Ride for a woman : This is one of the most beneficial programs in the pearl of Africa based in the Buhoma region of Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park. The main aim of ride for a woman is empowering women in Bwindi, Uganda, who are struggling with poverty, HIV, and domestic violence

Ride for a woman is a charitable organization that has surely brought a lot of change and difference to the ladies who are struggling with life in the region.

Ride for a woman for set up with different programs and activities aimed to support woman as they are helped in creating sustainable change in the community.

The ride for a woman has got key aspects as to why it was set up and even having a Microfinance Program as part of their efforts to empower women in Bwindi, Uganda.

The Microfinance Program was set up to help in giving the ladies financial services and support with the ideas or existing small businesses but lack access to traditional banking systems and this is majorly done through loans, savings facilities, and not forgetting business training.

This program has an open space for volunteer opportunities towards individuals who want to contribute their time, skills, and passion to support their mission of empowering women in Bwindi, Uganda.

This helps the women in bwindi Uganda acquire different skills which has help them and their children and hence a better life style.

Hence a visit to the location one is able to support someone in the program and this can be made possible by Achieve global safaris as you get to know more about the people and their culture in the facility.

There are lots of activities to engage in while on your visit to the ride for a woman program facility and these activities can be arranged for you by achieve global safaris guides and some of these include; Basket Weaving, Traditional Cooking, Pedal Sewing, Kiga Dance

Even after these one can even be able to engage into one of the most thrilling activity the location of buhoma which is gorilla trekking and this as well can organized for one by achieve global safaris.

Ride for a woman
Ride for a woman

Once one chooses to have a visit at the ride for a woman facility there are some things that one should not worry about such as accommodation case being Ride 4 a Woman offers accommodation options for visitors who want to stay in Bwindi, Uganda.

To start with the organization has two accommodations available, providing comfortable and convenient places to stay while supporting the mission of Ride for a woman and beside Achieve global safaris will also see to it that you get to have the best experience of a life time at the location.

With this in case of need for any more information about the accommodations, including availability, pricing, and booking, would recommend visiting achieve global safaris official website or contacting the organization directly for relevant information about the ride for a woman organization.

In conclusion for best experiences go through Achieve Global Safaris to make sure that you get to have the best kind experiences at the organizations and Uganda at large.

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