fees to Lake Mburo National Park is known as Uganda’s smallest savannah game park covering an area of about 370 square kilometers and a home containing up 5 Lake within its boundaries thus forming part of a 50kilometers long wetland system linked by a swamp. It once covered by open savanna, habitat to variety of animal species like Buffaloes, warthogs, bush pig and hippopotamus many more. The park contains much woodland and in its western part savanna grassland is interspersed with rocky ridges and forested gorges while patches of papyrus swamp and narrow bands of lush riparian woodland line among other lakes.

Lake Mburo National Park boosts with over 315 bird species and the best place to spot them is around acacia associated birds, Rwonyo, some of birds to see includes; Mosque swallow, black bellied bustard, bare-faced –go away bird and Rappel’s starling among others. It is also a home to over 70 mammal species more especially the antelopes ‘’impala’’ and around 6 fish species which can be caught in Lake Mburo or other four remaining lakes.

The park is located in Kiruhuru district and it sits at altitude ranging between 1,220meter – 1,828meter above sea level.

Historically, Lake Mburo National Park was first declared as hunting area in 1933 but later upgraded to a game reserve in 1963 with an aim of conserving big profusion of mammas that inhabited the National Park. Later on, it was gazetted into a fully-fledged National Park in 1983 by then, the former president Milton Obote’s government was working hard to push away the Bahima pastoralists who were encroaching on the National park land for grazing.

Note; Lake mburo National Park can easily be accessed because it lies close to Kampala – Uganda’s capital city and it take only 3hours drive to reach the park.

Entrance fees to Lake Mburo National Park are issued at every entrance gate to the National Park like Sanga main gate and Nshara gate. All you need, is to present his or her valid identification before your entry permit is issued.  It is determined on the status of the foreign nonresident, a foreign resident or an East African member.

The foreign resident is required to present a void work permit, the non-foreign residents are required to present their passports for verification and the East Africans are required to present their valid national identification cards, in order to get the entrance permits to enter the park.

Park entrance fees – Lake Mburo National Park

Non foreign resident pay USD40, USD30 and East African pay UGX20,000. They are paid in a single day, considered 24 hours and any extra minute from the time of issue is counted as an extra day.

Note; The park entry fees are not levied on children below 15 years.

Annual Entry Fees;

The annual park entry fees only allowed to be paid by the foreign residents who work in Uganda and East African Members in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda;

An Individual who is a foreign residents of Uganda is entitled to park USD350 as annual park entry fees to Lake Mburo National Park.

Couple ‘’foreign resident’’ pay USD500 and couple ‘’East African Members’’ pay UGX200,000 as annual park fees to Lake Mburo National Park.

Families of East African citizens are expected to pay UGX300,000 for the annual park entry fee.

Park Entry Fees to Lake Mburo   2024 – 2026
Horseback Riding in Lake Mburo National Park

A corporate group of foreign residents pay USD1500 and 2,5millions for corporate East Africa Citizens.

Activities prices in Lake Mburo National Park;

Day game drive – foreign nonresident cost UD$20, USD30 for foreign resident and the East African pay UGX20,000.

Night game drive –per person;

Foreign nonresident pays US$30, USD15 for foreign resident and UGX50,000 for East African Member.

Nature walk;

Nonresident pay USD15, USD10 for foreign resident and UGX10,000 for East African Member.

Boat rides

Nonresident foreign pay USD30, USD25 for foreign resident and UGX30,000 for East African Member.


Nonresident foreign pay USD30, USD25 for foreign resident and UGX30,000 for East African Member.

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