Things To do and see at Mombasa Marine Park : Travelers may be wondering what to do and see while on visit to Mombasa Marine Park in Kenya, there are many reasons you should visit the park such as coral reefs, marine life, diving, sun bathing, snorkeling, boat rides and beach life. It is exceptionally beautiful with white sandy beaches and naturally warm ocean currents. Just get kicked into the ground of Mombasa Marine Park where you will enjoy great sights of beautiful features around the area.

Mombasa Marine Park lies in Mombasa -Kenya on the coast near area which attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists from different corners of the world throughout the year. More so, the park is one of the most popular of the protected marine areas and is made up of a National Park and a National Reserve which occupy 4 square miles and 80 square miles respectively.
The park is also strategically lies between two creeks ‘’Mtwapa and Tudor’’ making it a favorite go to adventure surfers, snorkelers, scuba divers and marine life researchers. Mombasa Marine Park is inhabited to various marine species like turtles, crabs, star fish, jelly fish, octopus, sea cucumber and migratory bird species like the crab plovers many more.
The park is also blessed with clear blue waters and impressing coral reefs of unique colors and shapes. Below are the things to do and see at Mombasa Marine Park;

Things To do and see at Mombasa Marine Park
Mombasa Marine National Park

Coral Reefs at Mombasa Marine National Park
The park stuns with these coral reefs which occupies around 230kilometer of the Kenyan coast. These coral reefs are food and shelter to cover million different marine species thus plays a precious role boosting the marine eco system. The reef comes in various unique shapes, stroking colors as well as sizes which are so lovely to look at. They include; the acropora coral, open- branched stag’s horn coral among others. Remember to carry with your camera because to need to take photos of the coral reefs for your future remembrance.

Marine /Aquatic Life at Mombasa Marine National Park
Th Park boosts with variety of marine life species and some of them includes; Crabs, Sea urchins, Star fish, Jelly fish and others. Other large marine life species to sea includes; various types of sea turtles, sharks, dolphins, sting rays m any more. During you visit here -expect a great chance to watch baby turtles as they hatch on the beach -during the breeding season at the park.

Snorkeling at Mombasa Marine National Park
Snorkeling at Mombasa Marine Park the activity is really amazing for both the by-standers ‘spectators’ and swimmers which has become one of the bucket lists to thousands of people. Take note, snorkeling activity usually takes place within the confines of the reef, it involves swimmers admiring and at beautiful sea turtles, corals many more features from within the water while wearing breathing tubes and googles. It has clear water that makes it easy for snorkelers to see properly while under water. You can hire snorkeling gear around the park to have more enjoyments.

Diving at Mombasa Marine National Park
Well, the park can easily be located to everyone and sounds as one of the best diving sites in the world, travelers and diving enthusiasts from all over the globe visit the park to get the rewardable of it.
Diving activity at the park usually happens outside the reef, you get to explore variety of fish species of all sizes like big sharks and whales alongside smaller fish like parrot fish and surgeon fish.
There are professional divers around to assist those in need of help.

Note : Snorkeling and diving are almost related because they are both fun activities that will add an extra impressive to your visit whenever you decide to visit the park, it is an interesting way to relax from your usual busy work schedule.

Sun Bathing at Mombasa Marine National Park
Sun bathing is the best way experience the warm sunshine as it tans the body and it is best done along the beaches.

Boat Cruise at Mombasa Marine National Park
This is an exciting activity to do along the clear blue water of Mombasa Marine while on boat expect to have a gainful viewing of several marine species such as Corals, fish, sea turtles, octopuses and many others. Packed lunch boxes are provided to all the boat occupants to enjoy when it is lunch time.

Birding at Mombasa Marine National Park
The park is home to various notable bird species especially water birds like sea gulls and pelicans, which can be watched while cruising on the boat.

When to visit Mombasa Marine National Park;
Mombasa Marine National Park is accessible all year around, but the perfect time to visit and be able to enjoy those quite unforgettable activities starts from; October to March – best time to go snorkeling and diving ‘’scuba divers’’ while June to December – best time watching the migration of Humpback wells.

How to Access Mombasa Marine Park Kenya;
By Road
Since the park is located within Mombasa which is about 487 kilometers from Nairobi ‘’Kenya’s capital city’’ – meaning it can be accessed by road from Mombasa in either public or private means.
By water
Travelers can also access the park by using boats that come from any of the places around the beach, such places; Serena Hotel.

Accommodation to stay at Mombasa Marine National Park;
Mombasa Marine National Park simply provides classic classes for example; Luxury, Mid-range and budget accommodation.
Luxury accommodations at Mombasa Marine include; Sarova White Sands Beach Hotel and Spa, Cowrie Shell Beach Apartments, Swahili Beach Resort, Baobab Beach Resort and Spa among others.
Mid-Range Accommodation includes; Southern Palms Beach Resort, Voyager Beach Resort, Hotel English Point Marina & Spa, Azul Margarita Beach Resort.
Budget Accommodation includes; Tulia House Backpackers, Cingaki Hotel, Akogo House, Mali Guest House among others.

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