Ruhija Sector

Ruhija Sector is one of the 4 sectors of Bwindi impenetrable national park and is the least congested region to trek and is worth exploring. Ruhija is a home to over half of mountain gorilla population of Bwindi. Ruhija sector was introduced later after the Buhoma Sector, and it is located in the Eastern region of the park lieing between the buhoma sector in the north and Kibale National Park to the east, 218 kilometers from Queen Elizabeth national park and 52 kilometers from Lake Bunyonyi.

Ruhija Sector
Bwindi Gorilla Trekking in Ruhija Sector

Ruhija sector is the less developed sector in Bwindi impenetrable national park and the only region in Bwindi where you can see African green bills. Because of the hilly terrain and dense forest, the Ruhija sector has cool stinging breezes most especially at night, the forests are filled with fog which is appropriate for photography. Drier months of April to August, December to February is the best time to go for gorilla trekking in the Ruhija sector.

Ruhija sector of Bwindi impenetrable national park has three habituated gorilla families which include

Kyaguriro gorilla family:  Kyaguriro Gorilla family a group of 20 members was the first habituated family group in Ruhija reserved in 1999 for study and research purposes by max Planck institute for evolutionary anthropology up to date the group is still used for study purposes by scientists and researchers, the group was first headed by Zeus and after his death he was succeeded by Rukina who died 2015, he was succeeded in Rukara who is the current leader. Unlike in other groups where 8 tourists are allowed in each group, in kyaguriro, only 6 tourists are allowed to trek in a group.

Oruzogo gorilla family: Oruzogo gorilla family consisting of 16 members derives its name from a local plant which seen around this region and was formed in 2011 with 25 members with 2 silverbacks under the leadership of a silverback alpha Tibirikwata. This group is filled with entertaining young ones, in 2013 it was gifted with the asset of twins which were birthed by kankonba an adult female, other gorillas which make up the group include Otaka, Busungu, Kashudwe, Nyakiina, Kaganga, Karimi, Kiromba, Katoto, Kanywani, Kakobe, and Buchura.

Bitukura gorilla family: Bitukura gorilla family is a unique gorilla family from other families well known for being playful, it has more than 4 silverbacks that are Ndahura, Rukara, Rukumu, and Karamuzi but interestingly it is headed by the second youngest silver called Ndahura and there are no signs of conflicts and struggle for power. Bitukura gorilla family derives its name from river Bitukura where gorillas were first sighted in 2007 and habituation of this group took 15 months yet other groups take 2 years. At a certain time, the oldest female of the group migrated to the Kyaguriro Gorilla family which makes this group related to Kyaguriro Gorilla family. This group consists of 13 members that are 4 silverbacks, 3 adult females, 2 black back, 2 juveniles, and 2 infants. Silverbacks in this group move together accompanied by 2 black backs.

Apart from Bwindi gorilla trekking, there are other activities to do in Ruhija sector of Bwindi forest impenetrable national park which make it the best destination for gorilla trekking, they include 

Batwa pygmy encounters, the Batwa people were the early occupants of the Bwindi forest impenetrable national park and during the declaration of Bwindi forest as a national park in 1991 they were forcefully driven out the forests, they ended up settling on the boundaries of the park where tourists go for cultural encounters of the Batwa pygmy people were tourists witness the demonstration of ancient, norms, culture and activities of the forest people like hunting, making of fire, collecting of local herbs (medicine), collecting of honey and Batwa entertainment in form of traditional songs and dances.

Bird watching, gorilla safari in Ruhija is never complete without birding since Ruhija is the best spot to view birds, Ruhija region is a home to approximately 23 Albertine endemic bird species which include dusky crimson wing, turacos, yellow streaked greenbul, yellow-eyed black fly-catcher, starred robin, grey bush strike which have unique features which are of amuse to bird lovers. 

Forest walks, Ruhija sector is covered with thick forest which has cool weathers and fresh unpolluted air which is of an ambiance to tourists favoring forest walks in this region, on forest walks in Ruhija tourists encounter waterfalls, caves, and rocks. And also meet different species of animals and birds. 

While in Ruhija sector of Bwindi impenetrable national park for trekking safari accommodation can be found at Trekkers tavern cottages, Ruhija community rest camp, bakiga lodge, Ruhija gorilla friends resort, gorilla mist camp, Ruhija gorilla resort and many more. Ruhija sector can be accessed by a road that is from Kampala via Rukungiri, Kihihi, Butogota then to Ruhija, by air this section can be accessed using a chartered flight to Kihihi airstrip then drive to Ruhija which takes two hours.

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