Summer family safari activities in Uganda: Uganda the pearl of Africa is listed as one of the top East African destinations for the summer. The land gives you some of the most fulfilling sights of both animals and nature and people. The land gives its visitors an assortment of adventure, scenic views, culture, animal bliss and relaxation among other things.

But even with the country’s diversity, one wonders what activities can a family do on their summer safari in the country.

The activities to do in Uganda are immersed you need a whole year to exhaust them. So, you will not run out of ideas. However, in this article, we shall list down a few, of the most popular ones, so you can choose what you think sorts you and your family best.

Before we give you our suggestions, we want to clarify, that in East Africa and Uganda as it is in other countries summers are usually hot seasons with the sun out.

So, as you move with your family, plan for the hot weather.

The other thing, please consult with your tour operator about family safaris, especially for places of accommodation, so that you get the best family safari package.

Also depending on the age of your family members, some of these activities may be specific, but either way here is the list.

On more things the activities are specific to Uganda, so they may not be available in the other East African countries.

Mountain gorilla trekking

this is the most popular safari activity in Uganda. Mountain gorilla trekking takes you to the natural habitat of the gorillas in Bwindi National Park and mgahinga national park to see the huge forest apes. Mountain gorilla trekking activities are the best in the summer because the trails are dry and the forest breeze is cool, just making your trek pretty amazing. The trekking activities are done by persons 15 and above, they are quite physically demanding so all trekkers should be fit and able to handle a long walk.

The trek is an experience but the most amazing part of this is seeing the mountain gorillas in their habitat.

Game drives

Another activity is game drives in the savannah parks to see the savannah animals. This is less tiring than trekking and it takes through the savannah grasslands to see the numerous animals in the park.

White Water Rafting is another summer activity that is thrilling and fulfilling. The adrenaline-packed experience is done usually in the Nile River in Jinja. At this river other activities like kayaking, bungee jumping and others are done there.

Zipping at lake Bunyonyi, you can also visit Lake bunyonyi for a zipline experience and also a canoeing experience to the punishment island. Actually, at lake bunyonyi you will zipline, canon and visit the punishment island. They are great relaxing activities that you can engage in as a family.

Summer family safari activities in Uganda
Canoe on Lake Bunyonyi

City tours – city tours take you to the different cities around Uganda to see the city life of the locals and just enjoy being with them in any case. City tours are majorly done in Kampala City the Capital of Uganda. Then Mbarara City and Jinja city. Each city tour is unique and we are positive you and your family will have a blast on these tours.

Sipi Falls and Mabira Forest adventure. Especially if your family is full of teenagers or early 20s. This adventure can be wonderful for them. The adventure has a forest nature walk in there, where you will see numerous tree species, several bird species and butterflies among other creatures. At the Sipi Falls, you get to hike the falls and enjoy spectacular views. You also get to visit Coffee Farms in that part of the country.

Community tours, communities like the Batwa and Ike people give amazing Cultural Experiences as you visit them to explore their cultures and traditions that are rather unique compared to the other communities.

Since it’s a family safari always be mindful to have everyone included in the activities and also be mindful of safety for all, and respect for local cultures and communities among other things.

This concludes the summer family safari activities in Uganda.

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