Safari Accommodation in Semuliki National Park : Semuliki National Park is renowned as one of Uganda’s birders haven location, located in western Uganda in the Bundibugyo district, sits on Uganda’s border with Democratic Republic of Congo. Meanwhile, the park is bordered by Lake Albert in the northern side and the Rwenzori Mountains on the south Eastern side. More so, the park lies on relatively flat land thus making it prone to flooding when river’s within receive too much rain during the wet season.

Before returning into a national park first known as a forest reserve in 1932 and became a national park in 1993 mainly to curb deforestation. The forest in Semuliki are an extension of the great Ituri Forest that expends all the way to the River Zaire. The extension implies that many to the tree and mammal species found in Central Africa found in the park.

Semuliki National Park truly stands as a top birding destination in Uganda, habiting over 441 species of birds and about 67 percent of the species are forest birds. Bird checklists to see inhere includes ; Yellow-throated Nicator ,Icterine Greenbul ,Xavier’s Greenbul ,Leaf-love ,Green-tailed Bristle bill ,Swamp palm Bulbul ,Fire –crested Alethe ,Northern Bearded Scrub Robin ,Blue-billed Malimbe ,Grant’s Bluebill ,Orange-Cheeked Waxbill ,Grant’s Bluebill ,Spot-berated Ibis ,Long –tailed Hawk ,Nkulengu Rail ,Yellow-throated Cuckoo ,White-bellied Kingfisher ,Piping Hornbill ,Black –casqued wattled Hornbill ,Lyre-tailed Honey guide ,Red-billed Dwarf Hornbill mentioned but few.

The park is also home to variety of wild animal with over 60 species including; Bay duiker, Beecroft’s Anomalure, Bush babies, Bush pigs, Civets, Dwarf antelopes, Elephants, Fruit bats, Fire-footed Rope squirrel, Bush pigs, forest elephant, pygmy hippos, leopards, little collard fruit bat, Mona monkeys, pygmy flying squirrel, Red-legged sun squirrel, Sitatunga, target rats, water bucks, warthogs, Uganda kobs, white-bellied Duiker and the Zenker’s flying mouse among others. There are around 300 species of butterflies such as; the charaxes and forest swallowtails’’ and about 8 primates found in the park forest such species include ‘blue monkeys, De Brazza’s Monkeys, Guereza colobus, Vervet monkeys and olive baboons. While on safari here, you can be able to see night primates like the pottos and galagos.

However, Semuliki National Park has got few accommodation facilities within the park. There are inside and outside safari lodges to the park, ranging between Budget, Mid-range and Luxury, all have perfect amenities;

Campsites and Banda’s by the Uganda Wildlife Authority

The campsites were built 3kilomters away from the Sempaya trail where most activities in the park begin. All rooms are comfortable but no meals. We advise visitors to carry their own food and hire cooking utensils if you wish to cook your own packed food.

Semliki Safari Lodge

This lodge is the oldest in the area, located in the Semliki Wildlife Reserve near the park with wonderful views of Congo’s Blue Mountains.  The lodge consists of luxury tents that are built with local material. It can accommodate about 18 people in a day. It offers a truly private wilderness experience.

Facilities in the lodge include – spacious restaurant, hot showers, perfect sofas, a lounge area, swimming pool, reading area.

They offer classic food and breakfast which can be served to the room and well prepared both locally and international cuisines.

More so, the lodge helps to run chimpanzee research project in collaboration with the Indian University. Therefore, have an opportunity of learning about the process of habituating chimpanzee and how studying their lifestyle helps understand the evolution of man.

Ntoroko Game Lodge

Ntoroko Game Lodge was built in Semuliki Wildlife Reserve near Lake Albert. The lodge has luxury tents very beautiful and sits next to unspoiled sand beaches of Lake Albert.

This lodge is suitable for visitors on honeymoon vacation and desire privacy. Ntoroko Game Lodge is furnished with wooden floors and stylish stone exteriors with stunning views of Lake Albert.

The lodge has both single and double rooms designed with fans, a safe, hairdryers, heaters and private balconies.

Kirimia Guesthouse

The Kirimia Guesthouse was built 10kilometer away from the Sempaya gate towards Bundibugyo town in the village of Kirimia. The lodge offers budget rooms but still offering good quality facilities.

Safari Accommodation in Semuliki National Park
Safari Accommodation in Semuliki National Park

The rooms are self-contained and meal can be served in the room but on requests. Interestingly, it was built near the Kirimia Head Trail and the park headquarters in Ntandi. It is  a great starting point  to go for game drives ,birding ,primate viewing like Chimpanzee and colobus monkeys.

Hotel Vanilla

The Hotel Vanilla is a budget hotel located in Bundibugyo town and close to the largest town market. They have clean and self-contained with showers. Delicious meals are served from the hotel restaurant while drinks can be ordered from the hotel canteens.

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