Park fees for Bwindi impenetrable national park.

Park fees for Bwindi impenetrable national park: Bwindi impenetrable national park is a UNESCO heritage site located in the south western Uganda, the park lies in on the edges of the rift valley covering the area of 321 square kilometers.  Bwindi forest impenetrable national park is the oldest and most biological national park in Uganda, the park is well known for being a home to the critically endangered mountain gorillas. Bwindi is a home to the largest population of mountain gorillas in the world and offers an extra ordinary mountain gorilla trekking experience which takes the tourist through various habituated gorilla families which are found in four sectors. In buhoma sector you find Katwe gorilla family, mubare gorilla family, Habinyanja family and Rushegura gorilla family. In Ruhija sector there is Oruzogo, Bitukura and Kyaguliro family groups. In Rushaga sector there is kahungye, Busingye, Bweza, Nshongi, Mishaya gorilla families. In Nkuringo sector there is Nkuringo and Christmas gorilla families.

Park fees for Bwindi impenetrable national park
Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi

For a tourist to access Bwindi impenetrable national park, they are obliged to pay a reason fee for various activities. In the Park fees for Bwindi impenetrable national park include

  • Park entry fees
  • Activity fees
  • Annual park payments
  • Vehicle entrance, aircraft landing and parking fees

Activity charges

Activity Foreign non-residents (FNR) in US$ Foreign residents (FR) East African residents in UGX
Mountain gorilla trekking 700 500 250,000
Nature walk 30 15 10,000
Batwa forest experience 40 40 40,000


Individual park entry

Park entry fees are charged according to the status and age of the tourist but for tourists going for mountain gorilla trekking permit are not charged park entry fees.

Foreign non-residents

  • Adults pay 40 USD
  • Children pay 20 USD

Foreign residents pay

  • Adults pay 30 USD
  • Children pay 10 USD

East African residents pay

  • Adults pay 20000 UGX
  • Children pay 5000 UGX

Pupils pay 3000 UGX

Students pay 5000 UGX

Annual park payments

Annual payments are paid on annual / yearly basis, these are paid by east African citizens, foreign residents, corporate groups, safari guide, tour operators, family groups and couples. These charges do not apply to foreign non-residents, these charges are as follows

Category Price
A tour operator Foreign resident 50 USD
East African resident 125000 UGX
Safari guide and taxi drivers 100000 UGX
Corporate Foreign residents 1500 USD
East African residents 2.5 MILLION UGX
Family maximum of 4 children Foreign residents 700 USD
East African resident 300000 UGX
couple Foreign residents 500 USD
East African resident 200000 UGX
Individuals Foreign residents 350 USD
East African resident 150000 UGX


Vehicle entrance, aircraft landing and parking fees

Vehicle entrance and aircraft fees are charged according to the status and size of the vehicle.

  • Foreign motor vehicles are charged 30 USD
  • East African motor vehicles pay 20000 UGX
  • Foreign saloon cars are charged 40 USD
  • East African cars pay 20,000 UGX
  • Foreign mini buses, pickups and 4WD cars pay 50 USD
  • East African mini buses, pickups and 4 WD pay 30,000 UGx
  • Foreign buses and lorries pay 150 USD
  • East Africa buses and lorries pay 150000 UGX

Aircraft landing are charged per landing

  • Foreign Helicopters are charged 100 USD and east Africa helicopter pay 250000 UGX
  • Foreign 21 seats aircraft pay 60 USD and East African are charged 120,000
  • Foreign 15-20 seater pay 50 USD and East African pay 100,000
  • 7-14 seater crafts pay 40 USD for foreign and 80,000 for east African
  • 4-6 seater are charged 30 USD for foreign and 60,000 for East African
  • 1-3 air crafts pay 20 USD for foreign and 40,000 for East African.

Parking fee is 50000 UGx per day, the parking fee for both vehicles and air crafts are charged per entry in to the park

 Gorilla filming and photography charges

For any tourists visiting Bwindi impenetrable national park for filming and photography purposes pay the following charges.

For Photography

  • Foreign residents and foreign non-residents pay US$ 150 per day
  • EAC residents pay 150,000 per day
  • 1st week of photography is charged full amount
  • 2nd week of photography and on is discounted and charged with 50% discount.

For gorilla filming

  • Gorilla filming is charged US$ 4,200 per hour for Foreign residents and non-foreign residents
  • EAC residents pay UGX 4,200,000.

Note: these prices exclude prices for gorilla trekking permit

Research fees

Type of researcher  Application

Fees in US $


Research Fees in US $

Report/ Security deposit Fees in US $
Long term researchers(LTR) 100 250 300   
Foreign Non Student Research (FNSR) 100 250 300
Foreign Student Research (FSR) 100 150 300
Foreign Research Assistant/Volunteer (FRA/V) 100 150 ——
Ugandan Non Student Researcher (UNSR)  50,000 in UGx 100,000 in UGx 200,000
Ugandan PhD Student (UPhDS)  20,000 in UGx 50,000 in UGx 100,000
Uganda MSC Students (UMSCS)  20,000 in UGx —–


Please note

·         All visitors are required to present valid identification documents as confirmation for their resident status, East African community residents can president either east African permit or a valid identification card and for international tourists are required to present a valid passport.

·         Park’s entrance ticket is valid for only 24 hours

·         If you over stay in the park after 24 hours elapses, you will be fined and charged an extra day

·         Children charged at the park are of age between 5-15 years

·         Children aged 5 years and below are not charged

·         Uganda individuals on research are free (not charged park entrance)

·         Foreign researchers and volunteers are charged discounted park entrance of 10 days at 50%

·         Foreign students on field short courses with valid identity cards are also charged with 50% on park entry fees for 10 days.

·         Pilots who do not stay in the park for 2 hours are not liable for any payments.








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