Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge; This is a perfect base for your safari activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The lodge is built along ecological idea ,consisting of bandas and self-contained and non-self-contained tents.

The lodge is well spaced in such a way to maximize privacy and enhance the Uganda safari aspect of the lodge. It is surrounded by the park and bordering the Kazinga channel thus making it a beautiful place to stay. Tourists gets rewardable sights of animals roaming in and out the camp and sounds of hippo’s and hyena’s complement our star lit dinners.

They offer excellent safari camp which is affordable and authentic while on stay at the lodge expect a fantastic outdoor safari atmosphere, a close to nature experience with tasty food and friendly services.

Accommodation Facilities and Amenities at Bush Lodge;


The lodge boosts with 12 self-contained bandas which were built between the indigenous bush. The rooms are built on a well raised wooden platform and made from a fine combination of canvas and local materials.

They are décor with mosquito netted windows allow a 180-degree view and ensures a close to nature experience. Each room was designed with a private terrace overlooking the seasonal Kamera river.

All the bandas have an ensuite bathroom with running water for your hand wash, a flushing toilet and an outside shower with 24/24 hours hot water, with 2 showerhead that allow couples to take their starlit shower together.

Self-Contained Tent

The self-contained tents offer some privacy and a real in the bush experience. There are two self-contained tents lied few distance away from the lodge. These self-contained tents are an ideal for families as an extra tent which can be placed on the adjacent platform.  Walking there at night is not recommended.

Non-Self-Contained Tent

Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge offers a budget friendly accommodation to tourists who visits the park on budget range.  There are 10 non-self-contained tents which are furnished with perfect beds, a bedside table and electricity outlet for charging your electrical equipment. All tents are designed with a grass thatched roof which creates your private terrace and provides welcome shade.

Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge
Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge

The tents share a communal ablution block with showers and flushing toilet rooms, there is no worry about linen as all bedding and towels are provided.

Restaurant Amenities – Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge

The tent is set overlooking the Kazinga Channel and to have the Rwenzori Mountain range in its backdrops while enjoying your delicious food. In the evening, they take the table outside and organize a starlit dinner.

They are set with paraffin lights and a campfire which is set from where your four-course dinner will be served. The lodge caters about dietary requirements of the client. They are good in preparing coffee or tea, packed breakfast or lunches can be organized according to your planning of the day.

Fact, Queen Elizabeth National Park lies in western Uganda region and the second largest national park in Uganda. Its area extends from Lake George in the northeast to Lake Edward in the southwest, with the Kazinga Channel linking the two. More so, the park stuns with biodiversity with an open savannah, dense papyrus swamps, forest, crater lakes and interesting gorge.  The park was named after the visiting of Queen Elizabeth 11 and is home to 95 mammals and over 600 species of birds.

Animals in Queen Elizabeth National Park includes; African elephants, African buffalo, Uganda Kob, hippopotamus, top, waterbuck, warthogs, Nile crocodile, Giant Forest hog, leopard, spotted hyena, chimpanzee and lions many more.

Birds in the park including ; Intermediate egret ,Cattle egret ,Little egret ,Hamerkop ,Great white pelicans ,Pink-backed pelican ,Goliath heron ,Little egrets, Greater flamingos ,Long-tailed cormorants ,Lesser flamingos , Yellow-billed stork ,Saddle-billed stork ,African Openbill ,Black headed conolek ,Papyrus gonolek ,white- winged terns ,African skimmers ,White stork, African Jacana ,Marabou stork ,woodland kingfisher ,Grey-headed kingfisher ,Malachite king fisher ,Black- headed lapwing ,Ross’s turaco ,African finfoot ,Black crake ,Bare-faced Go Away bird among others.

Activities to do while at Queen Elizabeth Bush lodge includes l Game drives, Launch, Birding, Chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura Gorge, Salt crater lakes, wildlife research tours among others.

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