Sanctury Gorilla Forest Camp; This is an excellent luxurious safari accommodation hosting over ten spacious private luxury tents in the heart of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. The camp blends with the dramatic African mountain landscape and lies uniquely inside the national park, it takes few minutes to the point where gorilla trekking experience start from. The camp sits on a flat ridge, deep within Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. It is a remote and atmospheric mountain sanctuary.

The camp consists of ten comfortable tents that features queen -sized beds and generous bathtubs that look out onto the forest canopy.

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp Facilities and Amenities;

Frequently visited by gorilla families due to its perfect location

Exclusive camp with ten tents

The camp is an excellent base for a once in a lifetime trip to track mountain gorillas.

It gives a great opportunity for community interaction, including the local Batwa pygmies.

Specially customized sedan chairs with support and harness permits less able guests to be carried into the rainforest to trek the gorillas in their natural environment.

The camp also supports the Bwindi Community Hospital and Victory School in the area, supporting them through many projects.

They have spacious restaurant that serves delicious meals.

They have dining cottage overlooking the rainforest and meals are served al fresco on a raised natural platform that blends into the surroundings.

They have a beautiful a small gift shop that offers displayed selection of locally sourced handcrafts.

While at the camp, you can do forest walks to Munyanga waterfall as well as an interactive community visit. You can do bird walking which can be arranged at an additional cost.

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp
Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp

Activities to do while at Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp;

Visit the local community where you will be able to learn how to plunk tea leaves when you visit the community.

Birding and waterfall hike ; While at the camp ,you can go for birding in different interesting trails and expect to spot endemic bird species includes ; Bar-tailed trogon ,Shelley’s crimson wing ,Black -billed turaco ,Black bee-eater ,Doherty’s bush shrike ,Mountain Oriole ,Black-faced warbler ,Blue-headed sunbird ,Handsome francolin ,western green tinkerbirds ,Regal sunbirds ,Olive-breasted greenbul ,Neumann’s warbler ,Many-colored bush-shrike ,African broadbill ,Black bee-eater ,Black-billed turaco among others.

Cultural visit with the Batwa tribe;

The Batwa tribe are known as the Keepers of the Forest’’ and they are a hunter gatherer that used to live in this ancient forest for thousands of years. The experience can take 3 hours hike through the forest trail to a Batwa settlement.  You visiting them, will observe how the women prepare their traditional meals, enjoy a lively music performance, learn about the Batwa’s amazing way of life- from religion to their food gathering and hunting techniques and interact with the tribesmen.

The Batwa pygmies have symbiotic relationship with the wild.

Have magnificent opportunity to experience the forest through their eyes.

Gorilla trekking

This is a magical encounter with mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, starts early in the morning with a briefing about gorilla trekking rules and regulations at 8am meet your guide to locate you to the assigned gorilla family. The trekking experience can take about 30 to 7 hours depending on the location of mountain gorillas. Once the gorilla group is found one hour is allowed to spend with them as you learn how they behave, feeds, play, lay their nest in the evening as well as capturing pictures as many as possible for your future remembrance.

Well, Bwindi National Park is a popular home to the world’s largest population of mountain gorillas that still exists, located in the southwestern Uganda region approximately 8 to 9 hours drive from Kampala or Entebbe to main visited destination. Visitors looking for perfect luxury accommodation to stay in while on gorilla trekking safaris in Bwindi, we recommend you to book -Sanctauary Gorilla Forest Camp that holds one of the top-ranking good facilities while on safari stay.

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